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Photo Shoot: The Ice Storm

We had freezing rain fall for two days, painting everything with a bright mirror-like coating. Everywhere I looked, the world was transformed into something magical. I told my wife “You couldn’t shoot a bad picture today.”, as I reviewed some images. 591 more words


Tonal Maps - Seeing Clearly Now the Colour is Gone

Following on from my last post discussing histograms, I now want to quickly look at what I call tonal maps.

When viewing an image, the colours within it can often deceive us into believing there is more or less tonal variance within the image than there actually is. 608 more words


Exercise 1.1


Take three or four exposures of the same scene. Don’t change anything on the camera and keep the framing the same.

Preview the shots on the LCD screen. 487 more words


The Histogram - Showing us all the Tones

Digital photography has brought in a host of new features to assist us in capturing our desired masterpiece. One of the most useful of these, and also one of the most overlooked, is the histogram. 1,256 more words


Todays offerings and some advise on shooting snow pics.

You know that white stuff that comes out of the sky? Snow. What we all want at Christmas but only the kids at any other time – except of course us dedicated photographers who will seize the opportunity as soon as it’s covered the ground to pull on our boots, wrap ourselves in warm clothes and sail forth into the elements to capture the beauty for posterity. 506 more words

Metering and Histograms

Knowing how your meter measures light allows you to manipulate and interpret the results and know when you need to change something.

Your histogram is one of the most valuable tools in explaining the tonal values of a scene.   391 more words


Understand Gather Stats job and default behavior in Oracle

Understand Gather Stats job and default behavior in Oracle

Gather Stats job is the default job running in Oracle Database for collecting the most used tables stats automatically. 933 more words