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Extract GTFS colors for routes.txt (II)

The color of the bus line

In a previous article I’ve written about RATP and the open data it provides. One of the “nice-to-have” things  that are not part of the open data sets is  the data set with the official RGB codes for all the bus lines. 257 more words

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Central Limit Theorem

A sample of n random variables (X1,X2....Xn) is taken from the population. If the population distribution is not normally distributed, then the sample size should be greater or equal to 30 (n>=30). 765 more words

#Central Limit Theorem

How to change the number of bins in a histogram

In the post How to build a histogram in R we learned that based on our data, the hist() function automatically calculates the size of each bin of the histogram. 356 more words


How to add labels to a histogram

In previous posts we learned how to build a basic histogram using the default plot settings of R, and then we learned how to add colors to the bars of our histogram. 550 more words


Extract GTFS colors for routes.txt

In a previous entry, I have written about the open data  GTFS files provided by the  RATP. The timetable information is very accurate. However, when drawing the bus lines on a map, the… 621 more words


How to add colors to a histogram

In the post How to build a histogram in R we learned how to plot a basic histogram by calling the hist() function, and then a new histogram was created with the automatic computation of the range of the axes and size of bars. 374 more words


How to build a histogram in R

The histogram is one of the simplest and most useful data visualization tools. Given a continuous variable, it shows how its values are distributed along their range. 244 more words