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Criticism and Self-Criticism as Historical Materialist Method

Elsewhere I have written on why I consider historical materialism to be a science due to its virtual replicability, predictive capabilities, and it making possible the objective study of social formations and their respective laws of motion governing them. 1,053 more words

Revolutionary Theory

Excerpt: Ellen Meiksins Wood, Democracy Against Capitalism: Renewing Historical Materialism

In one form or another and in varying degrees, Marxists have generally adopted modes of analysis which, explicitly or implicitly, treat the economic ‘base’ and the legal, political, and ideological ‘superstructures’ that ‘reflect’ or ‘correspond’ to it as qualitatively different, more or less enclosed and ‘regionally’ separated sphere.

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Bordiga on Sorel

It is as­ser­ted that in or­der to elim­in­ate so­cial in­justice, all that is re­quired is to re­late every com­mod­ity’s ex­change value to the value of the labor con­tained with­in it. 1,383 more words

Marxism and historical predictions

Be­cause Marx­ism ad­dresses it­self prin­cip­ally to his­tory, its ad­her­ents of­ten traffic in his­tor­ic­al pre­dic­tions. This was true of Marx and En­gels no less than their fol­low­ers, and more of­ten than not their pre­dic­tions turned out to be in­ac­cur­ate or mis­taken. 1,321 more words

Apology, anthropology, and colonial genocide

A review of Terra Nullius, A Journey Through No One’s Land, by Sven Lindqvist

Terra Nullius – a Latin expression meaning ‘no one’s land’ – was a legal fiction used to clear the way for the colonial occupation of Australia, and the consequent trampling of the rights of the indigenous peoples of that continent. 3,160 more words

Working Class History

Psychohistory as a System of Knowledge for Social Development in Isaac Asimov's 'Foundation'

The Encyclopedia Galactica, a fictional volume detailing the knowledge of the human race across the galaxy, as described by Asimov in his sci-fi novel… 1,228 more words

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