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Does Hitler Justify War?

So this is one that turned up on my news-feed recently;

“Take the left-wing bumper sticker idea: “War Is Not the Answer.” Of course, war is often the answer to great evil.

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Historical Materialism is "Historicity without History" but it is not, therefore, Genealogy

Historical materialism is historicity without history. And yet it is by no means genealogy. Of course, isnofar as it is historicity without history — which is the historicity of politics as permanent excess — historical materialism as a historiographical textuality is bound to have a genealogical form. 281 more words


Sebastian Budgen - Risée du Monde - Out to 'Get' the Charnel House.

Sebastian Budgen: Family Grocers Does Excellent Tuck!

This story on Charnel House is the talk of the Left,

Stumbled across an amazing database of free Marxist PDFs, the posts of which seems to be password protected but whose files are nevertheless accessible.

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European Left

Ex Machina – a porno flick for the thinking man

I’m sorry: if you are looking for porn, you will be disappointed. There is little in this movie that would raise the eyebrow of the censor. 2,007 more words


TOC and abstracts of the latest issue of Historical Research (历史研究 2015:3) focussing on historical nihilism



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Why Do Governments Serve The Rich?

It is widely and correctly believed that the rich and corporations, through their vast pools of wealth, influence and control the government.  This is true, but only part of the story.  2,499 more words


Li Songsong: Historical Materialism at Museo d’Art Moderna di Bologna

Museo d’Art Moderna di Bologna’s (MAMbo) Historical Materialism (until 30 August) constitutes the first institutional solo presentation of Li Songsong’s (b.1973) work to an Italian audience. 334 more words