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Impact of World War 1 on Fashion

Women’s fashion of 1914- 1920 were heavily influenced by World War 1as well as the women’s suffrage movement.  At the beginning of the year 1914 is when changes in the way women dressed started. 638 more words

History Of Fashion

Wartime Uniform for Women: America and Britain

The war had a major impact overall since it lasted for almost half a decade from 1941 to 1945. It had a great effect on the fashion in the era. 705 more words

History Of Fashion

Unmasking Fancy Dress

This article was first published with The Costume Society.

There are typically three reactions when I tell people that I am writing a book about fancy dress costume: 1. 817 more words

History Of Fashion

Coco Chanel: Rise, Fall and Revival

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 “May my legend prosper and thrive, wish it a long and a happy life!” Coco Chanel.

To live a life of choices and worth, of definition and audacity, of love and afflatus is being Chanel.  498 more words

History Of Fashion

Fashion empowerment during the World War II

World War II  is a intriguing era in fashion, society, and politics. The fashion of the era was truly representative of the events happening in the world in a most noticeable way. 425 more words

Wartime Fashion: ROSIE THE RIVETER - Assignemnt 5 (Week 8)

She starred in the famous World War II propaganda campaign and eventually became one of the most famous icons in American history. But who exactly was Rosie the riveter and what’s the real story behind her well known image? 712 more words

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History of Fashion Assignment 6

She’s risqué but never explicit. She’s flirtatious but fiercely independent. She’s erotic but always safe for work, a welcome sight for your teenage cousin and prudish mother alike. 428 more words

History Of Fashion