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Battle Geese

“Stupid geese, get out of hear!” Andrew yelled.

“Honk!” the goose replied before turning back to pecking at the ground. The rest of the flock looked up briefly, then took another step toward the golf green. 215 more words

Short Story

Mərhəmətsiz arzular

Bilirsən, mərhəmətsizdir bir insanın arzuları.Günahsızdır onlara aid olan insan bədəni.Gülərək yaranan arzular ağlayaraq daxilində vidalaşır.Onlardan daha qəddar olan nə var bu həyatda?İçinə bir ümid kimi düşürlər, daha sonra sənin xəyalın olmağa davam edirlər. 201 more words


Surgery Update

Hello, all! I first want to thank everyone for your prayers; they meant so much to me!

Willow is doing very well. He hid under the bed for the first day after coming home, but he’s been out and about quite a bit now. 241 more words

Cats Only!

an intimidating little hiss

Sometimes, although it is rather like a kitten protecting a lion, I want to shield you from anything that has or will ever hurt you. I want to insinuate myself between you and whatever threatens and bravely stand my ground, facing the enemy with an intimidating little hiss. 15 more words

Por Siempre

under the waterfall (haiku)

under the waterfall –
a scent of old oak
borne on the mist

under the waterfall –
the hiss of foam
softened by oak… 84 more words

Could This be the End of Outside Adventures?

We let our cats outside again on Sunday for some backyard fun. This time nobody caught a lizard and Frankie did not get on the roof (although he came close), but there was trouble nonetheless. 313 more words

LISS OR HIIT? Maybe you should try HISS!

There has been a longstanding debate in the cardio world of which is more effective – LISS or HIIT. LISS, which stands for Low Intensity Steady State, is incorporated throughout the duration of Kayla Itsines’ BBG, with HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, being brought in for just the last four weeks of the first guide. 777 more words