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The Easter Egg story

Ever wonder what the story is behind the Easter egg?  Why use the egg?  Is it something to do with the Christian faith or the Jewish faith?  204 more words

Let's Go To The Papers

I have been watching the news for 30 minutes and I am f*cking exhausted!

Nowadays when  you hear that people think about the newspapers…..but I am talking about something different. 366 more words


Time Is A Telescope

Next Sunday in North America, we are switching to Daylight Saving Time, which means we move our clocks ahead one hour.  What a crock!  That’s like cutting the top end off a blanket, sewing it to the bottom and saying you’ve got a longer blanket!  407 more words


It Is Not A Democracy

You know that there is always someone going to point out the US is not  democracy but rather a republic…..usually it is someone that is trying to make a point but have nothing to add to the conversation….. 278 more words


Weekly Blog No 115 - 1968 Facts

Historical Facts.

As I was born in 1968, I thought what a better way to celebrate 50 years is to provide some historical facts.

The monarch was Queen Elizabeth 11 and the Prime Minster was Harold Wilson of the Labour Party. 249 more words

Carcinoid Cancer

Victorian Era Mail service

I just came across a great New York Times piece on the mail service in the Victorian era. It’s full of trivia: for example, did you know that in 1889 London, mail was delivered TWELVE TIMES A DAY? 140 more words

Elsa Holland