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Keith Jenkins - Re-thinking History.

Jenkins is quick to establish that History is not, as most commonly thought, the past but rather it is the study of it. There are many differences between the two besides their definitions. 1,221 more words


E.H Carr - What is History?

Book Analysis.

Carr focusses on the idea of objectivity and whether it is possible for an historian to achieve it. He argues that historians select their facts to support their own perspective; immediately making their work subjective. 1,060 more words


Heroes: The Sources of the Sources

As I explained in an earlier installment of this series, Nanni of Viterbo (1437-1502) had published a collection of bogus sources on ancient history. The sixteenth century witnessed a lively debate about the authenticity of these texts. 143 more words

Ancient History

shift in thinking

After a 2 hour sleep yesterday morning I got up feeling tons better. Sleep was definitely a good idea. Then in the afternoon I worked on Coward’s book. 480 more words


How Myth and Propaganda Operate as an Instrumental tool for Hidden Agendas

Roland Barthes believed that Modernity was a path forged by humanity, guided by myth and given meaning through the nature of language. This essay aims to discuss both myth and propaganda, not only as singular components, but the essential co- dependent relationship that maintained its operation today. 2,302 more words


Symbolic Interaction and Our Global Stage, Erving Goffman

It was once suggested by William Shakespeare that, “all the worlds a stage and all the men and women are merely players”.(Shakespeare, 2008, Pg. 26) 1,909 more words


Norbert Elias and his 'Civilizing Process'

Over the course of his life, Norbert Elias took a historical examination of the underlying changes within different levels of societies, the focus was specifically surrounding his notions of… 1,790 more words