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Historical facts in myths and legends

After the successful visit to fabulous places in Romania you might want to read and find out more about different people mentioned during our stay like Vlad in Bran and his relation to the characer of Dracula, the architect of Peles castle, Queen Maria and others… 9 more words


Historical Facts

We have a lot of legends connected with places and people who used to live and create different stories we have remembered for a long time. 476 more words


Warner Bros. risks losing $900 million if they can't prove ghosts are real.

An author by the named of Gerard Brittle is suing the ass off of Warner Bros for $900 million. He claims that only he has the rights to use the Warren’s paranormal case files that were used to film The Conjuring films and Annabelle. 275 more words


The Spicer Side Of Life

Okay in the last day the whole country has gone batcrap crazy over something that Sean Spicer said in his presser….it seems that he tried to compare Hitler and Assad but as usual he inserted a foot in mouth and his performance became the story of the day. 387 more words


Son Of The Pen

The weekend starts with a bang…….some moron drove his car into a neighbors house…the bedroom to be exact….fortunately the occupant had gotten up to pee….ergo the “big bang”….. 426 more words


Interesting Historical Facts about Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Florida-based Phil Monkress is a business professional with a strong technical background. In his professional career spanning more than thirty years, CEO of All Points Logistics Phil Monkress has been associated with many organizations including KPMG, and Computer Systems International while working with NATO in Italy. 184 more words

Phil Monkress

Political Zionism - The war for Israel

By Day Ulrich

Zionism is a concept first coined by Nathan Birnbaum in 1890 to describe the movement that would return the Jewish people to their motherland in Israel and restore their rule there. 2,197 more words