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An American History Museum ...In Henry Clay's House

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Ashland’s history is unique in the world of historic house museums in that there was a very early and unusual practice of displaying artifacts for a public audience …within Ashland, while it was still a private dwelling.  1,618 more words


Come Along on A Tour of Ashland

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From 1950 through the 1980s Lorraine Seay welcomed guests to Ashland at her desk in the front hall where registration was required or, in the case of large groups, she would greet them from the front doorstep.  580 more words


The Curious Case of The Golden Draperies

YOU ARE HERE -> 1950s – today

Among Ashland’s most prized artifacts for decades were two pair of fancy draperies, which were on display for Ashland’s 1950 Opening Day.  527 more words


Ashland's Opening Day

YOU ARE HERE -> 1950

Ashland, the Henry Clay estate, has since the early nineteenth century been an important American historic site.  During Clay’s lifetime (1777-1852), the estate was often equated with the man and ‘Ashland’ became a household word.  906 more words


The Trouble with Historic House Museums

Historic house museums can be, in my opinion, the most moving museum experience you can have. You literally get to walk through the doors of people who lived long before and did something someone deemed worthy of remembering. 400 more words

Whaley House

One-night Stand: It's All In How You Use It

Have you ever made plans to meet someone, and then when you meet them, they don’t look, sound, or relate in the manner that you had expected? 3,813 more words

Frank Vagnone

One Night Stand: A Modest Use of Ohio Clay

On August 14th, 1950, my great-grandfather John Guzzo, an unskilled brick maker at the Claycraft Brick Manufacturing Plant, was walking home from work, as he did every day for well over 40 years.  4,170 more words

Frank Vagnone