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Mom Wars

Here’s Before I became a mom I was well aware that there is a war waging between stay at home moms and working moms I never had much of an opinion on it (I know, hard to fathom) because I wasn’t in either camp. 1,135 more words

Parent Life

'My Man and his Nuts'

My hubby is easygoing…until you jack with his nuts!  

Some people say he’s the most patient man they know because he lives with me. I’ve always told him he’s like an old soul, a true and gentle spirit. 657 more words


Hissy Fit Frenzy

Warning: Do not read this post if you want to believe I am a nice controlled Christian woman. Because you will be sorely disappointed. This is the first occasion in my adult life where I have had a crazy uncontrolled hissy-fit frenzy. 784 more words


"Night night baby"

Well I have the troublesome twosome for the weekend. I originally had a date planned in London but I can’t afford it so I cancelled. Well I said to take a rain check and we’ll figure out another date for it. 606 more words


Oh WOW.. I'm overwhelmed....

As the title say, I am overwhelmed right now!!  I got a newer computer and started to write on my manuscript very proudly, I might add. 198 more words