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Print: To Mark (a surface, typically a fabric or garment) with a coloured design or pattern. A definition by google that doesn’t do it justice. 375 more words

The Lost Art of the Dress Review

When my mom received her diploma from Southwest Texas State University[1] she was surprised to learn it awarded her a degree in Home Economics. She studied early childhood development, and was miffed to learn that technically her degree was “Home Ec.” She didn’t feel the title connoted the academic rigor of her program; she hadn’t been learning to sew aprons or make the perfect apple pie, she had studied science and psychology, history and education. 225 more words

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Pearls Part II

Continuing it off the first post about pearls, I’ll be diving further into the depths of the pearl history. It’s such an intensive topic that it really took three parts to do the tiny gem justice. 527 more words

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During the Middle Ages, precisely between 14th and 15 centuries, styles of fashion trended mostly around European pattern. As trade between country and country began to grow, followed by educational exposures, the textile industry began to play an integral social-cultural role.  577 more words


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Ever met a woman with a style so cold and a heart pure as gold? And her fashion sense just something that will never be sold?

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Would the Real Queen Elizabeth Please Stand Up

Queen Elizabeth I (r.1558-1603) carefully controlled her image and the depictions of it. Many of the portraits that immortalise England’s Good Queen Bess, from Nicholas Hilliard’s ‘Pelican Portrait’ of… 998 more words

History Of Fashion

Pot Metal

I have often been asked how you can tell when jewelry is silver. After going through the steps to determine if it is or isn’t (which I will cover in a future post; it’s a lot easier to determine than you think) the next question is, what is it? 388 more words

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