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Histogram is the magnitude (amount) range representation of all the colors mixed represented in an image. The lowest limit, the darker part of the image, is called Shadow/Black part. 115 more words


Every professional is as good as his toolset and as a QlikView developer, there’s always room for one more trick under your sleeve. Today I will show you one of the most powerful –yet underused– chart for analyzing data: the histogram.

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Histograms and Density Estimation in R

It’s well-known that monthly returns tend to be closer to normally distributed than daily returns. In their analysis of daily returns for the purposes of event studies, Stephen J. 1,030 more words


UfD: Travel Photography-Lessons Learned

Travel Photography-Lessons Learned

Last December Leanne invited me to write a post entitled “Up for Discussion- Travel Photography” for her blog and I happily accepted the opportunity. 1,248 more words


Eric's Enlightenment for Monday, April 27, 2015

  1. How much wealth do Canadians have?  What types of assets and debts do Canadians have?  Here is a very useful table to answer those questions from Statistics Canada.
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Understand METHOD OPT Param for Stats in Oracle

In Oracle Statistics about database objects like Table, Index etc. is Core component for Cost based Optimizer for better Plan Estimation.
It is the basic ingredient that decides different SQL Plan component (Access path / Join Order / Cardinality / Join Method and more..) in parsing phase. 1,759 more words

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