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Spotlight: Kimono

This week’s kimono is likely a houmongi which is a less formal kimono than a furisode or tomesode. Its distinctive traits being the short sleeves and flashy design which can also be seen on the sleeve and not just below the obi. 57 more words



” Egyptomania …………..was the renewed interest during the nineteenth century as a result of Napoleon’s  Egyptian Campaign (1798–1801) and, in particular, as a result of the extensive scientific study of Ancient Egyptian remains & culture inspired by this campaign.”  ( 481 more words

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Lilac Hanfu

I stumbled across this image of lilac and grey hanfu (traditional Chinese dress) and it took my breath away, there was no commentary with the post, but the again maybe there doesn’t need to be. Absolutely stunning.

Image credit: fuckyeahchinesefashion


Dressing Across Generations: Why We See Fashion Differently, Part 3

Happy Monday!

You’re back!! Whoohoo! I’m glad you’re enjoying this little walk down fashion memory lane. Remember, if you want to know where all of this started go back and read my post… 346 more words



Alberto Vargas, 1940s, Esquire magazine, USA

GARDEN DRESSING is a new pet project I am working on with Italian garden historian and architect Filippo Pizzoni. In 2014, after asking me to give a talk on “plants and flowers in Italian fashion of the 20th century” at the yearly conference he organizes for prestigious Orticola in Milan, my love for the subject has literally bloomed. 356 more words


Interview: Past Perfect


Last year, I was interviewed by Christopher Mielke of CEU Medieval Radio about my research into medieval material culture. The programme, which aired last week, can be listened to below. 52 more words

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Guest Post: Why Shoes?

Kimberly Alexander is an Adjunct Professor in the History Department at UNH, Durham, where she teaches courses in museum studies and material culture. She earned her Ph.D. 1,197 more words

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