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What's in a Name?

Naming can be hard. Sometimes you have a first name but no last one. Sometimes it’s historical and you have no idea what would be appropriate. 208 more words

Unusual English Surnames

Here are a few interesting  and notable English surnames I have come across:

  1.  Bratton
  2.  Touley
  3.  Beetlestone
  4.  Thurlow
  5.  Mumby
  6.  Elkington
  7.  Bradding
  8.  Elsmore
  9.  Fothergill
  10. Goddard

The -Wood’s: 42 more words


Classic American Names

This post will feature my pick of classic all American names from the Victorian era, pre war period, the swinging sixties, Back to the 70’s -80’s, 90’s babies and the newly trending names. 153 more words


Greek Boy Names

Top Ten Greek Boy Names:

1. Kyros

2. Milos

3. Zacheus

4. Constantinos

5. Timotheos

6. Demetios

7. Peligius

8. Pericles

9. Thanos

10. Orion… 16 more words


Greek Girl Names

Top Ten Greek Names:

1. Daphne

2. Damia

3. Calandra

4. Delfina

5. Damaris

6. Evangelia

7. Electra

8. Thea

9. Jocasta

10. Callista

Other notable Greek girl names: 12 more words


Roman Names

Top Ten Roman Names:

1.    Augustus, Augusta

2.  Gaius, Gaia

3. Aurelius, Aurelia

4.  Octavius, Octavia

5.  Claudius, Claudia

6.  Decimus, Decima

7.  Julius, Julia… 60 more words


On The Trail Of The Lonesome Pixelherder

Do you have a camera? Do you have a business that uses that camera? Does anyone else know?

If the answer to all three questions is ” Yes ” then you are a professional photographer who has taken the trouble to tell people about it. 413 more words