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Remembering Towton Battle: Friday Fictioneers

“Lord Towton I just adore your house and that sculpture.” The American tourist pointed to the large chain mail upside down helmet.

“Thats a memorial to the downed men of  Towton Battle. 91 more words

Irene Waters

“Why Should I Care About the Hijra?”

By Madeline Linnell

“Di, di?”


“Di, di?”

A glamorous figure, adorned in a vibrant sari and thick make-up, knocks on the passenger-seat window while the car sits in traffic, calling me the Hindi term for “Ms.” She wants money…Or is it ‘he’? 1,783 more words


Relics of War in the Coral Sea: Traces of the Past Yr 4:03: Thursday's Special

We were lucky in Weewak, the capital of Papua New Guinea’s East Sepik Province, to pick up a local girl in a brand new dual cab. 311 more words

Irene Waters

Project Mogul: 99 Word Flash Fiction

Vernon poked at the colourful wreckage that covered a large area of their paddock in New Mexico. “Dad, whadya reckon this is?” 

“Dunno. Gather it up. 139 more words

Irene Waters

Swedish for Suicide

SPOTLIGHT: The Swedish media is a disgrace.

BIG PICTURE: In The Strange Death of Europe, Douglas Murray discusses Expressen, a Swedish tabloid newspaper. Back in 1993, Erik M… 652 more words

Historical Perspective: Appealing to Modern Readers

Cryssa Bazos and I met while attending a writer’s workshop in Toronto several years ago. We stayed in touch, occasionally checking in with one another on writing related developments while offering encouragement and empathy as needed. 1,273 more words

Historical Fiction

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I wanted to share with you a piece I wrote last summer for Mary Tod's excellent blog, A Writer of History, about historical perspective and the modern reader.

Nursing Heroes Project: Sister Ellen Savage

Can you think of any nursing heroes? Of course there is Florence Nightingale and Edith Cavell but when I was asked these were the only two I could think of. 103 more words

Irene Waters