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Deterrence 101

“I’m not the man they think I am at home”  — Elton John in “Rocket Man”

On Tuesday Mr. Trump gave a speech to the United Nations General Assembly that created controversy.

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HM Bark Endeavour: Traces of the Past Yr 3 09: Thursday's Special

This is a style of sailing vessel that was mentioned by Francis Bacon in 1592. The word bark (barque or barc) usually refers to a three masted ship with a distinctive rigging. 154 more words

Irene Waters

Senator Mark Warner Sees Market “Renters” and We Need “Owners”

Politifact found that Sen. Mark Warner’s comment that average stock holding periods have changed from over 8 years in 1960s to 4 months currently is “Mostly True.” After looking at NYSE… 122 more words

Historical Perspective

Islands, Evolution, and a book report

Academics love to keep books, such that they accumulate over the years until, one day, you move offices, change universities, or retire and give them all away.  2,009 more words


Labor Day

The industrial revolution changed the world. One thousand years ago, Chinese technology created a new and better version of steel. Over the centuries that recipe spread, until it reached the British Isles, where iron and coal were abundant and were near each other, and where transportation by water made it easy to distribute what was manufactured. 949 more words

American Politics

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Annotated Bibliography - Week 1

Collins, A., & Halverson, R. (2009). Rethinking education in the age of technology: The digital revolution and schooling in America. Teachers College Press.

Chapters 2 and 3 of this book consider the history of education and how we can use that information to predict how technology has and will continue to succeed and/or fail in grade school education. 335 more words


Historical Perspective and the Modern Audience

Writing historical fiction requires balancing the historical sensibilities (speech, culture, customs) for the modern reader. Today, I’m a guest on Mary Tod’s award winning blog, A… 45 more words

Traitor's Knot