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How knowing something can lead you astray

We have had an interesting time over the past three years, learning how an assumption we made allowed us to ignore some evidence that we really should not have ignored. 654 more words

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The Shock of the Old by David Edgerton

An excellent antidote to the normal narratives of invention and progress.

But Edgerton isn’t a Luddite, or a cynic that doesn’t believe in progress. Instead, he sets out to fill in the stories that normally get glossed over in normal histories: the importance of horsepower to the modern armies of World War II, the communities in West Africa that have grown up specifically to maintain the cars and trucks they inherit from the developed world using local materials, the resurgence in whaling in the 1920s and 1930s driven by demand for whale oil to be used in margarine. 86 more words

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BSHS Master's Bursaries Available

The BSHS is very pleased to announce a competition for up to 4 bursaries of £4,000 each to support students taking a master’s degree in the history of science, technology or medicine. 376 more words

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Walking Tour: The Irish ideas and inventions that changed the world

Ingenious Ireland walking tours start up again this Saturday 2nd May and run until the end of August. They are a lighthearted way to enjoy and learn about Ireland’s history of science, technology and medicine. 94 more words

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Spinning wool or plant fibres into yarn or thread has been one of the main human activities throughout history, alongside gathering edible plants, fishing, hunting, caring for children, and various types of agriculture. 816 more words


Call for Papers: History of Science Technology & Medicine Network Ireland Inaugural Conference

History of Science, Technology, and Medicine Network Ireland Inaugural Conference

Maynooth University

13-14 November 2015

Supported by the Irish Research Council New Foundations scheme

Organised by: HSTM Network Ireland… 422 more words

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The University At War, 1914-1925 Britain, France, and the United States.

We are delighted to announce the publication of HSTM Network committee member Dr. Tómas Irish’s book The University At War, 1914-1925 Britain, France, and the United States. 171 more words

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