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Alone pits man against man in survivalist showdown

There are 200 wolves, 7,000 black bears and nearly 1,000 cougars living on Vancouver Island. Ideal place to hang out with just a backpack of supplies, right? 496 more words


War vets trek north in March to the Pole doc on History TV

David Quick had a lot on his mind as he neared the Magnetic North Pole. If he learned one thing from his time leading India Company in the Royal Canadian Regiment’s 2nd Battalion in Zheray district in Kandahar Province, though, it was to remain focused on the task at hand. 797 more words


TV Thursday: Vikings’ Ragnar Lothbrok is back, wielding a mean axe

Stórr! That’s Old Norse for terrific, the Vikings of olde not having a word for awesome. The Canadian-Irish history epic Vikings has been picked up for a third season, as it reaches the midpoint of its second season. 280 more words


For whom do you work?

Have you ever sensed that you were really busy at church?  It doesn’t happen just to pastors and ministry leaders; being afflicted with busyness can happen to most any committed follower of Jesus. 452 more words

Encouragement From The Word

Terra Sacra (Sacred Earth) Time Lapses

Must See: Time-lapse Video Shot Over 6 Years Across 24 Countries

Jaymi Heimbuch
Living / Travel

It has taken six years of traveling to all seven continents to pull together the footage featured in this amazing short film by Sean White, an award-winning photographer and film-maker with credits with the likes of National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, History Television, PBS, Sports Illustrated, and more. 175 more words


Battle Castle is a real-life Westeros, without the dragons

Two men stand atop the highest tower of a castle perched on a hill. One remarks that the tower’s location provides excellent fields of fire: 320 degrees, or thereabouts, from which defenders could rain down arrows on their attackers. 434 more words