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Keith Jenkins - Re-thinking History.

Jenkins is quick to establish that History is not, as most commonly thought, the past but rather it is the study of it. There are many differences between the two besides their definitions. 1,221 more words


A Cynic's Guide to the History Profession

History is the most deeply dishonourable profession there is, at least outside the Square Mile.

The basic premise is that people die, and then you denounce them. 769 more words

The Discipline Of History

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Civil War's End and Aftermath

Here’s the discussion between Pete Carmichael and James M. McPherson at this year’s Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College Summer Conference.

From the video’s description: “James McPherson spoke about his book, Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era, and the end of the Civil War.  75 more words


Reparative Histories

Yesterday morning I was asked to speak on Radio Scotland’s ‘Good Morning Scotland’ programme to comment on Professor Frank Furedi’s article that mainly focused on David Olusoga’s programme on BBC2,  1,798 more words



WE carry heavy moments;
some upon backs and
then when others choose
hearts — burstForth
song and prose!
i know the little mouth
it is my heart but… 23 more words


E.H Carr - What is History?

Book Analysis.

Carr focusses on the idea of objectivity and whether it is possible for an historian to achieve it. He argues that historians select their facts to support their own perspective; immediately making their work subjective. 1,060 more words


Why should everyone read Medieval history?

Many young historians look at Medieval history as this dry as dust, boring and complex subject. However, for one to understand the world we live in today, one must have some common knowledge about medieval history in general. 219 more words