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Guest Post: William Black, Gordon Wood's Notecards and the Two Presentisms

Today we are pleased to have a guest post from William R. Black (@w_r_black), a PhD student of history at Rice University. His research examines how Cumberland Presbyterians dealt with slavery, sectionalism, theological controversy, and professionalization in the nineteenth century. 1,631 more words


Artsy history: pre-Raphaelites as the original 'fan art' people?

The author’s ignorance of historical matters artistic will show through as the light of the Last Judgement over Patmos, but one subject that came to mind today was the issue of ‘fan art’ and its precursors or prototypes in the History of Art. 1,526 more words


The Two-Sentence View of History

I’ve been reading a lot of accounts recently that argue indigenous people asserted much more control over many areas of the continent into the 19th century than modern people usually assume (check out… 562 more words


Bernard Bailyn's Last Act?: An Interview with the Harvard Historian on His New Book

Bernard Bailyn’s contribution to our understanding of early American history is so vast that it’s easy to forget he’s still publishing books. His writings on the American Revolution, begun in the 1960s, remain required reading for any doctoral student studying for orals. 1,689 more words


The Calling of the Christian Historian

Christians play an important role in the academic community. They offer a very different perspective in a world that is becoming more and more secular. They offer a distinctive difference to academia with their moral and religious beliefs. 2,073 more words


Soviet Counterfactuals

Counterfactual history (asking, and attempting to answer, “what if?” questions about the past) does not enjoy academic respectability, 271 more words