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Eat Like an Egyptian

An article by Stephanie Butler publised on
history.com october 2013

Archeological discoveries have told us much about how ancient Egyptians worshiped, celebrated and mourned. But these scientific finds have also provided tantalizing clues about how–and what–this complex civilization ate. 396 more words


Recipe: Boston Beer-Baked Beans

Greetings, beer-lovers!

As we discussed not long ago, one of beer’s many wonderful qualities is its versatility! Here at the Black Creek Growler, we do enjoy cooking with our beer. 387 more words


Medieval Monday–Dried Apples / Tørkede Epler

A Medieval fruit preserving method found on cookit.e2bn.org

Dried apple rings were popular in the 16th century, as a way of storing fruit to last for the winter. 25 more words


To Make Fritters of Sheep’s Feet

Mistress Agnes has been sharing receipts for various delicacies that she connects for Sir Francis and his guests from time to time. This one seemed too good not to pass on. 141 more words

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Medieval Monday - Powder Fort

A medieval spice mix recipe found on Let Hem Boyle

The girl who runs Let Hem Boyle writes: Powder Fort also called powder forte, poudour fort, strong powder. 120 more words


Homemade Sauerkraut

I have been trying to explore different ways that I can make my own foods that are nutritious and cheap on the boat when I stubbled upon a 1700’s recipe for sauerkraut that was simply perfect.   477 more words


Free Historic Cook Books On The Net - Part 1

A lot of the recipes found on blogs featuring historic recipes are found in these free books found on the net. The books on Google Books are not downloadable and has to be read on Google’s pages, but the books on archive.org can be downloaded in pdf and other formats. 102 more words