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Hiss in the Dark

Late one night, my son was in the garage unlocking the back door without turning the light on. He heard the cat eating, so reached down to pet her.   70 more words


Wrath of the Nature

Courtesy of:
National Geographic, January 2015
Photo: Carsten Peter
Graphics: Samantha Welkers


Kitty and Pepper 

Kitty and Pepper

Savoring nine lives

Shaken outside the black and white

Hiding far beyond the boundary lines

Kitty and Pepper

Cuz two is so much grander… 155 more words


Canadian Standoff

Bradley didn’t know that geese hiss until he met one face to face.

The goose was tall, reaching up to Bradley’s hip when it was fully erect, with a black head and a white stripe for a neck. 215 more words

Short Story

Satirical Society of Scintillating Sentences: Warmest Welcome

Good morning, and welcome to this column I call Satirical Society of Scintillating Sentences otherwise known as SSSS or Hiss.

El Fin.

I am most certainly joking; a single sentence does not adequately introduce my column. 176 more words

Sunset Media Wave

Day 2 - The Traveller Comes Home

I travelled at least ten thousand miles
Gathering greetings, gasps, and smiles
I took the trail that few journey to take
Those who want more steps to strode keep awake… 62 more words


Ella: Is there a cost to my surprise present?
Me: Yes! A kiss.
Ella: Hiissssssss.
Me: No. A kiss.
Ella: Hiiiiissssssss.
Me: No! K- K- …

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