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Justice League: The Parthenon paradox

Those of you who have been following this blog for some time must have figured out a few things about me:

  • First, I have a particular interest in the archaeology of Greece and Athens in particular (call it a professional vice)
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Modern Greece

German Cavalry Utilization During The First World War - A Brief Overview

The following article was originally developed as a research project in connection with the development of German Army impressions or portrayals of the First World War for living history. 1,245 more words

ARL Consulting Group



We are announcing the creation of the ARL Consulting Group, an organization specializing in historical consulting primarily for the entertainment industry. We offer a variety of services to include script review, research on specific historical topics, or simply offering an outside perspective on a story idea. 11 more words

ARL Consulting Group

Is The Bible Historically Accurate? (#BustingBiblicalMyths)


Over the years, many skeptics and nontheists have discredited the Bible as being unreliable. Sometimes it appears they have staggering evidence to back their claims. One fact we must establish before moving on with this topic is: there is barely an ancient writing that hasn’t come under attack concerning its authenticity and accuracy. 1,627 more words


Cerise DeLand: Her Beguiling Butler (Giveaway)

About Historical Accuracy…

With your romance, do you crave accurate history? A sense of time and place? Cerise tells all about Her Beguiling Butler!

Say you like historicals and you often wonder what’s true and what isn’t? 604 more words

Susana Ellis

The Battle of the Bulge (USA, 1965)

Directed by: Ken Annakin. An ongoing interest in American war films, and WWII films from pre-modern times in general, combined with an ongoing interest in history on film in general, drew me to this one, even though I didn’t know anything about it, and I was kind of ambivalent about it. 741 more words

The Vatican's newest saint lived in my neighborhood

He did–some of the time! He was responsible for the founding of Mission San Gabriel Arcángel, the fourth of the California Missions, although he didn’t see the mission until 1772, a year after its founding. 549 more words

California History