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Selling Tricks - Where Is Branded Marketing Taking Us ?

Brand journalism, or content marketing has become a powerful tool for marketers on the internet by enticing audiences into reading content that appears to be news but in fact are endorsements of a product or special interest group. 394 more words

Long, very long deck: Hubspot's The Evolution of Advertising: How Consumers Won the War for Their Attention

You’re more likely to survive a plane crash than click a banner ad. Crazy, right? Consumers have learned to tune out advertising, but believe it or not, there was a time when products weren’t branded, … 138 more words

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JWT: My first 2 days

I got lost. Twice, in the first two days of work. The first time was on my way to work, the second at the office. 448 more words


The Secret History Of Emotional Advertising

I’ve been reading the most recent book by emotional advertising theorist Robert Heath, Seducing The Subconscious. Heath is a giant figure for anyone who believes great advertising seduces, not persuades – his work on “low attention processing” kicked over a lot of tables back in the 00s, and this book is a fascinating dig into the science of emotional advertising. 402 more words