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Snow Cream, an 18th Century Delish Dish

To make snow cream

take a quart of the best cream and beat itt whith rose or orange

water sweeten itt and beat 2 whites of eggs with a rod and put them to… 705 more words

Risk it for the biscuit

For all that Anzac biscuits recipes share an ancestry, their variations are many. I discovered this over the weekend, as I tackled six different recipes and munched my way through seven different forms of Anzac biscuits. 1,878 more words


Making 18th Century Chocolate Cream

We are a part of of Food and Literature class at the University of Texas at Arlington. transcribe recipes from an early eighteenth century cookbook (Folger W.a. 1,104 more words

To make French Bread the best way

Take a gallon of fine flour, and a pint of good new ale barm, and put it to the flour, with the whites of six new laid eggs well beaten in a dish, and mixt with the barm in the middle of the flour, also three spoonfuls of fine salt; then warm some milk and fair water, and put to it, and make it up pretty stiff, being well wrought and worked up, cover it in a boul or tray with a warm cloth till your oven be hot; then make it up either in rouls, or fashion it in little wooden dishes and bake it, being baked in a quick oven, chip it hot.

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Roast Turkey Wayside Inn

I made this tonight for dinner from a recipe from a book my dad got me for my birthday. It was really good!

I used our last turkey as well as our bacon, the last of our carrots and the last of our peas on the side.

Recipe here or here

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Cinnamon and Catteren Cakes

Though ’tis rare that Mistress Agnes can afford spices, she does have to enliven Sir Francis’ food with such exotic items, so she thought it was timely to share her thoughts on cinnamon. 230 more words

Herbal Medicine

Medieval Monday / Middelaldermandag – Frumenty

A medieval lunch/dinner recipe found at CookIt!

Frumenty was a staple food for thousands of years. The earliest versions were probably made by early farming communities with dried grains. 87 more words