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Project 1: Exposure - Exercise 4.1

Exercise 4.1

1. Set your camera to any of the auto or semi-auto modes. Photograph a dark tone (such as a black jacket), a mid-tone (the inside of a cereal packet traditionally makes a useful ‘grey card’) and a light tone (such as a sheet of white paper), making sure that the tone fills the viewfinder frame (it’s not necessary to focus).  615 more words


Contrast enhancement for grayscale images


A grayscale image captures the intensity of light in pixels. In digital image processing, intensity values are discrete integers ranging from 0 as the lowest intensity or darkest, to 255 as the highest intensity or brightest. 1,425 more words


Day 3: Starting Particle Physics

My Modern Physics class started thinking about particle physics with the gold foil experiment. We used another QuarkNet Data Portfolio activity and simulated the experiment using marbles as the alpha particles and dice as the gold atoms. 234 more words


Basic Statistical plotting using R

Hello Data Experts,

Let me continue from my last blog “Statistical Programming using R” where we discussed basic statistical inbuilt functions like Mean, Median Mode, Variance, Standard Deviation and Summary of statistical observation. 896 more words

Data Science

Is my data normally distributed?

Normally distributed data is an assumption for a number of statistical tests. In this post I show how you can check your data for a normal distribution. 788 more words

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Oracle Histograms Simplified: Part 1

Oracle Histogram is very nice feature to help CBO to make right decision while constructing execution plan. But many of DBA’s do not use it, assuming it is complex concept to use. 363 more words


Data Visualization

It is the method to visualize data in pictorial or graphical form and finding patterns and identifying outliers.

Its goal is to help us understand the data in a much better and easier way. 395 more words

Data Analysis