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The Battle of Midway Island

Yesterday, 4 June, marked the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Midway Island in 1942 where the U.S. Navy defeated the Imperial Japanese Navy and reversed Allied fortunes in the Pacific campaign. 768 more words

The History of the Future

One might say that the study of History as a formal endeavor began 2,400 years ago. Herodotus, the so-called Father of History, sought “to prevent the traces of human events from being erased by time” in his chronicles of the Peloponnesian wars. 406 more words

Mark Leibman

The Rocks: Traces of the Past Yr 3 (05): Thursday's Special

The Rocks is an old area of Sydney with European settlement starting in 1788, soon after the first settlement at Sydney Cove. This slum area in the early days was full of sailors, convicts and prostitutes and became known as a rough area to visit. 642 more words

Irene Waters

Be Still and Know

This is usually my favorite season of the year. New life breaking forth after a long winter’s nap, some days nice enough to get outside to work and play, and my favorite sports—golf and baseball—on the TV to distract me from all the bad news in the world. 276 more words

Faith And Values

16 March 1968- Senator Robert Francis Kennedy Announces His Candidacy for the Democratic Presidential Nomination

Background to the 1968 Presidential Race

1968 began as a tumultuous year. On 21 January North Vietnam launched an assault on the key Marine base at Khe Sanh. 691 more words

Historical Perspective

15 March 1917-The Romanov Dynasty Comes To An End

How did it come to this?

By the beginning of 1917 the Russian Empire had been a participant of World War I for three years. While the same could be said of the British Empire and of France, those countries hadn’t suffered the brutality of war like Russia. 851 more words

Historical Perspective

Steven Chu's Juvenile Score Keeping

When someone’s won a Nobel Prize, who cares how long they served in Cabinet?

In 1997, Steven Chu and two colleagues won a Nobel Prize in physics… 717 more words

Activist Scientists