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"(Auto)mobility, Accidents, and Danger"

“(Auto)mobility, Accidents, and Danger,” Technology and Culture

            The format of this issue is different in that it starts out with the presentation of a simplistic framework proposed by Peter Norton, and the articles that follow employ that framework and the questions it urges, showing how it does and does not fit into much more nuanced and localized studies of traffic safety. 811 more words

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"Shifting Gears"

“Shifting Gears,” Technology and Culture

         Unsophisticated logic and a lack of in-depth thinking about technological advancement leads to the belief — held by many, I’ve learned in my brief tenure as Dr. 844 more words

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Recent Read: David Arnold's Everyday Technology

What is the glue that binds together the histories of bicycles, typewriters, and sewing machines? For David Arnold, these are some of the many “everyday technologies” that contributed to the making of India’s modernity. 198 more words

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Digitised media: an ascent to efficiency or descent to disconnect?

Self-declared as the “world’s catalogue of ideas”, Pinterest (or pin-interest as my Mum likes to refer to it) is the Internet’s go-to for inspiration: whether that be for today’s outfit, tonight’s dinner, or next year’s dream getaway. 415 more words

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Landmarks in the History of Science (Sample Chapter)



The scope of this book is a short journey through the last 2400 years of consciously recorded scientific practice. From the aspect of this considerably long period of time (from Ancient Greek, to Chinese and Islamic Science until the Age of the Discoveries and Modern Science and Technology), the greatest advancements in the world-history of science may be found not only in the theoretical field, such as with heliocentrism, atomism, relativity, but, more important, in the methodological transition to the experimental, mathematical, constructivist, instrumental practice of science. 1,169 more words

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What is the source of innovation?

Innovation sometimes comes from unexpected places and other times from known planned processes, which take place in famous research labs and universities.

However, it is interesting that some of the innovations that completely changed the course of history, like the telephone and the steam engine, have so far been brought forth by relatively unknown outlying persons who thought of new ways to solve existing problems.