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ISIS Destroys Monuments it Doesn't Like. Same Thing Happening to Confederate Monuments

Interesting how some humans just rejoice in smashing things. Another Triangle Confederate monument vandalized | abc11.com.

The howling that went on – for a few minutes anyway – when ISIS was destroying monuments seems to be missing when Confederate monuments are vandalized. 273 more words

History Lesson

The claw

Archimedes apparently was at some point employed by the state of Syracuse to create defense mechanisms to be used in the case of hostile invasions. One such machine was the ‘Iron hand’ or ‘The Claw’ (I would make a Toy Story reference but I would be betraying my age). 63 more words


Awesome Historical Tattoos

So, I’m tatted. I love my tattoos a lot. I have a shoulder tattoo with religious significance attached to it. That one was my ‘I’m 18 and I can do whatever I want!’ tattoo, and I still adore it as much today as I did when I nervously sat down in the soft comfy chair and let a Buddhist named Jeff scroll it across my body. 279 more words

Personal Stories

History Lessons – The U.S. was not founded on Christianity.

It’s occurred to me that quit a few people in this country are in need of a history lesson. This will be the first in a series of lessons over many different topics. 1,196 more words

If I treated anyone else the way I treat myself, I'd be in jail.

I just love Jameson. I have a few sips, and my brain feels like it has more room to roam, like my skull isn’t some sort of prison. 3,759 more words

History Lessons

A Walk Through History: Noah & Cave Art


 This year I am going to let my love of history come through in a big way. As much as I love to read and study history my kids don’t. 460 more words


Finally, Cambodia

So, Cambodia, y’all.

As I mentioned just briefly a while back, our March trip to Cambodia broke my heart.

Going from Singapore to Cambodia… 902 more words