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Bonus: A Quick Satirical Video Regarding the Meaning of the Word "Frigate"

I’m slightly into military history. If you’re new to the blog, you may not have noticed. This video demonstrates how NOT to inform people about the correct use of a term. 11 more words

Creative Writing

Recent history-based TV shows; Time travel, Gilded Age New York, strong women, and the really, really, Wild West

Recently, the University of Alabama hosted a screening of The Free State of Jones, featuring comments and a Q&A with historian Victoria Bynum, the author of the book on which the film is loosely based. 1,930 more words

The Exodus: An Observation

It suddenly occurred to me, thanks to Moses’ song, that there is something key we are missing in the Exodus story.

  • We are told the Israelites are the “chosen” people.
  • 419 more words

Exodus 5: Moses and Aaron engage Pharaoh? Hebrews get punished; not happy with Moses and Aaron

Suddenly Moses and Aaron are in Egypt in the presence of the (unnamed unfortunately) Pharaoh. I still wish I knew which Pharaoh this was. The brothers tell Pharaoh “let my people go”. 721 more words


Exodus 1: The new Hebrew generations in Egypt; the call for 1st born death. The timeline gap.

Exodus starts off with a big gap in the timeline. Genesis ends with the death of Joseph and 3 generations of his offspring being born in his lifetime. 1,295 more words


History People:  Sue Barnard, Writing the Book You Want to Read

It’s always a pleasure to welcome my friend and fellow author Sue Barnard onto the blog. She tells us how the advice to “write the book you want to read” led her into historical fiction. 804 more words

Historical Fiction

Genesis 47: Joseph buys Egypt; Jacob asks to be buried in Canaan

After reuniting with his father and brothers, and preparing them for the next steps, Joseph dialogues with Pharaoh. As noted in the previous chapter, the Pharaoh asks Joseph’s brothers what their occupation was. 535 more words

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