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Back to Benson: Re-Examining an Old Recipe

I missed Ed over the winter. Now that the Black Creek Historic Brewery has opened its doors for the 2015 season, we’re back to giving tours, leading samples…and sharing our knowledge with each other. 946 more words


Historic Heston: The Meat Fruit Mandarin

Historic Heston is chef Heston Blumenthal’s tome to historic British recipes. It is really a gorgeous book, hefty and lushly bound, illustrated and photographed. Chef has been fascinated by old recipes dating as far back as the 14th century that he finds in old British cookery (cookery, love that word for some reason!) books. 450 more words


A Dairy-ing We Will Go

Now that April is upon us at Locust Grove, we’re getting ready for all of our spring events and programming! This Saturday and Sunday, April 18 and 19, Locust Grove is hosting our 18th-Century Thunder–a Revolutionary War Encampment! 1,128 more words

18th century Dublin Coddle and Fish Pie

So besides Soda bread and farl, what did the Irish south of the Pale eat for main meals. The answer depends on location, location, location. Near the coast lines, protein was fish and shellfish made into stews and cakes, simple and fortifying and inland mutton, pork and sausages in broths and stews. 775 more words

Main Dish

Martha Washington's Chocolate Cakes

Chocolate was a very popular beverage in the 1700s, so it is not surprising that it was also frequently served to guests at the time. 340 more words

Historic Tidbits

Bubble & Squeak

When I was a kid in the late 80’s and early 90’s, my mom used to work for the chamber of commerce in Fort Madison, Iowa.    496 more words


Lembas / Waybread/ Ferdabrød

An entertaining recipe found on sparkrecipes.com

Anyone who has read Lord Of The Rings remember Lembas, the waybread so potent that only a mouthful was enough to feed a grown man. 65 more words