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MM 3-20 The Back Road to Dayton from Virginia City

Leanne Cole’s theme this week for her Monochrome Madness Challenge is Road. I have decided that my entry this week should be a monochrome version of a photo I took way back in late October of 2007 during a week-end visit to Virginia City, Nevada. 569 more words


The Kuku Yalanji and the Mossman Gorge - Apollinaire

We decided to visit a place called Mossman Gorge Centre to learn about the indigenous people of Australia. The indigenous owners of the land at the Daintree rainforest were the Kuku Yalanji people.  1,382 more words


Damn Rebel Bitches by Urban Reivers

Notes: Pink Peppercorn, Blood Orange, Malt, Clary Sage nad Hazelnut

The week before last, I went up Edinburgh to stay with my fab friend Davina during the Fringe Festival. 474 more words

Perfume Reviews

Wednesday's Book Review: "American-Made"

American-Made: The Enduring Legacy of the WPA, When FDR Put the Nation to Work. By Nick Taylor. New York: Bantam, 2008.

Nick Taylor has written an elegant general history of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), the legendary federal agency from the New Deal created in the 1930s. 623 more words


(Take Moor Care) Dartmoor

Its that time again where the Murt family pack their bags and head out of Padstow for the annual summer holiday to Dartmoor. 41 more words

Areas Of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Aboriginal Australians - Apollinaire

When I arrived in Australia, I was very surprised as I thought there would be lots of people with dark skin because in that part of the world it is very hot and dark skin protects you from the sun, but all the people that I met had light skin and I wanted to find out why. 608 more words


“Haal Kahta” : Actors Re-visited

Some months ago a Blog was posted on Haal Khata – a festival related to the Bengali New Year celebrated in Kolkata. How the event was celebrated decades ago, by the various shop-keepers of our locality,  was the theme of the article.How about having a re-look about those shops, and the shop-keepers after so many years ! 360 more words