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Bridal Wear

Bridal wear is typically during the spring and several different designers present their bridal lines. Bridal wear is a separate category for fashion weeks so it is not always as popular as couture or ready-to-wear. 228 more words

History Of Fashion

Men's Wear Part 2

In the last post, I talked about the beginning of a new horizon of clothing styles which incorporated more self-expression and rebellion within the sixties. At this point, young men were dressing as freely as they pleased and it was going away from the elegant look. 233 more words

History Of Fashion

Men's Wear Part 1

Men’s Wear began with men actually wearing high heels, panty hose, and feathers back in the sixteenth century. Men did not use high heels as a sense of fashion but because it actually helped Persian horsemen stand on the stirrups in order to shoot an enemy. 266 more words

History Of Fashion

College Fashion

College is a place where teenagers finally feel like they can truly express themselves for who they are without being judged by their peers. A lot of teenagers hide or conceal who they really are before college, afraid of what their young peers, friends, and family would not accept. 225 more words

History Of Fashion

Haute Couture of Paris

The Leadership of Paris in women’s fashions accelerated during the nineteenth century, with the rise of what became known as the “Haute couture”. It was not merely that the arts of fine sewing, cutting, and the myriad other techniques necessary for the production of fine garments flourished in Paris. 158 more words

French Fashion

Social Media having an Impact on Fashion

It is believed that designers have gotten ideas from social media platforms. Some believe that getting ideas from social media would be an issue because it would die down very easily. 147 more words

History Of Fashion

Retail Stealing Runway Looks

Every wonder where retail stores get their ideas for all of their mass produced clothing? It has never crossed my mind that it was actually a legal issue of stealing the ideas from designers but it has in fact been taken to court numerous times. 164 more words

History Of Fashion