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I guess I was overdue?

For a truly shitty ride? UGH! Last night I probably shouldn’t have ridden- there were a few omens on my way out, like a man popping out in front of my car and me not seeing him until the last minute (it’s so dark out at 4pm now, it’s crazy), a car deciding to turn left into my car- I slammed on the brakes and horn at the last second and avoided an accident… 458 more words


Rollis Throws A Hissy Fit.

One the challenges in developing a rifle system is finding an accurate load that is precise. This can be a little annoying, if not completely frustrating. 618 more words

Mount Nanowrimo

I am standing here, looking down from the summit of Mount Nanowrimo. Of course, Nanowrimo is known to one and all as an abbreviation for the National Novel Writing Month. 456 more words


Working With Other Brands in the Custard Factory

If you love all things bright and colourful, you will love the scarf and clutch bag designs by Nicola Brighton Design. Focussing mainly on textiles, she creates Kaleidoscope patterns and mixes vibrant colours to create her own prints, her designs also have a strong Bohemian vibe. 202 more words

Creating Graphics and Training

This week, Danielle left me in charge of designing the Hissy Fit website homepage. I had to design website graphics to promote products and sales. 321 more words

Promoting and Designing New Stock

Due to Hissy Fit launching new products on social media, my job this week was to make illustrations of the new garments and create a graphic for the Hissy fit homepage to promote the new party wear. 217 more words

Having A Revamp And Chilling Out

Today we had a really chilled day in the Hissy Fit studio. Once I arrived me and Danielle just made a coffee, opened up our laptops and found ourselves in stitches over discussing our love for really bad low-budget horror films. 291 more words