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The Self-less in Face Transplants and Buddhism

What do face transplantation, sex change (‘reassignment’) and mind uploading technology have in common with Buddhism?

The answer is the topic of this post, but first, and as a hint, let me get this out of my chest: 1,662 more words


Buddha and the Trees - the Trees and Buddha

Transformation in the Image of Buddha

During the shooting of the film “Mystic Blade” Guido Kessler heard from the trees are transformed into the image of Buddha and from Forest of Peace. 25 more words


Buddhism: Vehicles 101

This is not the post I wanted, but it seems to be the post I need to write. Basically I want to set out some of the background and context for talking about Buddhism, because a lot of people actually don’t know that much about it, or what they do know is limited to one specific form of Buddhism. 1,588 more words


Excursions around Forest of Peace | The Prasat Phanom Wan

With Forest of Peace as your starting point, you can plan some wonderful weekends to the countryside. Or even just a day trip, since many places are within an hour and a half’s distance from Forest of Peace using public transportation. 345 more words


Thinking, Violence, and Wars: The Buddha's Mind Power

Do you want to learn to control your mind, and avoid wars in the process? Check this out. It will teach you how to become less attached to things and to people who seem to have more control over your mind than you yourself. 1,612 more words


Our Ecosystem and Tech Giants Philanthropy

As I was reading the Washington Post’s article about how the Asian and Pacific coconut oil industry has callously skinned alive Borneo’s ecosystem to reap financial profits, the Buddha’s teaching about the interdependence of everything in this existence, better known as Dependent Origination, kept flashing in my mind. 768 more words