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It's Not About "White Guilt"

A Conservative friend of mine asked me why, since Progressives say that they would like a color blind society, so many of my posts focus on race. 842 more words

Progressive Politics

Second Week of June, 1935 Excerpt

Friday, June 14th, 1935
Jaime sent me a beautiful corsage of beautiful yellow roses.  I had a bad time at prom.  Only had numbers with Jaime, Joey Kucab, and Max Stadnicki. 

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Prehistoric Bread

So far we’ve baked flat breads using the Neolithic (late stone age) and Iron Age heritage flours. The Bronze Age wheat had a failed harvest last year, so that flour won’t be available until the Autumn – we’ll revisit the prehistoric bread then. 273 more words

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WW2: The Resource War - IV: Strategic Bombing - Extra History  A...

WW2: The Resource War – IV: Strategic Bombing – Extra History 

A series of missed airstrikes resulting in the death of civilians sparked the no-holds-barred Battle of Britain.

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They say that necessity is the mother of invention.
Laziness, on the other hand, is the mother of progress.

The Mesopotamian civilization was starting to really flourish at around 3000 BCE – which wasn’t surprising, considering that they’d had around 7,000 years to flourish before that point. 2,772 more words


Living with Depression

We all struggle with our demons at some point in our life. Living with a mental illness like depression you struggle to fight with them demons everyday. 539 more words