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They Deserve Better: The Three Keys for Historical Figures in Time Walkers

Today, I let James come back and talk about being historical accurate. You’ll remember I mentioned watching a show that went for aesthetic versus being historically accurate so my hope is that we keep Time Walkers as accurate as possible. 795 more words


Shaking the Pillars of Heaven: Reviewing 'BioShock Infinite'

I was excited to start BioShock Infinite for a couple of reasons. One was that the graphics looked amazing in all of the screenshots I had seen, and two, I had heard a lot of very good things about the storyline from several of my friends. 1,154 more words


4 More Ways to #DiversifyAgentCarter

Last weekend ABC announced there would be a second season of Agent Carter, and Twitter lit up like a Christmas tree. Amidst the general jubilation, the devoted internet fan base reiterated what’s been its primary criticism of the show since its inception: a lack of character diversity. 1,284 more words

New Award for Historical Middle-Grade Fiction or Nonfiction

The winner of last weeks Book Give-Away for THE JUMBIES is Leslie Zampettis. Congratulations Leslie! Please send your address so Tracey can send you your prize. 348 more words

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Deadwood and the Drive for Historical Realism

Most Western movies aren’t known for, or popular because of, their historical accuracy; they’re just realistic enough to get by. They feature a lot of action, a clear moral dichotomy in characters, overt patriotism, an overwhelming male presence, and an idealistic view of life in the Wild West. 988 more words

Students Surprised to Find Noah's Ark Feasible

Advanced physics students at Leicester University were tasked with determining if the Biblical dimensions of Noah’s ark—assuming it was properly constructed—could have supported the mass of 70,000 animals. 544 more words


Is Historical Accuracy Worth The Price?

What would you pay for a historically accurate movie or TV Show? This is a question constantly asked by people involved in the production of historical entertainment for the big and little screen. 507 more words

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