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CFP for a CASS forum on historical materialism and Marxist theory of history



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The sheltered childhood of the working class in New Zealand: 1890-1912

The newborn working class in New Zealand took its first breath in the upsurge of union organising and the 1890 maritime strike, which was both the culmination of that upsurge and its defeat (described in my… 3,899 more words

Class Struggle

A comment on dystopian scholarship

One of the ideas that didn’t make it into my thesis:

In reading through dystopian scholarship, there is a pervading belief that writing about novels that write about society’s ills somehow makes the world a better place. 409 more words

The Condition of the Working Class in New Zealand in 1890

In 1842 Friedrich Engels, the 22-year-old son of a German textile manufacturer, was sent to Manchester, England, to work in the family business. Manchester was at the time the centre of a great textile industry. 2,555 more words

Class Struggle

Origins of the working class in New Zealand

The modern proletariat is a propertyless class. Evicted from the land, dispossessed of the means of life, the proletarians are thereby compelled, under threat of starvation, to sell their labour-power to the owners of the means of production, the capitalists, in return for a wage. 5,162 more words

Class Struggle

Opinion on how to be clear-headed about history (from 红旗)




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As If a Tree in Spring

The grass outside my window follows the gentle slope of the earth toward the pond. Royal purple violets wind between the green blades, in some spots a trickling line, in others a meandering patch. 989 more words

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