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History in the making - Conjoined twins set for university in Tanzania

A pair of conjoined sisters are settling into campus life at a Tanzanian university, a first in a country where disabled people are often marginalised or abandoned at birth. 320 more words

5 Powerful Tools to Overcome Pain

When pain is eminent and we cant’ get away from it.

What do we do? What tools do we used to recharge?

These are tools for OVER COMERS. 250 more words

5 Big Lessons to Win in LIFE

Small wins matters.

A great life is built not revolution but on evolution.

Small and steady wins the race.

What you do everyday is simply a life in miniature.

373 more words

All Eyes on Us

Why is that? Today, while half of the southern states are trying to prepare and evacuating as well as watching the largest record hurricane in history destroy the Caribbean, the world is watching us and waiting to see how we react just as they do with every other event or situation that happens in our nation. 460 more words

One Story at a Time

Remember the  story, of an old Man in his dead bed.

Trying so hard to understand the fleeting moment of death and it entire reason of His existence. 84 more words

History In The Making

On Family Trees

The other half of the Story.

Bonifacio- Gregoria, the ultimate lover, produces nine siblings in the personas of Romeo, Juliet, Danilo, Jocelyn, Edgar, Corazon, Geoffrey, Kerwin and Michelle. 100 more words

Quotes from 1983

It is not what happen to me that matters but how I react to what happens to me.


Together we can do great things. 24 more words

History In The Making