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Archive events for 2016: IHR Winter Conference & Gerald Aylmer seminar

Historians, Archivists and the Archive

Historians and archivists share an interest in records and evidence but think about archives in fundamentally different ways. In recent years they have begun separately to develop conceptual ideas of the archive as a constructed reality and to explore notions of the archive as a site of political power and a site of contestation around identity and community. 74 more words


About the American Civil War Museum

Here’s a podcast interview with Wait Rawls III, the Co-CEO of the American Civil War Museum talking about the museum and its collection. This is an excellent interview.

You can access it here.


Four Days in November

Tomorrow marks the 52nd anniversary of President John F.Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas, Texas.

I have been watching on the Decades channel the documentary “Four Days in November.” It was fascinating to see the events that preceded the historical event, such as the First Lady speaking in Spanish to a group in Fort Worth.Amazing how some historians downplayed her presence through the entire Texas event. 104 more words


Statement on Hypocrisy and Indian History by 48 Scholars of Indian Civilization

A public statement by concerned Indian historians, archaeologists and scholars of Indian civilization 

On 26 October, 53 Indian historians voiced alarm at what they perceived to be the country’s “highly vitiated atmosphere” and protested against attempts to impose “legislated history, a manufactured image of the past, glorifying certain aspects of it and denigrating others….” This was soon followed by an “Open letter from overseas historians and social scientists”, 176 of them, warning against “a dangerously pervasive atmosphere of narrowness, intolerance and bigotry” and “a monolithic and flattened view of India’s history.” 1,570 more words


The Independent Historians Network

This past Friday I unveiled a new side project of mine, the Independent Historians Network Facebook Group. The concept for this group was born of a couple different ideas. 931 more words


Practising History by Barbara Tuchman

Barbara Tuchman is my favorite historian and I was sorry when she herself passed into history in 1989. Thankfully, she left a good-sized body of work and I have read most of her books. 418 more words

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Communists and Eminent Historians would hate Bahubali !!!

Most Indian cinemas have always revolved around stories criticizing our socio-economic problems in the past and how we Indians should find it as the need of the hour to evolve like the West, which is always progressing socially, economically and historically housed the brightest intellectuals in the world. 608 more words