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The Memorial to 9/11 Victims You've Never Heard of

Officially it is To the Struggle Against World Terrorism, (In Russian, Для борьбы против международного терроризма) but is is usually known as The Teardrop Memorial… 185 more words

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Jan 21, 2008: Anonymous Declares War on Scientology

January 21st in 2008 was the first time most people became aware of Anonymous, though probably not the last.

We are Anonymous.

We are Legion.

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Skin graft

Jacques-Louis Reverdin, a Swiss surgeon, was the first to successfully perform a skin graft–now referred to as a pinch graft–on a human being, in 1869.


History Facts: History Lesson from Soviet Union Fall

History Facts:

History Lesson from Soviet Union Fall

Glazov: 3 Lessons on the 25th Anniversary of the Soviet Union’s Fall

Jamie Glazov

If all these pieces fall into place, President Trump will succeed, as Reagan did, in setting the stage for yet another glorious chapter – a chapter that sees an Evil Empire stagger to its knees and then, when finally shamed and crippled, cast where it belongs: on the ash heap of history.

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December 21, 1864: Sherman Captures Savannah, GA

1864 was an election year. The Democrats were running George McClellan, one-time commander of the Union Army, on a platform stating the Civil War was unwinnable, and the North should sue for terms with the South. 569 more words

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Operation Ivy: King Shot

Operation Ivy was one of the many projects run by the US military during the Cold War to test atomic and thermonuclear weapons.

The Mike Shot was on October 31, 1952… 250 more words

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Ivy Mike - The First Thermonuclear Bomb

At 19:15 Zulu time, on October 31, 1952, (That’s 3:15 or so in the afternoon, Eastern Daylight Time) the United States detonated the “Mike shot” of Operation Ivy. 406 more words

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