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Lindsay Boynton, The Elizabethan Militia, 1967

Boynton doesn’t mince his words. Page 113:

“One of the reasons that firearms superseded bows, it is suggested, is that they could be mastered in a shorter time. 118 more words


"Making History. The Changing Face of the Profession in History"

Whether you are taking a course on historiography, Theory and Methods, studying for Comps, or simply interested in British historians, Making History. The Changing Face of the Profession in History… 227 more words

Digital History

"The Second Amendment Con Job" | History News Network

The historian Gregory J. W. Urwin debunks some of the self-serving Second Amendment narrative perpetuated by the NRA.  Urwin’s essay is insufficient, but I applaud his effort. 51 more words


Effective The Landscape of History How Historians Map the Past

Why thin overlay landscape pavers concept is more preferred?

In this manner, the concept of thin overlay landscape pavers is perfect technique for giving a great new style to the landscape. 302 more words

"Why historians are fighting about 'No Irish Need Apply' signs — and why it matters" - Vox

I’m Irish-American and a historian, and I’m embarrassed to admit that I was unaware of this controversy over Irish-American immigrants.

The controversy began after the historian Richard J. 282 more words


Why you shouldn't be afraid of graveyards

| published online & print via The Calgary Journal // October 2012 | 

This was my very first published post in the Calgary Journal. I was new to the journalism program, and in my first year of writing articles. 135 more words


"This Research Suggests Why Historians Have to Begin Acknowledging that Biology Is a Key Factor in a Person’s Politics" | History News Network

Two political scientists, John R. Hibbing and Kevin B. Smith, propose that historians acknowledge “that biology is a key factor in a person’s politics.” There has been a lot of recent research that confirms this. 247 more words