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Dear Next Mayor of Winter Park,

Let us be the first to congratulate you on your victory, even before you’ve won!  We at Preservation Winter Park… 1,028 more words

Villa Il Maggiordomo

As a Detroit-area native, ruin porn generally irritates me. I’ve seen too many voyeuristic photographs of the sad remains of the Michigan Central Station. Where were all the rubberneckers when these monuments still might have been saved, before the city fell victim to recreational arson and scrap metal theft? 714 more words

Architectural History

Self-Mutilation in Syria

There are many tragic ironies in the events playing out in Syria, Turkey and Iraq this month. For those who care about art and culture, the most horrific can be seen in an ISIS video now available on the New York Times website: the mutilation of precious stone artifacts in the Mosul Museum under the banner of an Islamic jihad. 286 more words

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History Part 1 - In the Beginning

For centuries the eastern lands of the verdant Genesee River valley were home to the Seneca people. A member of the Iroquois Confederacy, the Seneca’s were noted for their fierceness and bravery during battle as well as being accomplished farmers. 621 more words

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Support the Revitalize Main Street Act!

AHC members are encouraged to share their voice and their feet in regard to an important bill coming up for consideration in the state Senate Finance Committee – the… 247 more words

Historic Preservation

Amick Storage and Transfer Building (and Painted Sign)

New Life Coming to Old Building

Throughout the history of La Alma Lincoln Park, there has not been much focus on architectural preservation. Many churches, schools, homes, businesses and even the incredible… 2,350 more words

Building History

The Two Sisters' Houses: A tangible link to Baltimore's African American labor history

By Tyler Anthony Smith

The author graduated from Warren Wilson College with a bachelor’s degree in history and studio art in 2010.  He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Historic Preservation from the University of Maryland College Park and working for… 857 more words