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The Top 7 Outstanding Fashion Duos of Past and Present

Two by two, they enter the Noah’s arc of the fashion industry hoping for shelter against the elements, pairs of every kind. But choosing the top seven proved quite a feat for us at FashionUnited. 10 more words

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The Stylish Seventies

Just like the sixties, the seventies was a diverse decade for hairstyles.

New styles were being created throughout the decade. There was a lot of experimentation and hair was sometimes a direct expression of the times. 437 more words

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Ladies of the Nineties

Because of a many iconic looks from different celebs of the 90s, knotted blouses, slip dresses, crop tops and flat-forms have been a part of almost every girls wardrobe. 474 more words

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The 80’s – Fashion of the Wasted.

During a time of overabundance, style mirrored the zeitgeist perfectly. The 1980s remaining a design post-quake tremor and guardians were left tidying up stuck-on restroom hairspray for a considerable length of time. 481 more words

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A Traditional (Trump) Christmas? 

FLOTUS’ White House Christmas make-over has been much criticised. Photographs have certainly made it seem more frightful than festive. (Critics may have a point: I mean, who uplights a Christmas tree?) My vexation is not caused by the glitter, fake snow and willow arcade (relatively speaking), but by a Nativity scene snapped recently by a friend. 309 more words

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2000's Overview

2000s design is frequently described as a worldwide mashup, where trends saw the combination of past vintage styles, worldwide and ethnic clothing, and additionally the styles of various music-based subcultures. 456 more words


90's Overview

For most of the decade, 1990s fashion in Europe, Oceania, Asia, and America was characterized by an arrival to minimalist fashion, differentiated to the more intricate and flashy patterns of the 1980s. 626 more words