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"Night night baby"

Well I have the troublesome twosome for the weekend. I originally had a date planned in London but I can’t afford it so I cancelled. Well I said to take a rain check and we’ll figure out another date for it. 606 more words


Oh WOW.. I'm overwhelmed....

As the title say, I am overwhelmed right now!!  I got a newer computer and started to write on my manuscript very proudly, I might add. 198 more words

Time Matters

Good morning Everyone!


Picking up necessary medication after work: 20 minutes.

Putting bag with necessary medication down in the house somewhere:  10 seconds. 75 more words

Working Mom

Horror-FAIL Friday: My OLD Writing Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of the worst vampire story you’ve ever read. That’s right, I’ve been going through some of my old grammar school writing and sharing with you the nitty-gritty, the kind of writing that should be kept in a filing cabinet with a lock chained around it in a dark basement somewhere. 1,600 more words


Bird In A Huff

I had a sneaky digital scribble this evening, looking at Richard the Bird through the bars of his cage as he glared malevolently back at me with his yellow beady eye. 59 more words


Friday already?


How is everyone doing? I hope you are being healthy and happy!

Well, I didn’t get time to post yesterday I was so busy plus Henry wouldn’t nap. 328 more words

Dukan Diet

The Butter Chicken Hissy-fit

I will start by saying don’t lie about how long you have been waiting for a table in a restaurant on a Friday night. The computers have timers that calculate how long it’s been since you’ve put your name on the list, and NOTHING gives a hostess sicker satisfaction then telling you “I’m sorry sir it shows you’ve actually only been waiting 7 of your 45 minute quote time.” So just don’t fucking do it; sit your ass down and wait, OR LEAVE (but take your name off the list first). 416 more words