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Hissy Fits: An Emotional Blitz

I was born and Raised in Mississippi. Mississippi is located in the Southern part of the United States commonly referred to as “The South”. We have a saying around these parts… “Here in the South we don’t hide crazy. 600 more words


One More

My kids seem to have a singular vision when it comes to what they want, i.e. what food they want and the quantity.

For instance when giving Jorja some delicious lollies but only foolishly providing two of each, she throws herself onto the floor like a devotee at the hight of prostration and announces that she wanted just one more! 112 more words


H Is For...

It’s Tuesday again, so that means we’re bringing back everyone’s favorite alphabet game since Hangman became politically incorrect.  So here’s edition number eight of The Nest’s Photography A to Z challenge, and this time we really are going to hell with the letter H!  459 more words


It was the PIT

I am a semi-sufficient, indecent, single lady. But there are a few things that make me understand that there is a reason why life was meant to be lived in pairs. 549 more words

Fashion: Five Online Brands You Need To Know

We are all pretty much addicted to online shopping, or trawling depop for some rare finds. My basket is nearly always ‘pending’, and stuffed to the brim with things I want, and sometimes, things I actually need. 467 more words


Where my blender dies...

Our blender died. Yeap. Our super especial, royally cheap blender died. Lovely hubby immediately decided it was my fault even though it died while he was using it. 325 more words


Throwing a hissy fit

I heard that my ex had an issue with me having my 14 year old son on his birthday.

He made a comment that he’s put out, because he’ll have to have fondue a week later since I had Thing 2 on his birthday. 202 more words

Divorce Life