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Information And Intrigue:From Index Cards To Dewey Decimals To Alger Hiss PDF

From Index Cards to Dewey Decimals to Alger Hiss. By In Information and Intrigue Colin Burke tells the story of one man’s plan to revolutionize the world’s Information and Intrigue: From Index Cards to Dewey Decimals to Alger Hiss. 406 more words


Weekly Beats 2018: March compilation - Sojourner EP

Weekly Beats comes but only every two years and since 2012 I’ve committed myself to it as a willing participant. In short, it’s a project that involves its participants to write and record an original piece of music each week for the rest of the year. 332 more words


A Hiss and a Bang ~ #poetry #AprilWriting

Seems Jupiter hadn’t learned his lesson
Decided Venus was worth the bliss
Made his way toward her space
Got a smack in the face
Lost a moon, all he does now is hiss… 69 more words

Night Owl Poetry

Islam Basics - 2.1. Belief in the Existance of Allah - Part 4 (2.1.4.)

1.The belief in the Existence of Allah

Established through:

1.1. Fitrah (natural disposition)

1.2. Reasoning

1.3. Shar’a (revealed texts of the Qur‘an and Sunnah) 518 more words

Health Information System Strengthening: Standards and Best Practices for Data Sources

The purpose of this guide is to help health authorities and health information officers align health information system (HIS) data sources with standards and best practices. 189 more words


Sinzo (신조) and Hiss

Sinzo and Hiss were in the SoundK studio for You, Who Came from the Stars with DJ Ashley. Sinzo (신조) is a rapper/producer and Hiss (히스) is a beatboxer. 340 more words