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MEGA [Marx-Engels-Gesamtausgabe] on MEGA

Back in the 1920s, the Russian revolutionary and Marxist scholar David Riazanov began to compile a new, more complete edition of the works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. 970 more words


Introduction to historical materialism

This article, the first part in a serialization of a work by Alan Woods, give a great overview of historical materialism:


It also suggests to me an affinity between historical materialism, hermeneutic phenomenology, and Heidegger’s… 28 more words


Ellen Meiksins Wood, 1942-2016

Last week, the great Marxist scholar and historian of political thought, Ellen Meiksins Wood, passed away. Wood was a major influence on my intellectual development, both in terms of how I conceptualize capitalism, but also in how I interpret the history of political thought. 7,659 more words

Ellen Meiksins Wood, Theorist of Capitalism and Class Struggle, R.I.P. 2016

“Class struggle is the nucleus of Marxism. This is so in two inseparable senses: it is class struggle that for Marxism explains the dynamic of history, and it is the abolition of classes, the obverse or end-product of class struggle, that is the ultimate objective of the revolutionary process. 1,734 more words


New books about revolutionary Russia, part 1 (2015-16)

Today and tomorrow we’ll look at recent publications about one of my favorite periods in history: Russia at the time of World War I. Part 1 will focus on books about society at that time, while tomorrow I will preview works about the war and revolution themselves. 291 more words


Open-source Marxism 2016: Fresh batch of “pirate scab” PDFs

Happy New Year from the Charnel-House.

2015 was a fairly shit year. Lemmy died, and yet another Star Wars movie came out, so right off the bat you know it’s awful. 1,154 more words


On Arguing Economics

Allow me to propose a radical opinion by saying that there exists no such thing as the economic model from which we can impartially derive some sort self-evident conclusions, policies, or values.  1,192 more words