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My new novel #SampleSunday #Historical

Phew, it’s been a long journey but my new novel about Alfred the Great will shortly be available on Amazon Kindle. I’ve posted two extracts on the blog already. 770 more words




As Americans fret about the Obamacare website and wonder how the country became enslaved to the highest healthcare costs in the world, we turn back the pages to look at how the modern medical paradigm came together in the early 20th century, courtesy of the Rockefeller Foundation and their cronies. 25 more words


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If more people knew and understood the truth about our system, we would not be stuck with obamacare now. We MIGHT actually still have a decent health care system! I wish more people would pay attention to what goes on in the world around them, maybe we could make things better instead of worse.

Chicken Fried Steak

Below is an article about the American dish known as Chicken Fried Steak:


For years, I had avoided consuming a dish known as Chicken Fried Steak. 528 more words


The Devils Arithmetic- Book And Movie Review

When your a teenager, family dinners are forced upon us, whether we like it or not.

In Jane Yolen’s 2000 novel, The Devil’s Arithmetic, Hannah Stern is a modern teenager who has grown up with her family’s stories of the Holocaust. 109 more words


A most important consideration concerning the temple in Jerusalem

Some believe the temple was located at the Dome of the Rock. Others believe it was located else where. Considering the Dome of the Rock, the altar may have stood upon the showcased rock, or the Holy of Holies may have stood upon this rock. 305 more words


Chasing the tale...

Meet Me in Atlantis: My Obsessive Quest to Find the Sunken City by Mark Adams is a curious tale, filled with an energetic mix of academics and amateur scholars, and spiced up with a few theoreticians from the wackier reaches of the internet and Atlantisology. 401 more words