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And then three come along at once

If historical novels are not your thing, then maybe stop now. This is about Elizabeth Chadwick’s trilogy about Eleanor of Aquitaine, one time Queen of France, Queen of England and Duchess of Aquitaine, though not the first two at the same time. 829 more words

Born in a Treacherous Time

I’ve been looking forward to the publication of  Born in a Treacherous Time by Jacqui Murray. Not just because she’s a good friend but also because I’ve had the privilege of reading part of the book and was captivated by it. 651 more words

Writer's Life

#amwritinghistoricalfiction about the Philippines

Letter of Father Pedro Sanz to the Bishop of Manila

Octubre, 1752

Your Reverence,

I am already old, weary, and in poor health. When you first granted this position to me, and ordered me to serve you in this Island, I complied with your wishes, with not a word of complaint. 148 more words


Book Review: Schindler’s Ark by Thomas Keneally

This is the Booker prize winning novel on a very serious subject of the holocaust.  And I didn’t finish it.  I feel bad, like I was obliged to find it brilliant and moving as so many other people have. 416 more words


Book Review: Secrets by the Knoll

I stopped by a local bookstore several weeks ago and they were hosting local authors. This was a great surprise! Not only did I have the opportunity to purchase new books but I also had the opportunity to meet three local authors. 377 more words

Quote of the Day: MIKHAIL AND MARGARITA, p. 129

Why a writer can think he will survive a Stalinist purge:

  • You believe if you can be strong, you can withstand them. You believe such strength is possible.
  • 22 more words

Paul Kingsnorth - The Wake

I would have never believed that I would enjoy reading a book taking place during the Norman invasion of Britain AND it’s told through a modified form of Old English. 302 more words