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J.R. Writer – History In The Making – Album (2006)

History In The Making is the debut album by J.R. Writer, released on July 11, 2006 through… 124 more words

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‘You can say Yes but at some point you have to say No’. Heartbreaking

Mikael Ribbenvik (MR)

Valkommen till Sverige – Migration & Asylum in Europe’s Most Welcoming Country – A seminar at Nordic Horizons

I can do no better than start with Chris Smith’s eulogy on the Seminar… 749 more words


Trump as Machiavelli's Prince

From an article by Martin Kettle in Friday’s Guardian:

‘He is an anti-liberal president for post-liberal times. He embodies extreme hostility to social liberalism – in the form, to take a few examples, of his contempt for ethnic minorities, his hatred for Muslims, his indifference to due process, his dismissal of rights, his willingness to use torture, his mocking of the disabled, his dismissal of political correctness, and above all, perhaps, his attitude to women. 497 more words


The Impossible Choice: 2016

I don’t know about you, but this election has got me all sorts of fucked up. The world itself is pretty fucked, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, but damn. 604 more words

US Journalism and the DAPL

Recently I was looking for ways to help stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.

(And I found them, please click here, here, or here… 413 more words

Angry Rant

National Museum of African American History and Culture Grand Opening

In “you should have been here” news, the opening of the Nation Museum of African American History and Culture was a pheee-damb-nomenal weekend in Washington DC. 794 more words


Casting Off - Susan Watkins - editor - New Left Review

More a history leading up to Brexit

But a couple of snippets from the end of the article:

‘The May government is faced with a vast project of legal disentanglement, with ramifying contractual implications, grinding against the inertial interests of Whitehall and entailing huge headaches and years of thankless work to produce an outcome probably not so very different to today’s. 243 more words

History In The Making