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Sarah Ruden's New Translation of Augustine's Confessions

I’ve greatly enjoyed classicist Sarah Ruden’s work, ever since reading her Paul Among the People (2010), which situates St. Paul in the classical world and corrects the image of him as a repressed killjoy. 267 more words

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Thus Speaks Zarathustra: The Influence of Zoroastrianism on the Modern World

In the history of religion, few names are so unknown, yet so immensely important, as the prophet Zoroaster (known as Zarathustra in Persian). In the once formidable ancient empire of Persia, the teachings of this ancient prophet laid the foundations for a religious community that would influence much of the modern world, and live on in a small, thriving community, today known as Parsis, or Zoroastrians. 646 more words


Sex and the (Medieval) City: Social Hygiene and Sex in the Medieval Urban Landscape

A few weeks ago I gave a talk for the London Science Museum Lates on medieval sexuality and the ways in which cities responded to what were considered the competing needs for sex and a harmonious Christian landscape. 15 more words

The Vampire, excommunicated soul of the 18th century

When speaking of the eighteenth century, people first think about the Enlightenment or the “Age of Reason” – to some extent, it can be difficult to imagine that at the same period where thinkers and writers like Voltaire fought against ignorance and superstition, a contradictory phenomenon rose simultaneously in Europe: the vampire scare. 1,006 more words


Childbirth; spiritual vs natural?

By Lucy Pyner

It is common place for us, in the twenty-first century, to associate the process of conception and childbirth with nature, regardless of any technological advances that may have to aid nature in certain situations. 1,008 more words


Littlejohn, "The Peril and Promise of Christian Liberty"

If you want to understand the classical liberal approach to church and state, you will find yourself returning repeatedly to John Locke. And, in Locke, you’ll come across references to the Anglican thinker Richard Hooker. 193 more words

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Kaufman, "Augustine's Leaders"

Lord, make me political, but not just yet: A new study, Augustine’s Leaders, by Peter Iver Kaufman (University of Richmond), argues that Saint Augustine was ultimately skeptical that Christianity had much to offer practical politics, especially contemporary liberal politics. 145 more words

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