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Fall books preview: health & medicine, part two

We’re excited about the books we’ll be publishing this fall—and pleased to share this series of “Fall Books Preview” blog posts! Be sure to check out the online edition of… 963 more words

Health And Medicine

Red Eye Take Warning - Our Strange, Cyclical Awareness of Pee in Pools

The news has been abuzz lately with a terrifying revelation: if you get red eye at the the pool, it’s not from the chlorine, it’s from urine. 1,108 more words

Thinking About Science

The First to Name a New Hominin Species: Remembering William King

Neanderthals are arguably the most well known hominin species (other than our own) that have ever existed. Thanks to their European inhabitance and widespread burial practices, paleoanthropologists have tons of Neanderthal individuals to study and make sense of. 881 more words

History Of Science

HSTM Membership - Biographies Wanted!

Interested in becoming a member of the History of Science, Technology, & Medicine Network of Ireland?

We do not have any formal forms to fill out or fees to pay to become a member but we would like individuals interested to email their brief biographies. 82 more words

History Of Medicine

Marcus Vitruvius's Science

Science, as an enterprise that acquires knowledge (true justified beliefs) in the form of testable predictions by systematic iterations of observation and math-based theory started around the 17th century, somewhere between Copernicus and Newton. 1,524 more words


The Victorian Search for Gorillas, Evolution, and Humanness

In 1857, less than two years before the publication of On the Origin of Species, Richard Owen delivered a lecture about gorillas. As Europe’s preeminent zoologist / public intellectual—a Carl Sagan of the Victorian era—Owen’s opinion carried a lot of weight. 2,565 more words


Reincarnation Research and Myths of Scientific Practice

Between you and me, I’m so not into the idea that karma will eventually get me and drag my poor soul back into a new body after I die. 2,585 more words

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