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Conjuring McCarthyism


WOW!!!   This stuff about the Russians hacking the DNC email is SO COOL!   It makes me think of the old days when the McCarthy hearings were on the television every day for what seemed forever.   510 more words

This And That

Falling Falls

1866 to 1880

Construction begins on a wooden apron to protect St. Anthony Falls. Mills depend on the falls for industrial power, and their owners hope the apron will stop its erosion and collapse. 237 more words

The Hamil-Fans Guide to Savannah

The Broadway musical Hamilton is currently taking New York City by storm. It’s no wonder – this musical offers a unique view of America’s history. Plus, the characters are relatable (even Aaron Burr, known through most of American history as “the dude that shot Alexander Hamilton”), the music is amazingly intricate and yet still catchy… Ever since I was introduced to this musical in September, every car ride is a one-person musical production of Hamilton starring me in every role (Sorry not sorry to everyone stuck in the passenger seat at some point.) Hamil-fans traveling to Savannah will notice a lot of familiar names as they traverse the city. 388 more words


America, Liberty, and Alexis de Tocqueville

Alexis de Tocqueville: Life and Quotes

Dinner Topics for Thursday

One reason Tocqueville, as a Frenchman, took such interest in America is the comparison between the American and French revolutions. 1,734 more words

Dinner Topics

Men of violence, martial arts in Imperial China

The statements made here regarding the increasing militarization of the society, the endemic use of violence and the role martial artists played in these developments are confirmed by the historical record for both the Ming and Qing Dynasties. 1,462 more words

Kung Fu

Star Trek Beyond: The Bradscribe Review

Going Where Most Sequels Go, But Sadly Not So Boldly Either…

And… Beyond What, Exactly?!

“We got no ship, no crew – how’re we going to get out of this one?” – Captain James T. 958 more words

Science Fiction


DORAL, Fla.–Just three days after the Democratic National Committee’s email was hacked–which cyber experts say appears to have been by Russians–the Republican presidential nominee is calling on the foreign power to hack his opponent’s email server.

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