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Fort San Pedro-A Reminder of Cebu's Colorful Past

Fort San Pedro or Fuerte de San Pedro is known to be the oldest Spanish fortification in the Philippines. The triangular-shaped fortress whose two sides look out onto the sea, while the remaining side faces the land—a strategic position at that time to carefully observe the immediate environs, thus protecting the Spanish settlement effectively, is the smallest citadel in the country with a total interior area of 2,025 meters square. 638 more words


A Relic in Itself: Museo Parian

A miniature pueblo or town center reflecting the old Parian district during the Spanish time.

A synopsis of the administrators during the Spanish era.

The mini-galleon which represents the vessel used in the Galleon Trade. 883 more words


Terracotta Warriors: You can't take it with you when you go - but you can try

“This is amazing,” I thought to myself while looking over the oldest army in the world.  It almost seemed surreal to me when I imagined that I could be standing in the same spot Qin Shi Huang, the First Emperor of China, stood around 2226 years ago to survey his army when it was vibrantly painted and ready to march off to battle. 1,147 more words


La Hispaniola

La Hispaniola is a unique island, home of the Haitian and Dominican nations.  Discovered by Columbus on his first trip to the New World (1492), it became a major power-hub for the Spaniard colonization of the Americas. 1,287 more words

Urban Photos

We are Moving like it's 1929! #EllaJordanHome @DowntownPensacola

Please join us for the restoration and preservation of the Ella L. Jordan Home. Bring your family, tell your neighbors, bring your friends, and support the cause with a $19.29 donation (or more!)!  43 more words


South Indian Temples as Guardians of Nature

I was talking to the knowledgeable Tamil Professor about the preservation of traditional knowledge of medicinal plants in south India in general and Tamil Nad in particular. 210 more words


Old Perth Observatory - Havelock Street (not Gingin!)

Dumas House – Western Australia government office block built in the 1960’s on the site of Perth’s first Government Observatory, currently being renovated so lots of scaffolding on one side.  150 more words

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