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Survivors - The Remaining Pre-War ODEON Cinemas.

Amongst the wealth of ground-breaking architecture that saw construction across these isles during the 1930s, the cinema must surely be considered to have had the greatest impact. 697 more words


Marilyn Monroe NSFW Hard to Find Photos 1950's

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Arnold Palmer, his daughter, and a trophy full of cash - 1957

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Dylan, the Sixties.

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Working Outside

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Did You Happen to See the Most Interesting Man in the World? (He's In Room 328)

Thomas Lannon is the Acting Charles J. Liebman Curator of Manuscripts at the New York Public Library, which is the fancy way of saying he oversees boxes of secrets: the personal documents of people both famous and everyday. 276 more words


Well, Well, Well.

Fans of the Blackadder TV series will be familiar with the Bishop of Bath & Wells as a ruddy-faced sadistic pervert who eats babies!  Whilst there appears to be no historical precedent for this in the roster of clergymen who have filled the role, they do seem to have been an unsettled bunch for the county of Somerset has seen its bishop moving between Wells, Glastonbury and Bath over the centuries, and though Bath is the most prominent of these three, it has no cathedral, since plans to refurbish the abbey were interrupted by Henry VIII.   289 more words