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Meeting with Teacher and Class

Today I visited my class at Kirkcaldy West Primary school. I walked into the playground and towards the main office. The ladies at the office recognized me which was really nice. 341 more words

Primary Sources

Historians: Tuesday 13 October 2015– “Ashurst Wood in years gone by”.

Tuesday 13 October 2015– “Ashurst Wood in years gone by”. A look at slides of the village over the years including some from the 1960s… 19 more words


The Neo-Nationalist Creed

Progressive historians like Charles Beard… went to great lengths to discredit the work of America’s first published historian, George Bancroft.  The Nationalist school of American history revered our Founders and proclaimed American exceptionalism.  205 more words


At The Rio: Exploring the Uncertain Future of a Colombo Institution

Jan Ramesh De Saram uses his phone as a torch, casting a small circle of light at his feet as he walks down the corridor. The passage ends in darkness, where bats squeak and flap their wings. 3,109 more words



In 1916, one of the better-known fortune-tellers and magicians of Paris was sent to prison for fraud. The newspapers were peppered with details: his pseudonyms, some of his more bizarre practices, hints at his clientele. 1,081 more words

OHTA Future Historian's Award

Please find below the online form for those current OHTA members interested in submitting student work for this Award. We ask that you complete this form 59 more words


Was the Constitution Racist? Sanders and Wilentz May Both Be Wrong

Bernie Sanders thinks America was founded on racist principles. Sean Wilentz, the Pulitzer Prize nominated historian, disagrees. “The myth,” wrote Wilentz in an op-ed published in the New York Times, “that the United States was founded on racial slavery persists, notably among scholars and activists on the left who are rightly angry at America’s racist past.” 1,207 more words