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The Arab Revolutions: Five Years On -- Raymond Hinnebusch | American University of Beirut

[Norm’s note: for people who only understand English, Raymond Hinnebusch’s short presentation in the featured and first video begins at the 3 minute mark and ends at the 24 minute and 20 second mark. 78 more words

Middle East

The Whole and Its Parts

This is the third comment, following Laust’s opening post, by Yale Ferguson. Yale is a Professorial Fellow in the Rutgers University-Newark Division of Global Affairs and Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Global and International Affairs.  2,590 more words

International Relations

Comparing and Contrasting Max Weber and Karl Marx: The Rise of Capitalism and Class Theory

  1. Introduction

The task of identifying similarities and differences in Karl Marx and Max Weber is not an easy one. This essay will attempt to do so through their contesting theories regarding the emergence of capitalism and class theory. 3,572 more words


Militarism in the Age of Trump, Part I

Part I of a post based on a paper I am co-authoring with Bryan Mabee, Senior Lecturer at Queen Mary, University of London. Bryan is the author of  2,336 more words

International Relations