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We Want No Condescending Saviors

“… Kautskyists (or “Leninists”) are silly. They think they need to bring some grand theory to the ‘ignorant proles,’ as if historical materialism is some kind of prescriptive theory or tactic and not a descriptive outlook that is about the interaction between objective phenomena and subjective consciousness, and therefore envelops both. 500 more words


Work, Sex and Power: The Forces that Shaped our History

A encapsulated version of the new sweeping history of humankind

by Willie Thompson

The current crises with mass casualties and associated horrors in Ukraine and the Middle East naturally have their own twenty-first century character. 1,622 more words


Ideology 2.0: Historical materialism and the truth about new media and participatory culture

Written by: Be Lee

According to Marxist historical materialism, the exploitation of human labour is embedded into the ideals of capitalist society. In fact, Marx’s understanding of the pervasive nature of capitalism was so profound that it even sheds light on modern forms of media in the digital era. 1,986 more words

Research Paper

The Need for an Organization of Revolutionaries

By Lenny Brody

July 13, 2014

Those of us who consider ourselves revolutionaries and are fighting for fundamental social change need to have discussions about the strategy for the working class winning political power. 125 more words


Master thesis on historical nihilism from the perspective of historical materialism




【Supervisor】 许俊达;

【Author’s Information】 安徽大学, 马克思主义哲学, 2013, 硕士 95 more words

Academic Analysis

The Legacy of Primitive Communism

Last part of “Once Were Communists,” a series of four articles by Terry Coggan

The last article in this series argued that the system of Maori communal production could not be reorientated to production for the market without itself being fatally compromised. 3,118 more words

Working Class History

Marxism 01 Antonio Gramsci (W1L1)

Antonio Gramsci, “The Formation of the Intellectuals” & “Hegemony (Civil Society) and Separation of Powers”


Materialism, Dialectical Materialism, Historical Materialism

Materialism is the belief that “matter”, or physical substance, is the only thing that exists. 1,772 more words