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Finding the Balance with Historical Accuracy

When you’re writing historical fiction, you need to get your facts straight–right? But the important thing to remember is that you’re writing a novel, not a textbook. 1,488 more words

Historical Accuracy

Campaign for Truth

“When a history book contains no lies it is always tedious.” -Anatole France
(This quote was chosen for its relevance, but it’s understood from his work that Anatole France was a socialist that preferred a bit of lies and ignorance. 374 more words


The Long Overdue Dunkirk Review

Confession–I saw this film in July the night it came out.

Confession–If I don’t write a review within one week of seeing a movie I’ll never write one. 673 more words

Movie Reviews

More Historical Mayhem – Shakespeare’s Richard III

If I felt sorry for Macbeth, at least that play was a fantasy and about a medieval king – Shakespeare was as far removed from Macbeth as we are from… 645 more words


Historical Fantasy – Shakespeare’s Macbeth

While I studied Shakespeare’s Macbeth in school, I hadn’t yet until recently seen the play performed. It is apparently Shakespeare’s shortest tragedy, which is perhaps why it has been popular for the past few centuries. 681 more words


I can't believe this person had the audacity to call the Bible "fake news".

I saw this one on the NZ Conservative Coalition, and I almost wanted to laugh in disbelieve. This writer is apparently pretty misinformed. First, there are parts of the Bible that aren’t written to be literal or historical but are written in other styles to convey different messages (if your Bible is similar to mine, you can see this in the introductions to each book and also in the footnotes). 151 more words