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We need new stories of the 21st-century university.

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…the book carries us, in a manner, into company; and unites the two greatest and purest pleasures of human life, study and society. …

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Make no apology - let's teach!

Over the past few hundred years this country has lost its love for teachers. Those of us who have managed to stay in the classroom, and not left like the 40% who leave soon into their careers, do love our job; the problem is that the nation has not felt the same about teachers and teaching for many decades. 1,979 more words

Review of Noliwe Rooks, Cutting School

Nearly every day, it seems, brings a new headline about failing public schools and the reform du jour that will turn them around. Typically, these involve some degree of privatization (e.g., vouchers, scholarship tax credits, etc.) or pseudo-privatization (e.g., charter schools, outsourcing essential functions of the public system to private corporations, etc.). 630 more words


Back in Time for School - BBC 2 (second episode)

Much of this second episode, covering the inter-war period, felt like “the BBC does Girls’ Own” :-) .  Country dancing, the importance of modern foreign languages, compulsory naps, the evils of heedlessness and disobedience, the open air school movement, kids being told that they had to “talk posh”  … yes, this all sounded very familiar to fans of 1920s/30s-era school stories.  2,038 more words


Leeds’ Hidden Visionary: Louis Compton Miall and Magic Lanterns

To most current students in Leeds, the name Louis Compton Miall would mean very little. A few might recognise the name from the LC Miall Building, home of the Faculty of Biological Sciences. 745 more words


Memories of high school English with Mrs. Gerhardt (1964-65)

One day my sophomore English class convened to find, on each desk, a blank piece of paper. Our teacher wore a serious expression. “Today is lottery day”, she announced. 690 more words