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Plotting GRASS data in Python

GRASS GIS offers some useful but basic plotting options for raster data. However, for plotting of data in attribute tables and for more advanced graphs, we need to use other software tools. 53 more words


TSQL histogram

Sometimes I like to fiddle around with TSQL. Not sure how useful this trick might be, but here is a code I came up with, that delivers histograms based on your data and a few variables you define. 455 more words


Light OJ: 1424 - New Land

Problem Link : http://www.lightoj.com/volume_showproblem.php?problem=1424

Solution Idea: I think this problem can be solved with a 2D Segment Tree. But here I use the histogram technique to solve this problem. 754 more words

Light OJ

A Day in the Life

The other day, I had my camera out and caught a glimpse of some approaching storm clouds at sunset. They weren’t really big, but we were expecting rain that evening. 140 more words


Part 1: Project 1: Exercise 1.1. "Watching The River Flow..."

“Time flows, the moment of each frame is different, and, as the saying has it, ‘you can’t step into the same river twice’.” 

Three exposures of the same scene, taken using ‘burst mode’… 26 more words

From That Moment Onwards

More simulations, stat!

Remember that in the appendix of your courseware, great resources for student engagement help you bring the real world into your classroom! Check out two examples: 253 more words


Black, white and sepia all over

I took this crummy capture of a very sweet, unplanned intimate moment after a best friend’s wedding (when all the guests had already tucked into their cars to head off to the reception and all but a few people lingered behind). 270 more words