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Before Smartphones When Kids Had Real Fun

Kids today might find this hard to believe, but there really was a period in time when smartphones didn’t exist. But how did they entertain themselves ?. 1,089 more words


Is your great granny in these photos?

Late Victorian and early Edwardian photographs of Derry’s streets are everywhere on social media  but have you ever zoomed in, to see the background detail? Here are selection of things which we at the Friends found interesting. 403 more words


You've Come a Long Way Baby...

Annette Kellermann was famous for advocating the right of women to wear a one-piece bathing suit, which was controversial at the time.[6] According to an Australian magazine, “In the early 1900s, women were expected to wear cumbersome dress and pantaloon combinations when swimming. 25 more words


The Real Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin Milne (21 August 1920 – 20 April 1996), son of author A. A. Milne and the basis of the character Christopher Robin in his father’s Winnie-the-Pooh stories. 6 more words