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Not a One Piece Puzzle

Seems to me life is like a puzzle
where we each only get one piece.
But rather than put our pieces together,
particularly the ones we can’t see… 48 more words


$SPY - so what happens next?


SPY October ATM calls…

$SPY – from the turn on the open to the intraday trend. #Daytrading #OptionsTrading https://t.co/LwRcgZntrc pic.twitter.com/prE4cIVArw

— The God of Trading (@TheGodOfTrading) …

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Stock Market

The Battle of the Teutoborg Forest

Date of battle-9-11 September, 9 CE

Location of battle-Lower Saxony, Germany

Participants-Publius Varus, leader of the XVIII, XIX and XX Legions of the Roman Empire and Arminius, leader of the Germanic tribes… 486 more words

Investing Lessons from America's First Stock Company

Investing in America began with bankruptcy. In the early 17th century, the hottest stock in England was the Virginia Company of London. Instead of adding to their fame and fortune, wealthy investors gained several hard insights from this first company to go bust on American soil. 734 more words

Remembering JFK

A comment to my last post about the Kennedy commencement speech got me to reminiscing about JFK. This morning I listened to the speech he gave at San Diego State. 819 more words


Another Long Island Staycation: Oheka Castle

My friends and family will tell you that I am an avid Groupon user. Groupon opens up a world of opportunities, restaurants, products and adventures at a significantly discounted price; many of which, in the course of my normal life, I would never take advantage of. 558 more words

Baby Boomers

Cold War II

Lost in all of the U.S. presidential campaign news, one may be forgiven for missing the increasingly worrisome activity in northern Europe where the Russian bear is flexing his muscles.   1,784 more words