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Hanging Gardens Of Babylon

But first…..speaking of gardens……

These are the first batch of tangerines for this season……a little sweet and tart at the same time….very yummy…..now begins the chore of making tangerine jelly and other assorted delicacies…. 655 more words


Journal - Targeted Individual in US

Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.
Marshall McLuhan

We are witnesses of huge technological advances in thought controlled robotics – one can move prostetic limbs by thoughs, you can even buy a sex robot on internet; there are also many technologies I did not hear about but they exist. 4,910 more words

Evidence For Torture

Z Ward for the criminally insane

Outside Z Ward

Back wall

Inside Z Ward

Cells in Z Ward

25 Conyngham St, Glenside SA 5065 | Phone:(08) 8223 1234

Find out about… 148 more words

South Australia

How people woke up on time, when there was no alarm? 

Well there were 2 methods that shows us that how intelligent our minds were and we are constantly evolving so far.

These 2 methods will send shivers in your spine too. 265 more words

Science And Nature

Who Was Witold Pilecki?

In these days of all the “patriotism” goons that have lots to say but are real short on acts…..there are heroes and those that pretend to be heroes…..there are those that wrap themselves in a flag and speak loud and then there are those that do with little said…..Witold Pilecki was a hero…. 420 more words