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South Tucson: A Cultural Identity under Attack

Written by Thomas Wilson

The feeling of being safe within one’s own home is something many of take for granted on a daily basis.  Not only do we take safety within our homes for granted, but also driving through town, shopping and simply living daily life.  375 more words

Quick bite: 100 years of family dinners

Thanks to a post on The Kitchn, I came across a short video showing how family dinners have changed over the last century. Watch the video here, at Delish… 45 more words

A couple of quick reviews

Evening all,

After a busy eight days I was absolutely exhausted and my depression was acting up, so today I have done nothing. I’m feeling much better this evening so I thought I’d write a couple of reviews. 786 more words


How Christian Exclusivism Responds to the Charge of Plagiarism

Sorry that I haven’t had a post in a while, I’ve been doing research for a paper on theodicy (problem of evil) as well as outlining and preparing a new curriculum for a possible study at my church. 490 more words