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Operation Ivy: King Shot

Operation Ivy was one of the many projects run by the US military during the Cold War to test atomic and thermonuclear weapons.

The Mike Shot was on October 31, 1952… 250 more words

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Ivy Mike - The First Thermonuclear Bomb

At 19:15 Zulu time, on October 31, 1952, (That’s 3:15 or so in the afternoon, Eastern Daylight Time) the United States detonated the “Mike shot” of Operation Ivy. 406 more words

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Grace Hopper Conference for Women in Computing.

I was going to post about this earlier in the year, but the conference sold out in less than one day. Much less. So I missed my chance. 348 more words

Technology Is Wonderful

"It's beyond human imagination" he said.

1st of September, 2016 …

and we’ve been in Asia for already more than a week.

My travel in Vietnam so far, was more about going home, retreating myself from the stressful life I was leading in Switzerland. 2,936 more words