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The Principle of Moments

Yes, long time since I had time to post anything here, for which I can only apologise to anyone who’s actually interested. It hasn’t all… 991 more words


Historians and the Fourth Dimension

Timeline of English Monarchs (Wikipedia). The idea that history is chiefly concerned with the passage of time is hardly novel!

I recently posted something about the… 1,459 more words

A known unknown

Let me offer you a little puzzle. It’s about the famous land bill of Tiberius Gracchus in 133 BC. Here’s the evidence.

Livy writes ( 125 more words

Historical Theory

Archaeology in Israel (2)

In the first part of this article, I explained how information from ancient sources is not always confirmed by archaeology. In asymmetric situations like these, “maximalists” assume that the information from written texts can be accepted: this is supposed to be reliable unless archaeology contradicts it. 131 more words

Ancient History

Archaeology in Israel (1)

The study of the ancient world is so fascinating because all those cultures, nations, tribes, states, and civilizations share one characteristic: a great shortage of data. 210 more words

Ancient History

Keith Jenkins - Re-thinking History.

Jenkins is quick to establish that History is not, as most commonly thought, the past but rather it is the study of it. There are many differences between the two besides their definitions. 1,221 more words


E.H Carr - What is History?

Book Analysis.

Carr focusses on the idea of objectivity and whether it is possible for an historian to achieve it. He argues that historians select their facts to support their own perspective; immediately making their work subjective. 1,060 more words