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A New Home for Mortise & Tenon Magazine

Today’s guest post comes from Joshua A Klein, a talented furniture conservator/maker from the Maine coast and the brainchild behind Mortise & Tenon Magazine1,058 more words

Green Mountain Timber Frames

When Jackie Saved Grand Central

It’s Perfect Picture Book Friday! The bestselling author of “The Night Before…” series, Natasha Wing, has a new nonfiction book out. In this picture book for older kids, she takes on a topic I haven’t seen before in children’s books. 443 more words

Beth Anderson

Winter Work Underway

If you’re easily upset look away now! Last night Harry Cotgreave took the gas axe to Sentinel S6 steam waggon 8928, calm down it wasn’t a recreation of a 1950’s scrap yard giving a steam engine the big chop up, but in aid of removing some stubborn bolts and fixings on a water tank. 44 more words

Historical Preservation

Meet Ann Schneider; Your best choice for Oak Ridge Town Council

I love the community in which I live.  Oak Ridge is a beautiful community, with long-time, small town appeal.  That doesn’t happen by accident.  It takes people, living in the area, willing to serve and protect the interests of that community.  437 more words

Debbie Barth

American Lighthouses: Then What Happened? (And What About Today?)

We’ve chatted about lighthouse history in the last couple months, and in 2018 there will be more lighthouse posts specifically related to my new novel, … 634 more words

19th Century American Maritime

Randolph County Infirmary

I’ve been thinking a lot about the infirmary … yes, the tragic way it ended for us, but also about how incredible it was while it lasted. 770 more words

Statues With Limitations: Part Two

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

Alexander Pope wrote “Monuments, like men, submit to fate.”

Two days ago I began a series regarding the Confederate Monument Controversy. 1,234 more words