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Book review: Race to Tibet - I love France #155

And maybe you do too!
If you have recently read a good book in connection with France,
or watched a movie, read an article on France, etc, 988 more words

Reading Challenges

The wonder at the being of my now

My being whole preceded this my wound,
and both preceded words. Small wonder then
(Small? Great wonder!) my art takes up the world

one hundred years ago and makes it heal… 84 more words


Book Club: 6 titles for our 2015 May meeting

Recap of our Block Book Club May 2015 meeting
Good books for your week-end!


Recap of the titles we shared .

The Anatomy Lesson, by… 1,381 more words


Research, Writing and Reality

Eight years ago when I started writing seriously, three hours in my morning were dedicated to working on my first book. Then I carried on with the rest of my day, puttering, reading for pleasure, gallivanting with my husband, riding my bicycle, hitting the gym and the coffee shop afterwards with my friends, and just doing what I pleased. 1,066 more words

Excitement About Writing

Historical Novel Summer: From Tolstoy to Jean Plaidy to Gore Vidal & More

Sometimes I feel like indulging in a truly trashy historical novel summer.

Even writers of the most literary historical novels spin tales about sensational events and larger-than-life characters. 755 more words

Historical Novels - Reading

What counts as a historical novel? Good question. Coursera offer a (free) on-line course called Plaques, Witches and War: the worlds of historical fiction and the presenter, Professor Bruce Holsinger, suggests that we could start with the definition of historical fiction that it is ‘a genre of imaginative narrative set in the past whose authors make a deliberate effort to convey chronologically remote setting, cultures and personages with accuracy, plausibility and depth’. 590 more words



Jeff Shaara’s last installment in his Civil War series is the story  of William Tecumseh Sherman, and the final eight months of the war. The Fateful Lightning… 246 more words

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