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Why the Luddites Matter

Chant no more your old rhymes about bold Robin Hood,

His feats I but little admire

I will sing the achievements of General Ludd

Now the Hero of Nottinghamshire…

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Book review: The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution

For those interested in the history of electronics and computing, The Innovators is the book for you. Isaacson starts with Ada Lovelace and then divides the chapters chronologically by technology: The Computer, Programming, The Transistor, The Microchip, Video Games, The Internet, The Personal Computer, Software, Online, The Web. 553 more words



By: Charles R. (Bob) Hitz       Blog # 42 Final                  Dec. 28, 2017

By December 2017 the John N. Cobb was finally getting the loving care that she deserved after she was decommissioned in 2008.   745 more words

Pacific Fishing History Project

Christmas Trilogy 2017 Part 2: Charles takes a trip to Turin

Charles Babbage wrote a sort of autobiography, Passages From The Life of a Philosopher.

One of its meandering chapters is devoted to his ideas about and work on his… 814 more words

History Of Computing

History of Technology: The Modern Age

The Modern Age is the time between the year 1500 and 1750. During this time in Europe, the set of scattered technical advances of other civilizations was collected, favoring the use of a series of key inventions that facilitated mechanization. 590 more words


5 Stages of Technology Adoption

Colleges over the world are dealing with a growth spurt of kinds, which is both painful and inevitable. I’m chatting, about technology integration. Possibly your class is making use of a COW (computer system on Wheels) cart when a week or possibly every pupil in your school is all of a sudden holding an iPad and directors are tossing around the dreaded expression “going paperless.” No matter what amount of technology integration and… 953 more words

Ancient Technology

History of the little things

This is going to be one of those blog posts where I indulge in thinking out loud. I will ramble and meander over and through some aspects of something that has been occupying my thoughts for quite sometime without necessarily reaching any very definite conclusions. 1,174 more words

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