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Changing the Definition of the Museum Experience.

For years museums have had a rigid idea of what their purpose is and how they should display their collections. The museum model has for a long time been to statically display artifacts behind glass. 608 more words


How Do We Remember History?

History is something often thought to be over and dead. It is romanticized, it is whitewashed and it is remembered only through rose colored glasses. However, it is the responsibility of historians to preserve the whole of history. 651 more words


Kevin Starr, California's Premier Historian, Dies at 76

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/AP) — Former California State Librarian Kevin Starr, who is deemed the pre-eminent historian of the Golden State, has died. He was 76. 147 more words


Walls of Privilege: Inclusion at the AHA and Other History Conferences

Late last week and over the weekend, my Twitter and Facebook were buzzing with posts from historians at the American Historical Association’s Annual Meeting in Denver. 639 more words


Interviewing historians: C. Michele Thompson on Vietnamese traditional medicine

With under four million people, Connecticut ranks in the lower half of the list of population by state (at 29th).  It is also the third smallest state in geography; only Delaware and Rhode Island are smaller.  3,841 more words


Past and Prologue

More than I can ever recall before 2016, historians were present in public debate commenting on the election and its resonances with the past. Historians wrote on all sorts of topics, from political strategy to culture wars to racism and anti-semitism, referencing the 1840s, the 1880s, the 1910s, the 1920s, and the totality of the post-WWII era. 904 more words


Monica Crowley is hardly alone in high-profile plagiarism cases she is in good company

By Bonnie K. Goodman

It is never a good to discover that a best-selling author and journalist plagiarized even worse when they have a Ph.D. from an Ivy League university and are also the Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications and Speechwriting Designate for the new Donald Trump Presidential Administration. 1,956 more words