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A Voice of Colorado No. 320:

Get to know the State of Colorado through its history and historians:

Uptop in the Spanish Peaks


The World Just Got Bigger by A Third

Historians generally like the adage that the world is divided in two, between splitters and lumpers. The reason is that historians generally either stress continuity (lump) or discontinuity (split). 194 more words

Wilderness Wanderings

Just another response to Bill O'Reilly's slave comment

It really rankled some conservatives that Michelle Obama’s speech on Monday night was universally praised. Thus some of them took the low road of criticizing her for mentioning that slaves had helped build the White House,  alleging that the comment was merely an effort to divide us along racial lines (white guilt).   572 more words

Five recent articles on Vietnamese history

This summer has been one on Vietnamese history: some for research and some for the sheer pleasure of knowledge.  Before turning to prepping for fall classes, I wish to have one more write-up about several articles read in the last two months.  5,432 more words


Michelle Obama, the arc of American history, and a speech that will scour.

Immediately after delivering the Gettysburg address, Lincoln reportedly (though he probably didn’t) said, “that speech won’t scour.” (Meaning he didn’t think it could be cleaned up to be memorable and stand the test of time.) 697 more words

Modern Role of the Bard

One of the questions that was suggested in the reflection of the second gwers was to contemplate the role of the bard in modern society.  I think at first glance, we think of bard within fantasy – World of Warcraft and the such.   368 more words

Musings & Meditations