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Làm thế nào để hiểu hình dạng biểu đồ histogram trong nhiếp ảnh

Các biểu đồ histogram không phải lúc nào cũng hiển thị một kiểu giống nhau. Dưới đây là bốn hình dạng phổ biến để đánh giá. 811 more words


Frequency Distribution

Let’s talk about Frequency distribution today.

I wrote about various data collection and sampling methods in my previous blog post Sampling Techniques.

After data collection or sampling, the first task a researcher do is organizing or categorizing. 433 more words

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7 Visualisasi Data dengan R yang Harus Anda Pelajari

Dengan semakin meningkatnya volume data, tidak mungkin untuk menceritakannya tanpa visualisasi. Visualisasi data adalah sebuah seni tentang cara mengubah angka menjadi pengetahuan yang berguna.

Pemrograman R memungkinkan Anda mempelajari seni ini dengan menawarkan seperangkat fungsi dan… 1,421 more words

Add more to a histogram

A basic histogram

A histogram is a standard way to present the distribution of a sample of numbers. It is easy to make a histogram using R with the… 174 more words


Histogram for a Categorical / Qualitative Data cannot be a Histogram but a Bar chart. Why?

Per Input provided, data falls under categorical/ Nominal data with which the frequency can be identified. In other words, I would like to find out how many time the fruit has been included in my diet program for the last 1 month, this is how the chart looks like. 287 more words

Extract GTFS colors for routes.txt (II)

The color of the bus line

In a previous article I’ve written about RATP and the open data it provides. One of the “nice-to-have” things  that are not part of the open data sets is  the data set with the official RGB codes for all the bus lines. 257 more words

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Central Limit Theorem

A sample of n random variables (X1,X2....Xn) is taken from the population. If the population distribution is not normally distributed, then the sample size should be greater or equal to 30 (n>=30). 765 more words

#Central Limit Theorem