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Reclaiming Science as a Liberal Art

What do you think of when someone talks about the liberal arts? Many of you probably think of subjects like English and literature, history, classics, and philosophy. 833 more words

Thinking About Science

What Does a Historian of Science Actually Do?

If you follow me on twitter (@FossilHistory) you may have seen I’ve been doing some writing outside of my blog. Today I wanted to share a piece I recently wrote for   728 more words

History Of Science

Letter correspondence between Galileo-Kepler (1597)

I’ve found this great correspondence between Galileo Galilei and Johannes Kepler, two astounding figures in the history of science that pushed forward the scientific revolution in a time when the dead hand of the Church was all too prevalent. 456 more words

What are the Origins of Astronomy?

Astronomy is often thought of as a field that has developed from ancient Greek scholars, but its stretches even further back most likely before recorded history.  47 more words


A Historical Question

  1. I take it as a premise that one can extract nontrivial evidence for or against a belief from history. In other words, if some theoretical framework has produced undesirable results or has failed spectacularly every time it has been tried in the past, this provides at the least a strong reason to reexamine the framework.
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Then and now; Darwin, Agassiz, global warming, and lakes that vanish overnight

Glen Roy is a valley in the Western Scottish Highlands, just south of the Great Glen (home to Loch Ness), and draining through Glen Spean to Loch Linnhe, an inlet of the Atlantic. 1,105 more words


The Knowledge Web, by James Burke: A Review

The Knowledge Web is a dizzying tour through the history of science and technology, yet thanks to its origins in the pre-“Information Age” culture of research and presentation, it generally succeeds as well as its predecessors, … 1,395 more words

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