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Have economists rescued the Labour Party Conference?

While the media tend to focus on tittle-tattle at party conferences, looking at who may be the next leader, it is much more interesting to view these events as factories for ideas. 633 more words

Prague Pastels

When thinking of Prague, most people imagine dark, looming Gothic towers. But the Czech capital has a lighter side, represented by the gentle pastel colours of many of its historic buildings. 115 more words


The Impeachment of President Andrew Johnson

After the end of the Civil War, President Andrew Johnson became embroiled in a political fight with Congress, and retained his office by grace of a single vote. 906 more words



Hi, I’m Apple…

…and I’m Ginger.

And you’ll remember, on September 4th, we were talking about Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and how a memory had emerged from Vietnam, where he shot a Viet Cong girl of about 18, who was about to blow him and his Green Berets unit up with a grenade. 732 more words


this day in crime history: september 25, 1959

On this date in 1959, Anthony “Little Augie Pisano” Carfano got rubbed out. Carfano, a Capo in the Genevose (formerly Luciano) crime family, had made the mistake of getting on the bad side of boss Vito Genevose. 105 more words

True Crime

Why? said Cain!

 A short story to explore what might have led to the first murderer as recorded in Genesis 4 – and its consequences.

Family Life

“Mum, that smells good, what is it, is it ready?”  Abel called out as he ran after Cain who was chasing a dog, who was enjoying the attention of the two young lads.  5,068 more words