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Historical Inaccuracy in ITV's 'Victoria'

Recently, ITV has broadcasted a show called ‘Victoria’ starring Jenna Coleman to depict the life of Queen Victoria. Among watching, a few historical inaccuracies seemed glaringly obvious that were fabricated to dramatize the life of Queen Victoria. 379 more words


She knocks me out

Wow. Initially I was just going to post the second cartoon here, but when researching it I saw that it was marked as possibly using footage from this first cartoon here THAT YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST WATCH: 162 more words

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Historical Inaccuracy: Rushes strewn on the floor

I make no promises about how often I’ll update this series, but I’ll be writing historical inaccuracy posts for the blog, as I have a lot of pet peeves. 905 more words


Boy, Snow, Bird (Book Review)

Greetings Loved Ones! Liu Is The Name, And Views Are My Game.

Don’t you just hate it when adaptations of beloved stories take huge liberties with their source material? 877 more words