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Capital in (De)Composition: How to Read the Circuits of Capital

Emerging from the depths of Volume One of Capital and into the world of circulation in Volume Two tends to leave one in a state of dizziness. 310 more words

Historical Materialism

Marx's Theory of History

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History of the Vigneron: Languages Part 3.1, 1780-1880: Philosophy, Perception, and the Historian

Marx’s Theory of History… 1,283 more words


Hackers, the Left, and possibilities for radical democracy

This post is just a way of pointing to a couple of provocative chunks of text from two sources: an abstract for a presentation by Toni Prug at the 6th Historical Materialism annual conference (2009), that suggests that… 498 more words

Lenin: Criticals Lives by Lars Lih, (Reaktion Books 2012)

Lih’s Lenin Rediscovered: What Is To Be Done? in Context (Haymarket Books 2008) is known for contextualizing and detailing the meaning of What Is To Be Done? 552 more words

Book Review

New article in EPD on geography & matter

Image: ‘Crowd, Isolated on White’ (Leontura/Getty Images)

This morning, my latest article on geography and matter was published by Environment & Planning D: Society and Space. 282 more words

Thoughts On Matter

Marx's Urgent Relativism

Karl Marx and most Marxists have tended to take philosophically realist positions, often aggressively so. Marx’s work, however, implies a kind of relativism. This relativism actually raises the stakes of socialist intellectual production. 618 more words


Identity crisis: Against capital and nation

Below you can read a couple English-language translations of texts by the German Gruppen gegen Kapital und Nation. They are relevant to a number of issues which I plan to cover in a forthcoming post. 11,407 more words