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Cold War II

Lost in all of the U.S. presidential campaign news, one may be forgiven for missing the increasingly worrisome activity in northern Europe where the Russian bear is flexing his muscles.   1,784 more words

Great teleprompter failures in political history


Brian Williams and Republican strategist Steve Schmidt share stories of important political speeches that skirted the brink of disaster when the teleprompter failed. Duration: 1:20


U.S. Politics

Toys I still do or wish I had: Times Past

© irene waters 2016

© irene waters 2016

© irene waters 2016

Last months responses were wonderful and although contributions were small the comments on all the posts were wonderful and well worth reading. 716 more words

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Funerary Sayings.

For what it’s worth.

The jug with the falcon (of Horus) reads:

For my strong staff, the god Osiris, my spirit adores him.

The one with the baboon reads: 103 more words

Thoughts And Poems

TandemGrowth Perspectives - June 2016

Financial Healing

Clients and other readers of our commentaries know that we have been long term subscribers to Nick Murray’s resources.  I met Mr. Murray in the early 1990, not long after he wrote his first book for advisors, Serious Money.   2,089 more words

Monthly Commentary

Taxation Without Representation

The title of this piece is the same as the motto that for years can be found on the license plates of vehicles registered in Washington D.C.   1,332 more words

Origins: Weekly Discover

© irene waters 2016

© irene waters 2016

What came first? The chicken or the egg? This philosophical question has been pondered by young children and adults alike and is often the first debate we enter when it comes to querying our origins. 399 more words

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