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Happy Birthday, Karl Marx!

Born on May 5 1818, few thinkers have been as influential as Karl Marx. Philosopher, theoretician of history, economist, sociologist, journalist, and revolutionary socialist, he was a prolific thinker and writer, widely lauded, criticized, and misunderstood, especially by those who claimed to act in his name. 120 more words

History Of Ideas

The Queerness of Sex Writing

A queer and critical theory reflection on the place of the pornographic, the intimate and the erotic as these experiences are mediated and constructed by contemporary communications technologies.


Can History Really Be A Science?

The notion of History as a science conjures images of the historian as a lab coat wearing researcher hunched over their evidence in the laboratory of the museum or archives. 2,085 more words


Social Class Changes the Development of Religion (Research Idea)

Scientology targeted the rich, while Christianity and Santa Muerte began with the poor. This raises the question, “How does class affect the way a new religion develops?” 577 more words


What is Historical Materialism?

The blood runs – and it sings
to listen is the trick.
The flesh sits, and its past
there with it, subterranean
we mine it, and we… 202 more words


Is Marxism opposed to religion?

Author: Anton C.
Event: Langara, Socialist FAQ

The short answer is just that it depends. Obviously.
I want to talk about the approach to religion taken by 2 and ½ Marxists. 4,226 more words


Capitalism and the Climate

Author: Anton C.

For the last 10,000 years right up until the industrial revolution, the Earth’s climate has been fairly stable, fluctuating only by about 1 degree Celsius from year to year. 3,915 more words