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Why We Need Jordan Peterson

SPOTLIGHT: Fixated on sexism and racism, we’re lost in the fog.

BIG PICTURE: In 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, Canadian psychology professor Jordan Peterson reminds us that the 20th century was “defined by the bottomless horrors of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.” We all know about the six million who perished in Nazi concentration camps. 666 more words

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Freedom to Speak, Freedom to Hear

SPOTLIGHT: Free speech is about you speaking your mind. Intellectual freedom is about other people hearing your voice.

BIG PICTURE: During the Cold War, the American Library Association (ALA) … 350 more words

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Experts Suck at Predicting the Future

SPOTLIGHT: 50 years ago, Paul Ehrlich made predictions about the future that weren’t slightly wrong – they were off by a country mile.

BIG PICTURE: Experts know a great deal, but only about their own area of speciality (and even then, many of their ideas may rest on ambiguous evidence and subjective judgment). 419 more words

Historical Perspective

Learning to Write: Times Past

Following a fiction piece I did for Charli over at Carrot Ranch with the prompt ‘blot’ my piece mentioned a copybook. I was surprised by the number of people who had not heard of a copy book. 663 more words

Irene Waters

Historical Perspective: Why the US should celebrate Genghis Khan Day

The Man Himself

Genghis Khan, leader of the MONGOL EMPIRE and conqueror of millions, has had a profound impact on most things that happened in World History after the 13th century.  1,213 more words

Historical Perspective

Textures of War: Tuesdays of Texture

Rusting relics

with added messages from birds above

Sit in Memorial park


just how close the Japanese forces

were from our shores in WWII… 48 more words

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