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Entender os Histogramas 1ª Parte

Histograma, aquele gráfico que nos é mostrado no Photoshop, Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom e maquina quando tiramos uma fotografia e que muita gente usa para analisar os níveis de luminosidade da imagem. 1,575 more words



Going along with last week’s post about exposure, this time I’m going to dial in a bit on a particularly helpful tool for getting exposure right on a DSLR (apologies to you film nuts out there!). 380 more words

Useful AWK commands to print histograms of YELP business names

“Friends from the data science world”: In this post, I will talk about few awk tricks I end up using while at work.

I used the following data from… 584 more words


Histogram vs Lorenz

Here is a question that might be worth of some thinking. Suppose one has a random sample of say 10000 observations on income of individuals and wants to record just two summary statistics for each of say 20 groups made from this data. 437 more words


Photography Tip #4 - The Histogram

Previously, when taking photos I had seen this weird looking graph in red, green and blue but I had no idea what it meant and in the beginning I had no intention of finding out! 355 more words


How to digitise a drawing

While it is true that some of us are more practised at drawing than others, anyone can draw and you don’t need to create Rembrandtian masterpieces to communicate a point. 344 more words