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Why I March

Today I will be joining millions of people around the world to send a message to Donald Trump.

He claims that he will be making America great again. 245 more words


Cry Fire

her voice is metallic-insistent-succinct

Fire! Fire! Fire!

Thank God she is there

10 dollar angel

suspended above us while we sleep

…when we sleep

You know it took me years to know You did that… 71 more words

Child Advocacy

Empire of the Stage | Iconic Photos

Last week, when covering the news of Lord Snowdon’s death, we briefly mentioned the work he did for Vanity Fair, covering British theatre, in November 1995. 13 more words


January 21 in History

When Marie Smith Jones died on this date in 2008, the living history of a people and a language died, too. She was 89 and she was the last of the Eyak people, an indigenous group that lived along the Copper River in south-central Alaska. 387 more words


I like this one better: the inauguration of John F. Kennedy. [video]

Fifty-six years ago today, on January 20, 1961, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was inaugurated President of the United States. In the above video you can hear him take the oath of office, and hear, full and unabridged, the inaugural address he gave on that bitterly cold morning, sounding a call for the hope and promise of America that still echoes today–yes, even  56 more words


After Inauguration: A Poem for Us All

The people yes
The people will live on.
The learning and blundering people will live on.
They will be tricked and sold and again sold…
474 more words

A Horror-Show, For Sure

Last night I flipped through Hunter S. Thompson’s Gonzo Papers Vol. 1, looking for some peace of mind in his coverage of Nixon in 1969. 183 more words