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The Young Victoria

Above all else, “The Young Victoria” is a film that accentuates historical accuracy instead of deviating from its source in order to please audiences. Even so, its excellent costume and set design, coupled with great performances from its main actors; merit a thorough observation from history buffs and casual moviegoers alike. 125 more words


Extra: But it was the past so it's ok...

As a writer, I have personally run into some really nasty arguments by fellow writers and readers trying to defend sexist texts and media. But probably one of the most common excuses is “historical accuracy.” This kind of response is given to defend all kinds of horrible writing, half baked “research”pieces and outright racism and sexism. 558 more words


The myth of black-on-black crime: Blame falls at the feet of white supremacy's treatment, manipulation, and conditioning of my hue 

Black-on-black crime exist, but do not blame the parties involved. It’s multifaceted issues that are deeply complex and it dates back over 400 years. Follow me… 758 more words

Knowledge Of Self-determination

A different proposition: historicity in the gospel narratives

Moisés Silva offers succinct, sage counsel on reading and interpreting the gospels:

The Biblical faith, as is almost universally recognized, has a historical character at its very foundations; in contrast to other religions, this feature is one of its most significant the stages.  354 more words



This weekend I caught a showing of The Free State of Jones, a movie about a comparatively unknown chapter in the history of the Civil War and Reconstruction, starring Matthew McConaughey.  2,015 more words

American Civil War

Tone Deaf

In a blog where the hostess discussed forgetting history, though not in the same vein as my own musings, someone commented on a college student ignorant of World War II. 880 more words


Is it Necessary for a Novelist to be Historically Accurate?

(Cover Image ©2012 by flickr user U.S. Department of Agriculture )

This is the question asked of me today. The question mainly regards The Grapes of Wrath… 1,014 more words