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Conclusion from "A Comprehensive Analysis of How Governments Use Words to Inspire Genocide"

Most people who have heard the term genocide don’t really understand what it means.  Intellectually, they’ll probably be able to tell you the definition that you could find in a dictionary.   651 more words

Genocide Awareness

Science and the Issue of Trust

Many messages emanating from the world of science are entirely bogus.

After eight years in which my focus has been mostly on climate matters, I’ve lately pulled back the lens to take another look at science’s bigger picture. 397 more words

Ethical & Philosophical

The Ethics of Punching Nazis

So, I’m still seeing a bunch of people debating the ethics of punching Nazis. Now you’re all entitled to your opinions, and no one is saying that you… 1,138 more words

Genocide Awareness

But Do They Have A Football Team?

Much has been written and discussed lately concerning the Electoral College.  Some argue that it is an anachronism that outlived its usefulness.  Others argue that it is integral to the foundation of our republic and must stay in place.   1,397 more words

More Cartoons.

You may have noticed that I use many Gilray cartoons to illustrate my regency writing. There are several reasons for this, but mostly because he’s funny, to the point, and full of little details. 97 more words


Different Gifts Make for Different Politics

One of the problems with education, besides economic ghettos, is not recognizing differences in personalities. Any one with several children knows they were different at birth. 383 more words


Fellow Democrats, Please Lend Me Your Ears.

Fellow democrats, we are sounding like our opponents did before the election. Now, maybe we will understand what feeling unheard and powerless does to people’s sense of decency. 116 more words