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Erlin Ibreck in London, England, 1966.

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The Epitaph of Claudius

Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus
Son of Drusus, grandson of the divine Augustus
Embodiment of Jupiter and Imperator of Rome
1 August 10 BC – 13 October 54 AD… 149 more words


Hebrew Israelite Links to Massive Slavery in Africa and Fulani since 1800 BC

There is no doubt that Hebrew Israelite is totally a different group from the relatively newer Jews. It is very important to draw clear distinctions between three different groups who are commonly regarded as one group. 492 more words



the name given to me
is in the tongue of a motherland
that I’ve left behind
so long ago

it calls for me
in the dead of the night… 128 more words


What Happens in the Archive, Stays in the Archive

We all write from a position, including historians. There have been major moves to consider and acknowledge the position of historians with regards to class, gender, race, and sexuality, and this is more than welcome—it is absolutely vital. 1,374 more words


Hugh Hefner in Miami fishing (1970)

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