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Small library for recording histograms

This is a small (55 KB) library (.Net 4.5.2) for recording histograms and displaying them as Console tabular date or as .hgrm files (html viewable or at… 14 more words

.Net 4.5

Exercise 4.1

Reflected and incident light and in camera sensors.

The difference between the two is very simple, yet the results will vary wildly depending on what settings you use in camera and whether you opt for a light meter. 209 more words

Learning Log



Histogram was first introduced by Karl Pearson as a visualization to present the distribution of a set of data. It shows the estimation of the probability distribution for a continuous variable like a range of value, which is referred to be “bin”. 478 more words


Shooting RAW & using the histogram

Here’s another case for shooting RAW, but the key here is that I protected my highlights.  I am learning to read the histogram and pay attention to the “blinkies”, or highlight warning.   216 more words


Matplotlib in less than 5 min

Plotting or visualizing your data after performing some machine learning/data science algorithm/operation is very important to analyze/predict results more effectively. To visualize your results in… 242 more words


How To Read Your Histogram in Photography: Always a good photo exposure

How To Read Your Histogram in Photography: Always a good photo exposure
Although this video looks at the use of histograms for photography, it is also very useful for videographers who have this facility in their cameras/camcorders. 42 more words

Tweet time!

I’ve been using twitter for about five years, and I wondered if my use of it changed over time, and more precisely, linked to my wake/sleep cycle. 362 more words