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Problem of the day: Largest rectangle in a histogram

Problem of the day for today is Largest rectangle in a histogram: Given n non-negative integers representing the histogram’s bar heights where the width of each bar is 1, find the area of largest rectangle in the histogram. 704 more words


PSY2 - Research Methods: Lesson 12

Descriptive Statistics Part 2 – graphs

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Learning Objectives
  • To KNOW and UNDERSTAND what what graphs are in psychology.
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Math in the Media: September 2016

The internet had lots of great and terrible uses of math and mathematical visualizations in September 2016! This is our opportunity to applaud the winners and be confused by the blunders. 720 more words

Communicating Math

Project 1 The Instrument Exercise 1.1

The four images below were all taken hand-held with some of the exif data captured on the screen print. The images were taken indoors with (so called) consistent lighting from my LED spot lights in my living room. 242 more words

Learning Log

TVI Histogram Indicator for MT4

TVI is already popular as an Indicator now with Histogram added option. TVI Histogram Indicator for MT4 is for everyone who likes Histogram style more then normal TVI Indicator. 88 more words


Find Largest rectangle from Histogram

Problem : Given an array which holds the values of of height of histogram. Now Find the largest area of rectangle formed by some contiguous histograms. 139 more words

Programming Interview

Advanced Oscilloscope Measurements and Analysis

Modern digital oscilloscopes are so capable it’s often impossible to use every feature available. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be aware of what your scope is capable of. 588 more words