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Name Profile: Gratian

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends across the pond! It’s just plain old 23rd November here, so I’m dedicating this first Name Profile to everyone celebrating today, and I’ve chosen a fitting candidate in honour of the occasion. 481 more words

Baby Names

Titled (Posh) Names

Names generally originating from noble, aristocratic or for want of a better word posh titles which can be used as names, whether you use them or not your call. 35 more words


What's in a Name?

Naming can be hard. Sometimes you have a first name but no last one. Sometimes it’s historical and you have no idea what would be appropriate. 208 more words

Unusual English Surnames

Here are a few interesting  and notable English surnames I have come across:

  1.  Bratton
  2.  Touley
  3.  Beetlestone
  4.  Thurlow
  5.  Mumby
  6.  Elkington
  7.  Bradding
  8.  Elsmore
  9.  Fothergill
  10. Goddard

The -Wood’s: 42 more words


Classic American Names

This post will feature my pick of classic all American names from the Victorian era, pre war period, the swinging sixties, Back to the 70’s -80’s, 90’s babies and the newly trending names. 153 more words


Greek Boy Names

Top Ten Greek Boy Names:

1. Kyros

2. Milos

3. Zacheus

4. Constantinos

5. Timotheos

6. Demetios

7. Peligius

8. Pericles

9. Thanos

10. Orion… 16 more words


Greek Girl Names

Top Ten Greek Names:

1. Daphne

2. Damia

3. Calandra

4. Delfina

5. Damaris

6. Evangelia

7. Electra

8. Thea

9. Jocasta

10. Callista

Other notable Greek girl names: 12 more words