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The New Buddhism: Evolutionist


It’s time to give Buddhism a face-lift, the energy and newness squandered away throughout thousands of years of monkish ambivalency between denying and calling itself a religion, their own… 527 more words


The Prophetic Buddha: Heirs in the Dharma

Not of Material Things
Sariputta Tells is As it Is
Grow up, Homo sapiens!

Has anyone of you tried to organize something, a club, a sorority, a community association, a religious cult, a political party,a non-for-profit..? 888 more words


Buddhism's End of the Road Ahead?

Today, it’s do or die (again) for Buddhism.

Understand that BOTH the Chinese socialist capitalist state and the Western moneyed-class are co-opting Buddhism for their own goals, and that… 247 more words


Buddhism Needs a Face-lift

As I continue reading about American Buddhism in the mainstream media and other sites in the internet, I’ve come to understand why the original Buddhism… 856 more words