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The La Rose Family History

Abrina La Rose

¨La Rose¨.  According to the Dictionary of American Family Names, the surname ¨La Rose¨ was a French topographic name for someone who lived at a place where wild roses grew; or a habitational name from a town house bearing the sign of a rose. 746 more words


Family History

Nya King

I do not have the greatest relationship with my family, but I care about where I come
from. This project enabled me to unveil the history behind my family and where they come from. 461 more words


My Family History

Zachary Feliciano

My family history starts with me. I currently live in Brooklyn, New York with my mother, grandmother, aunt and two cousins. This is my immediate family, however, the history really begins with my mother and grandmother. 847 more words


Allaysha’s Family Tree

Allaysha Faith Deas

My name is Al-Laysha Faith Deas, I am 16 years old. I am a Virgo birthday September 7th. I live in a household of what was previously 5 people now 4. 376 more words



Kiara Cunningham

I started with my mother’s family line for two main reasons. One my grandma didn’t want me to do my dad’s side because it made her uncomfortable which essentially made me more curious but I didn’t have a lot of information. 894 more words


My Family From Honduras

Marvin Cordova

When it comes to discussing my family, it’s important to note where and when they came to the United States. For starters, both of my parents came from Honduras at different times and with different people. 498 more words


Vietnam Veterans Day

Today is Vietnam Veterans Day in Australia. Over sixty-thousand Australians served in Vietnam between 1962 and 1972. Here is the Federation Guard marching in Canberra during the… 52 more words