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Genesis 47: Joseph buys Egypt; Jacob asks to be buried in Canaan

After reuniting with his father and brothers, and preparing them for the next steps, Joseph dialogues with Pharaoh. As noted in the previous chapter, the Pharaoh asks Joseph’s brothers what their occupation was. 535 more words


Genesis 45: Joseph comes clean; Brothers reunited; Pharaoh's great gift

Joseph breaks down emotionally in front of everyone, and sends everyone out of his room except for his brothers. His crying can be heard by the Egyptians and the house of Pharaoh. 567 more words


Genesis 42: Joseph in Egypt. First visit of Joseph's brothers during the Famine

The story shifts back to Canaan, where Jacob (who is supposed to be called Israel but the writer continues with Jacob) tells his sons to stop looking at each other and head down to Egypt because he heard there are food stores there and to buy food so they do not starve. 713 more words


Genesis 40: Joseph in Egypt. The Baker & the Butler

Not describing what exactly the Pharoah’s baker and butler did, whatever it was it angered the Pharaoh and he imprisoned them both. In Chapter 39 we find that Joseph, although imprisoned, found favor with the jailer/Captain of the Guard, so Joseph finds himself overseeing these other two prisoners. 563 more words


Discussion: Historical Accuracy and Historical Video Games? (Part 1)

For this first post in a series, Adam Chapman and I begin to discuss, and hopefully unravel, the ideas of historical accuracy and authenticity in historical video games. 2,998 more words

History in L.A. Noire, how accurate do you want it?

Videogame developers, and their public alike, have great interest in our collective past. Franchises like Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty and Age of Empires, that place the player in different historical contexts, are quite successful, and have the ability to rake in… 948 more words