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Max Weber - "From Max Weber"

Max Weber

My approach to reading Weber this week is a bit different than the one that I’ve used in the previous weeks, since I was more focused on trying to take good notes for a presentation than to come at the ideas from a perspective of how his historiography could be of use to me. 275 more words


Karl Marx - "The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon"

Karl Marx

Marx’s history of the rise and rule of Louis Napoleon is a passionate description full of powerful imagery and implicit invectives against those men that he believes are so wholly caught up in the mindset of their class that they cannot see the truth of the world before them. 282 more words


Hayden White - "Metahistory"

Metahistory by Hayden White

History as literature seems to be the idea behind this book, or at least that’s the overall meaning that I’ve managed to glean from the preface, introduction, and first chapter of Hayden White’s “Metahistory.” Formulating historical analysis as a literary analysis, White separates the methods that historians use into two general categories, chronicle and story, before summarily dismissing chronicle from his analysis and concentrating solely on the narrative portion. 267 more words


George G. Iggers - "Historiography in the Twentieth Century"

Historiography in the Twentieth Century by Georg G. Iggers

It’s been a little while, but since I’m finally at school I thought I would share some of the things that I’m working on. 361 more words