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New York City History in 1787

The city received a sudden, strong, healthful, forward impetus in the spring of 1787, through large accessions of its population. Every dwelling-house was occupied. Rents went up, doubling in some instances, fresh paint and new shutters and wings transformed old tenements, and carpenters and masons found ready employment in erecting new structures. 436 more words

New York City

The History of The British Invasion of Long Island NY

This is historical reference material from the public domain Ebook “The Battle of Long Island” by The Long Island Historical Society. If you enjoy the material below you are more than welcome to download the complete PDF Ebook for free by going to the bottom of this post. 365 more words

New York City

The History of Bleecker St. in New York City

This is historical reference material from the public domain book “Lights and Shadows of New York Life” by James McCabe. This post focuses specifically on information about the history of Bleecker street in New York City. 1,490 more words

New York City


In 1967, Alfred F. Young transformed his Northwestern doctoral dissertation into a dense saga of New York’s Revolutionary power players and their roiling class wars, entitled  855 more words

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Sara Georgini has an article about Alfred F. Young's classic The Democratic Republicans of New York: The Origins, 1763-1797 at the Junto. Georgini explains that "state politics deserve serious investigation when reinterpreting the story of national government and party formation." Young' s book fundamentally altered the narrative surrounding political formation in colonial America.


The more I read, the happier I am to live when I do.

The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire of 1911, the worst workplace disaster in New York City until 2001, occurred against a social and political backdrop almost unrecognizable by us. 578 more words

Finding an Old Growth Forest in Manhattan

The best thing about moving to a new neighborhood is exploring. A few weeks ago, I dove into the depths of Inwood Hill Park, a 200-acre park at the northwestern tip of Manhattan, about ten blocks north of my apartment. 682 more words


The Winds of Change, New York City 1945

New York City. Sometimes referred to as the Wonder City or the City of Tomorrow.

Every year millions of migrating birds fly over New York City, using it as a stop over while on their way north or south depending on the season. 1,516 more words