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Scholar Gong Pengcheng (龚鹏程) on new research on the history of Chan-Buddhism




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Buddhism and Christianity A Close Look

Buddhism and Christianity have inherent and fundamental differences at the deepest levels, beginning with monotheism’s place at the core of Christianity and Buddhism’s orientation towards non-theism and its rejection of the notion of a creator deity which runs counter to teachings about God in Christianity. 311 more words


A Brief History of Buddhism

Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha Shakyamuni, lived and taught about 2,600 years ago in the southern foothills of the Himalayas. His philosophical discoveries and teachings have resounded down through the centuries, traveling from teacher to student across continents and oceans to reach us today. 410 more words


Archeological Find Could Date Buddha's Life Centuries Earlier

“The traces were scientifically tested and confirm dating to the sixth century, predating all known Buddhist sites by 300 years, archaeologists said Monday.” http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2013/12/1/oldest-buddha-shrineexcavatedputsbuddhasbirthcenturiesearlier.html

Ancient Treasures from a Silk Road Oasis

The first time I heard about Dunhuang in China’s Gobi desert, I was attending a seminar conducted by Dr. Vincent Yip. Dr. Yip is an accomplished photojournalist who taught a Silk Road course at Stanford in addition to his courses about… 240 more words


To Do and Not To Do: Bodhisattva Virtue In Action

Continuing comments on Acariya Dhammapala’s “A Treatise on the Paramis” (5)

“Virtue,” Acariya Dhammapala tells us, “is twofold as avoidance (varitta) and performance ( 875 more words

History Of Buddhism

Bodhidharma | The Isha Blog

Bodhidharma | The Isha Blog.

Click the link to read the about the history of the connection between Yoga/Meditation in India and how it spread to the rest of Asia.   51 more words