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TURN Season 4 Premiere and Link Roundup

Greetings, TURNcoats!  It’s finally here – June 17th, 2017 – the premiere of the fourth and final season of TURN: Washington’s Spies! (It also happens to be the anniversary of the 1775… 915 more words

Just the Facts, Ma’am

And get them straight. Know the difference between stalactites and stalagmites because no one likes tripping over stalactites in a cave – it means they’re traveling bat-like, feet up, and feeling nauseous at being upside down. 961 more words


1860s striped dress

So there is an event at greenfield village and not only did I think I had to make this but That I also had or be a reenactor,,,which I signed up for so let’s see how that goes. 32 more words


Nothing in the Bible Has Ever Proved False

We are continuing our blog series, How Can You Trust the Bible? Today let’s look at the third reason historians have declared the Bible to be historically accurate. 197 more words

Is Historical Accuracy Important in My Novel?

You know that moment when you are watching a TV show or a movie and one of your family members says something like “Hey! That _________ wasn’t invented until 1895!” and there’s clear evidence that the show is set during the American War for Independence? 336 more words


"Fireplace" girls

Recently I joined a gym, which, otherwise being apropos of nothing, has allowed me to start listening to Verity Podcast again. The ladies are always great fun, disagreeing with each other in the best way possible, full of nerdery and love for… 1,324 more words

Doctor Who

The Historical Novelist's Dilemma

I’m dithering…

Yes – it’s the novel. Again. But the fact is, you see, that there is this rather grim thing happening in June 1594 – historically happening, I mean. 398 more words