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The Butter Chicken Hissy-fit

I will start by saying don’t lie about how long you have been waiting for a table in a restaurant on a Friday night. The computers have timers that calculate how long it’s been since you’ve put your name on the list, and NOTHING gives a hostess sicker satisfaction then telling you “I’m sorry sir it shows you’ve actually only been waiting 7 of your 45 minute quote time.” So just don’t fucking do it; sit your ass down and wait, OR LEAVE (but take your name off the list first). 416 more words


Travelling with children, old and young

Warning: today’s post is a bitchfest, written merely to aid my ability to build a bridge and get over it

It’s a daunting task, often involving bribery, sweets, placations –  1,158 more words

The Yoke

Dishes Dillema Part Two

I’m doing the dishes because D doesn’t think the kids do it right and I’m sick of hearing about it, his temper tantrum will have to be about some other “failure”, etc. 375 more words

Jurassic Parquetry

Goals: I would like to one day throw a “hissy fit”. I want it to be memorable such that people talk about it for years. 382 more words

J-Lo Halo

There is no perfect

Now let’s be honest, ok? Truly honest right now. And no judging. Who has yelled at one or more of their children today? *raises hand* Who is at their wits end with the whining and the crying and the general hissy fits? 802 more words

Everyday Happenings

The Dishes Dilemma

The kids aren’t doing the dishes anymore. D gets annoyed with the way they are done and rinsed, so to solve the problem I told him that I would do the dishes. 694 more words

Obama Sides With Islam Over Pentagon

In A Fit Of Rage, Obama Snaps At U.S. Military Brass: “Don’t You Dare Try And Paint All Of Islam With The Same Brush”

” Showing his Muslim stripes, Obama threw a hissy fit and stomped out of a Pentagon meeting about the bombing campaign against ISIS over remarks allegedly tying the Islamic State (ISIS) to Islam.

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