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The Condition of the Working Class in New Zealand in 1890

In 1842 Friedrich Engels, the 22-year-old son of a German textile manufacturer, was sent to Manchester, England, to work in the family business. Manchester was at the time the centre of a great textile industry. 2,555 more words

Class Struggle

Origins of the working class in New Zealand

The modern proletariat is a propertyless class. Evicted from the land, dispossessed of the means of life, the proletarians are thereby compelled, under threat of starvation, to sell their labour-power to the owners of the means of production, the capitalists, in return for a wage. 5,162 more words

Class Struggle

Opinion on how to be clear-headed about history (from 红旗)




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Newspaper Article

As If a Tree in Spring

The grass outside my window follows the gentle slope of the earth toward the pond. Royal purple violets wind between the green blades, in some spots a trickling line, in others a meandering patch. 989 more words

Rethinking Old Ideas

No scabs

In the history of modern class struggle, those who cross picket lines to fill jobs temporarily vacated by workers on strike are known as “scabs.” Scabs are thus low-cost replacement workers, whose willingness to work for less allows employers to starve out the more organized regular workforce. 439 more words


We Want No Condescending Saviors

“… Kautskyists (or “Leninists”) are silly. They think they need to bring some grand theory to the ‘ignorant proles,’ as if historical materialism is some kind of prescriptive theory or tactic and not a descriptive outlook that is about the interaction between objective phenomena and subjective consciousness, and therefore envelops both. 500 more words


Work, Sex, & Power

Willie Thompson, author of new book Work, Sex, & Power: The Forces that Shaped our History provides an encapsulated version of the new sweeping history of humankind. 1,642 more words