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According to Professor Noel Malcom: the word cravat (Necktie) in European languages came from the Croats (of Balkans) a branch of Iranian people who migrated from Persia, some 2000 years ago. 219 more words


Kourosh _ Cyrus the Great

A King for the #Aryan #Zoroastrians of Persia is like a Kind Father, He provides for the Goodness of his peoples, he Brings happiness for his peoples, and relieves the distressed and the poor , Our GREAT King of Kings Father Kourosh was just one Aryan Zoroastrian KING, He showed his personal care for his comrades and his soldiers, He manifested his joy in their Good fortune, and his sympathy in their sorrows, He won people in that way. 19 more words


Credit where it is due

One of the things I have been doing since retiring from teaching has been to maintain my interest in academic pursuits. Continuing with reading and study is not just a way of passing time. 1,157 more words

16 Sanskrit Shlokas :Courtesy : Mangesh Sirdeshpande

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सूर्यध्यायन्ति ये वै हुत्वहमनिलं भूमिमाकाशमाद्यं
तोयेशं पञ्चतत्वं त्रिभुवन सदनं नीआएशमन्त्रॉस्त्रिसन्ध्यम
श्री होर्मज्दसुरेशं बहुगुणगरिमाणं तमेकांतकृपालुंम्
गौरा धीरा: सुवीरा बहुबलनिलयास्ते वयं पारसीका:
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A Life Lived: Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw (Part 1/2)

Today marks the 44th anniversary of the instrument of surrender, which marked the end of the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 and resulted in the formation of Bangladesh. 55 more words