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Tip of the Week: Sourcing Overlay Strategy

First things first. If you haven’t hung out at Russell Tarr’s Toolbox, you need to head over there when we’re finished here. Russell has been creating and sharing cool stuff for social studies teachers forever and it’s all incredibly handy stuff. 488 more words


Fellowship of the Brick - Using Minecraft to recreate history

The more I talk with elementary and middle school social studies teachers, the more I realize that a ton of their kids are playing Minecraft… 609 more words


Don't be that guy. You know . . . that guy. The Trivia Crack guy.

I used to be that guy. The Trivia Crack guy. It was all I knew.

Lecture. Have kids outline the lecture. Grade the notes, hoping for just about any sort of organizational structure. 1,104 more words


Tip of the Week: Consensus Debate

“What thoughtful, intelligent people do with their brains is to mull over inconsistency. When two ideas are in conflict and you have to struggle to make sense of that conflict, that is when thinking starts.” 899 more words


Educational Talk Radio, podcasts, and personal primary sources

Over the last few months, I’ve tried to be more intentional about listening to and creating more podcasts. I’ve always loved the concept of podcasts – accessing content, anywhere, anytime. 218 more words


Teaching with Movies: 20 tools for integration

Four times a year, I get the opportunity to work with 25-30 classroom teachers as part of an ongoing professional learning community. We chat about all sorts of things. 496 more words


Tip of the Week: David Rumsey Historical Maps and Georeferencer

In my perfect world as a map nerd, I would have grown up living my life as if I were David Rumsey. Make a ton of money and spend that money finding and archiving historical maps. 356 more words

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