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The distribution (for those interested in design)

When I talk about the house it’s probably confusing, so here’s a not quite to scale sketch of the distribution:

The green salon, grey salon and dining room face the garden. 263 more words

Upstairs/downstairs; Examining staff quarters

For comparison’s sake I have to start with the grand staircase. That’s because I think it’s the most shocking example of inequality/aristocratic thinking. As incredible as it may seem to us today, not so long ago there was a world in which house-staff was so… 629 more words

Canicule, the dog days of summer

From the latin canicula which means “small female dog”, the other name for the star SIRIUS. Classically it meant the period of time when Sirius and the sun rose and set at the same time. 318 more words

Historical Homes: How to Maintain and Restore Windows

The windows are arguably the most beautiful component of your home. However, dynamic and historically-significant windows on older homes are often unappreciated and go unattended. Historic windows contain several different parts, such as rails, stiles, tops, stool, jamb, still, etc., and each individual part must be repaired or maintained. 724 more words

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Consulting at the Sanders House

I finished my second Masters in March, and am slowly moving into the historical field. I LOVE history, it’s been a passion for years, and it took 3.5 years to get my degree. 263 more words

U.s. History

Preserving the past with a projection towards the future

It is impossible to imagine what life was like well over a hundred years ago when we did not live in that time. This small 1873 yr. 327 more words

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Henry A. Deland House

The Henry A. Deland House is located on 137 W. Michigan Avenue in Deland. The Conrad family lived in the home and donated the home to the city. 315 more words