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Excerpt from Don Miller’s soon to be released historical novel, South From Sutherland’s Station.

As he traveled down the Ohio to the Mississippi, the side-wheeler made stops along the way: Cincinnati, Memphis, Greenville, Vicksburg, Natchez, and finally New Orleans.   569 more words

The Perspective of Time

Some events in life seem small at the time but later prove bigger than they at first seemed. On the other hand, some events seem, at the moment that they occur, bigger than they really are. 1,111 more words

About Those Good Old Days

A client recently expressed a desire to return to the good old days, when we didn’t have all this turmoil and trouble. Wouldn’t we all like that? 672 more words

Mark Leibman

Dangerous Times

In the last ten to twelve days we have seen a remarkable display of something — although I am not really sure what we are seeing.  1,675 more words

Deterrence 101

“I’m not the man they think I am at home”  — Elton John in “Rocket Man”

On Tuesday Mr. Trump gave a speech to the United Nations General Assembly that created controversy.

2,024 more words

HM Bark Endeavour: Traces of the Past Yr 3 09: Thursday's Special

This is a style of sailing vessel that was mentioned by Francis Bacon in 1592. The word bark (barque or barc) usually refers to a three masted ship with a distinctive rigging. 154 more words

Irene Waters

Senator Mark Warner Sees Market “Renters” and We Need “Owners”

Politifact found that Sen. Mark Warner’s comment that average stock holding periods have changed from over 8 years in 1960s to 4 months currently is “Mostly True.” After looking at NYSE… 122 more words

Historical Perspective