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Wreck Beach

One of our stops along the Great Ocean Road was the aptly named Wreck Beach, just outside of Lavers Hill. With the dramatic cliffs and amazing rock formations along the coast, it’s easy to see why the area has been the place of so many shipwrecks throughout history. 501 more words


The Great Wall

Well, we finally made it. And we were so glad we waited. September 28, 2016 was the perfect day to be on the Great Wall. It was a clear day, we got a direct bus ride there, and the Wall was not the least bit crowded. 1,093 more words

Adventure Awaits

Albania • Gjirokaster's Castle

At a height of 336 metres, in one of Albania‘s most charming cities, a castle rich in history can be visited. Gjirokaster is in Southern Albania, a mere 30 kilometres from the Greek border. 273 more words


The (not so) Forbidden City

We were so ready. We had rented a van. We were all rested up. We had picked out our warmest clothes. We had gotten our snacks packed.  878 more words

Adventure Awaits

Travel to Understand History

My go to tourist location is always a historical spot or a museum. Maybe its a habit I’ve gotten from my parents who have dragged me to everything educational, from  old battle fields to Winston Churchill museums. 280 more words


Playing Catch Up

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I have been terribly remiss in posting to the blog. Procrastination is my forté. So, having looked through my photos to see what we’ve been up to since summer, I find: 611 more words


The Summer Palace

After a day of rest from traveling across the ocean, we decided that it was time for Grams and Papa’s first adventure. We didn’t want to start out to big with something like the Great Wall, but then again didn’t want to waste our precious days on anything non-significant. 1,083 more words

Adventure Awaits