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Applause from the wrong side

Fine art enthusiast I am not. But I know enough to recognise that unknown Chagalls and Matisses being discovered is a bit of a story. Throw in a cultural-ethical-dilemma, an eccentric hermit-aristocrat and that most titillating keyword ‘Nazi’ and you’ve got enough ingredients for a de Bernieres-esque summer bestseller in 2014. 272 more words


A Year Offline

We’ve all wondered what 21st century life would be like without the internet. A year ago, this guy actually put the idea to the test. But it was more than some quirky experiment; in the article and documentary released shortly after Paul Miller’s “return” earlier this month, he describes himself as having had no other choice. 444 more words


The Five Worst Bits of Food

This has been on my mind for a while, and I needed somewhere to vent. I also just liked the idea of my Deep Meaningful Life-Changing Easter Sunday Post being sandwiched between two completely trivial lists… 574 more words

Writing & Storytelling

Celtic, Dostoyevsky and Nostalgia for the Infinite

A miracle happened in Glasgow on Wednesday night. At least, that’s how Celtic’s progress in the Champion’s League was described by one witness, a certain red-haired Ulsterman. 283 more words


It's rude to talk about that...

People that seem to know about the internet talk about “echo chambers”, getting stuck in a certain stream of sites and blogs which propose the same opininons, and link back and forth between one another to strengthen their argument. 237 more words


To celebrate the Diamond Jubilee Weekend I would like to commemorate the way that Catholics were institutionally persecuted by monarchial rule in this country. Haha, … 124 more words


Cheating, I know, but this is Guardini on “the young person”, the stage of life that should normally happen between the ages of, roughly, 15 and 28. 199 more words