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Numbers 1 & 2 - The First Census; Ranking; "God" needs armies?

Numbers 1 – Census

The Israelites are still in the “wilderness”, yet to enter Canaan the land Jehovah has allocated for them.

In preparation for the move, Jehovah demands a census of males, 20 years old and up, to see just how many are able to “war.” 263 more words

Historical Accuracy

Rant: AMC's Turn and it's Lost Opportunities for Historical Accuracy (Part 1)

Along with many others, I am a fan of AMC’s Turn: Washington’s Spies, whose final season aired last summer. While the overall plot of the show was gripping and the general historical narrative rang fairly true, there were still several meanders off of the path of historical accuracy.  769 more words

3-Day Quote Challenge #2

My dear friend, Sarah, brilliant innovator over at Art Expedition

tagged me to participate in the

3-Day Quote Challenge

Thank you, Sarah, for thinking me worthy of this honor and hoping I have inspiring quotes to share. 713 more words


Exodus 39 - Aaron's "holy" garments. Moses approves of the finished work.

Exodus 39 describes the creation of the Ephod, Breastpiece, and other garments for the priesthood of Aaron.

Not to be facetious or mocking but this is what I thought of the first time I saw this rendition: 155 more words


Bonus: A Quick Satirical Video Regarding the Meaning of the Word "Frigate"

I’m slightly into military history. If you’re new to the blog, you may not have noticed. This video demonstrates how NOT to inform people about the correct use of a term. 11 more words

Creative Writing

Recent history-based TV shows; Time travel, Gilded Age New York, strong women, and the really, really, Wild West

Recently, the University of Alabama hosted a screening of The Free State of Jones, featuring comments and a Q&A with historian Victoria Bynum, the author of the book on which the film is loosely based. 1,930 more words