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Mount Nanowrimo

I am standing here, looking down from the summit of Mount Nanowrimo. Of course, Nanowrimo is known to one and all as an abbreviation for the National Novel Writing Month. 456 more words


Having A Revamp And Chilling Out

Today we had a really chilled day in the Hissy Fit studio. Once I arrived me and Danielle just made a coffee, opened up our laptops and found ourselves in stitches over discussing our love for really bad low-budget horror films. 291 more words

Happy Halloween

Everybody loves Halloween, no matter what age you are everybody looks forward to dressing up and painting on a scary face. It also gives us all an excuse to go out and spend money on a new outfit to wear for all those Halloween parties.  189 more words


Working at Hissy Fit, I am giving various jobs and responsibilities. Among these is Computer skills. Today I was asked by Danielle, if I could use Illustrator to draw up some flats of all her Hissy Fit products that are currently up on the website. 194 more words

My First Week As A "Hissy Fit" Intern

My first week as a Hissy Fit intern was pretty amazing as far as new experiences go. Hissy Fit is a small sassy company half way through its second year of trade, it is also run solely by Danielle (one of the nicest people I have ever met). 235 more words

First Days

Everyone knows first days can be nerve wracking. On the first day of my placement working at Hissy Fit clothing I was bombarded with new information and surroundings, that was all before I even started any work!, there is however things i discovered you can do to make your first day in the fashion industry go a lot smoother. 327 more words

Photo Shoot Fun

As you may have read in my previous post “My First Week As A Hissy Fit Intern” you will know, as part of my internship I get to assist in the planning and organising of photo shoots. 155 more words