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Satirical Society of Scintillating Sentences: Warmest Welcome

Good morning, and welcome to this column I call Satirical Society of Scintillating Sentences otherwise known as SSSS or Hiss.

El Fin.

I am most certainly joking; a single sentence does not adequately introduce my column. 176 more words

Sunset Media Wave

Day 2 - The Traveller Comes Home

I travelled at least ten thousand miles
Gathering greetings, gasps, and smiles
I took the trail that few journey to take
Those who want more steps to strode keep awake… 62 more words


Ella: Is there a cost to my surprise present?
Me: Yes! A kiss.
Ella: Hiissssssss.
Me: No. A kiss.
Ella: Hiiiiissssssss.
Me: No! K- K- …

8 more words

death's sound play

The Sound of Solitude
at the nearing time
of your death
Is the Aircon buzzing
to Recite a Soliloquy
About a Snake
named after
your illness… 53 more words


[Storytime] Attack of the Accidental Racists

I’ve only ever called two places home: Seoul, Korea (for maybe two or three years before kindergarten) and SoCal suburbia. I spent the first half of my childhood in a predominantly white neighborhood at a predominantly white school. 2,210 more words


Day 10: Dinner w/ the Joneses

Dominic almost had to remind himself to exhale as he followed Rick up the driveway of the gigantic two-story house. Dominic had never been inside of such a big house. 2,809 more words

Creative Writing

[Ouch] How Did I Hurt Myself?

Can you figure out how I got this cut on my middle finger? I’ll give you three guesses. Heck, I’ll give you five – you’ll never be able to guess correctly, anyway, because┬áthe answer is just way too random. 416 more words