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Worst Military Leaders in History

I feel I have been amiss in my duty for not including more history in my daily posts……I will try to change that oversight on my part. 379 more words


The Dakota Building - New York City

A few days ago, as I was perusing books for my August TBR, I came across The Address by Fiona Davis, the author of the Dollhouse, I could not resist but request to be sent a copy for review.   236 more words

Fiona Davis

God in the White House

Today’s posts will be generic….nothing in Breaking News……I have a full day of tests for my doctors so I will be a bit missing for most of the day….I apologize. 239 more words


The World's Oldest Homo

Sunday begins….the sun breaks over the horizon….birds sing……the smell of coffee hangs in the air……and the old man in the corner farts loudly…welcome to my morning. 358 more words


15 Incredible Random Facts

When was the last time that you updated your random fact database? Here are a few pieces of trivia to consider:




4… 12 more words

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Historical facts in myths and legends

We visited a museum of Puck Land and looked for some information about history and customs of our Kashubian community and facts in legends. Here  is an interesting presentation connected with our trip.We could read some information about Florian Ceynowa our Kashubian poet and have a look at the song as well. 8 more words

Historical Facts