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Mystery of Tycho Brahe's death (un)solved

I´ve decided to recycle another of my older blog posts. I hope you will find story of Tycho Brahe and his death as interesting as I did. 1,156 more words


“The most cherished goal in physics, as in bad romance novels, is unification. To bring together two things previously understood as different and recognize them as aspects of a single entity – when we can do it – is the biggest thrill in science.”

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One More Time: MMR Vaccine and Autism

“The wall which divides the knowledgeable  from the uninformed has been constructed by those on the outside and the building blocks of this wall are opinions! 890 more words

Cultural Literacy

Reflections on physics and Christian faith

The following is a guest post by Dr. Kelly Cline, who is both a friend and colleague of Dr. Salviander. Originally from Homer, Alaska, Dr. Cline studied physics at Eastern Oregon University, before earning his Ph.D. 5,231 more words



It is almost time for Twilight at the Museums, where the consortium of Cambridge museums stays open to the witching hour of, um, half past eight. 270 more words

First Woman President, Edith Wilson 1919


Edith Wison, First Lady and ~High Blood Pressure and Stroke Incapacitates President Woodrow Wilson

This post is the third of a series building to my… 1,904 more words

Cultural Literacy

Darwin Day lecture in Portland

I hope to be able to attend this OMSI Science Pub lecture on February 16th:

Why Was Darwin on the HMS Beagle? The History of Evolution as World History…

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C.R. Darwin