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The Problem with Bridget of York

  Or Why You Should Cite The Source of Images

This post has been prompted by the appearance of portrait of Bridget of York across a variety of Social Media platforms recently. 1,417 more words

How historically accurate is Braveheart?

Braveheart was a popular movie released in 1995 that won 5 Oscars and featured Mel Gibson as William Wallace. Wallace was a Scottish knight who became a hero in the Scottish rebellions against the English in the late 13th and early 14th century. 219 more words

European History

Real History vs Reel History: The Never-Ending Debate

By Laurel Wilson ’19

Movies based on history have been popular since the rise of film in the entertainment industry. Transporting audiences to a different place and time period is something that film has always had the ability to do and often does very well. 534 more words


Data on Historical Accuracy in Hollywood Films

Interesting (but also not) structuralist approach to assessing historical accuracy in recent movies from website Information is Beautiful. Selma is 100% historically accurate. I haven’t seen… 168 more words

Netflix and History, Sort Of

I’d like to say that when I’m not working hard on my school readings and assignments, I do really productive things like bake gourmet desserts or teach myself another language or go to the gym. 825 more words

Historical Accuracy & the Modern Practicing Pagan

Historical Accuracy ~ There is a deluge of internet blogs on this topic, and I’ve read many of them in open-awed wonder at the closed-minded, in-the-box, impossible silliness of all the rhetoric.  272 more words


When Modern and Historical Costumes Collide: Sleepy Hollow

I watch a LOT of TV. I spend hours of my time sat watching my way through a huge list of TV shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime. 233 more words