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A Simple Histogram Software (Libre Calc File) for Course Grading

After a long time, I am writing a new post on this blog. This is the first long vacation I am having after my PhD. So, I thought about learning a little bit more about spreadsheets. 80 more words


The Histogram in Your Digital Camera Explained in Plain English

I admit I am a bit of a camera nerd however I cannot stress the importance of the learning how to interpret the histogram on your digital SLR camera.First of all, what is a histogram? 707 more words

Physics 031 - Probability

We’re approaching the chapters in the text on quantum mechanics so today we brushed up on probability.  I found this amazing paper online that included a full tutorial and activities to do with a class.   681 more words


Image Manipulation using RGB Histograms

For our Digital Signal Processing (DSP) project, we built an  application that is similar to image manipulation tools existing nowadays. Our application can edit the RGB values of a loaded image, and display the corresponding histogram for both the original and manipulated image. 201 more words


Changing the title of a histogram

When you make a histogram using PROC UNIVARIATE, SAS gives your histogram a default title, e.g. “Distribution of myvariable”.

If you want to title your histogram something else, you can use the ODSTITLE statement, as shown below. 51 more words


Exercise 1.1 - Histogram

The three images below were taken on a tripod within approx. 1 minute of each other. The shot was taken from indoors out through a window. 86 more words


How a Frequency Histogram Works

This post is to show how a frequency histogram helps the optimizer to come up with a more optimal execution plan. I will show how the optimizer chooses a sub-optimal plan assuming uniform distribution of data where the data is skewed, then show how a frequency histogram helps improving the optimizer decisions. 2,200 more words

Frequency Histogram