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Photography, History and Race: What can photos of Haiti's upper crust tell us about Haiti's past and the importance of preservation

These images representing élite Haitian women in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries are rich sources for historians. While most scholars have abandoned the idea that photographs represent “objective” depictions of the past, and rather, embrace the notion that they might be political objects and statements in and of themselves, these not only assist in imaging the lives of the women they represented, they also help raise questions about the particular intentions of each woman and their photographers. 457 more words

How can archives add value for newspapers and TV?

Melody Kramer asked a smart question this week about value in legacy media:

If I ran a major legacy media org. I'd think: 1. What separates us from a startup?

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Innovation In The Media

Photo of The Day!

Curb Market, NYC, 1900.

What are your thoughts?

P.S – If you click on the image and look at the detail held within the buildings at the back, you’ll see how fantastic this photo really is! 9 more words


More Random Pictures Please

The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” has been used and reused at every convenient moment since its conception around 1911; however, there is no place where it becomes more applicable than history. 554 more words

Photo Post: Jean Price-Mars, 1956.

Although he remains a contested figure, in part due to the influence his work (most notably Ainsi parla l’Oncle published in 1928 during the American Marine Occupation), had on the… 144 more words