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Understand METHOD OPT Param for Stats in Oracle

In Oracle Statistics about database objects like Table, Index etc. is Core component for Cost based Optimizer for better Plan Estimation.
It is the basic ingredient that decides different SQL Plan component (Access path / Join Order / Cardinality / Join Method and more..) in parsing phase. 1,759 more words

Oracle Internal

Some data about fishtest -related to Stockfish chess engine-

Using the following R code: https://github.com/arbolis/personalscripts/blob/master/fishtest.R, I’ve collected some data about fishtest, the Stockfish chess engine testing framework (http://tests.stockfishchess.org/tests).
In the first graph below we can see that the most numerous  computing power contributors have quad-cores, followed by dual-cores and then octa-cores. 91 more words

Plots and Summary Tables

To create histogram :


hist(ABC$R, xlab=”X”,ylab=”Y”, main=”X”, xlim=c(0,100) , break=100)

xlim – makes this from lower to higher range

useful for understanding distribution

boxplot(ABC$R ~ ABC$T) 46 more words


Mirror, mirror … the best batsman of them all?

“Full many a gem of purest serene
The dark oceans of cave bear.”
Thomas Gray – Elegy in country churchyard

In this post I do a fine grained analysis of the batting performances of cricketing icons from India and also from the international scene to determine how they stack up against each other.  1,067 more words


Part 4: The language of light - Project 1: Exposure

Exercise 4.1 Exposure

For this exercise I’m to take two sets of three shots with the first set in auto or a semi-auto mode, and the second set in manual mode. 622 more words

Aperture Priority