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Homes With Books

We were down in London yesterday. It was a beautiful weekend here. I grabbed this picture, at the edge of London’s Trent Park, near sunset: 1,182 more words


"There is only one perfect view — the view of the sky straight over our heads, and that all these views on earth are but bungled copies of it"*...

Spending time looking at the varying and beautiful images of our planet from above in Google Earth, zooming in and out at dizzying rates, I thought it would be interesting to compare all of these vistas at a fixed scale—to see what New York City, Venice, or the Grand Canyon would look like from the same virtual height.

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Close to the Charles Bridge is the Old Town Square – the focal point of the city.

Old vintage Hollywood era cars were popular as tourist transport, though I suspect most were only a couple of years old if that. 448 more words

Lucinda E Clarke

The Bandit War

(Continued from last week)

Governor Ferguson responded to the Mexican/Tejano uprising by hiring a man named Henry Ransom [1] to serve as a Texas Ranger captain in South Texas.  2,885 more words


Deep Lake cigars

My mom, when she was 11 lived in Sun Lakes with her parents who owned the store / gas station. One day, when the old man wasn’t looking my Mom and her friend snatchd a couple of his half smoked cigar butts out of the ashtray and made a grand escape on their peddle bikes down the road to Deep Lake. 163 more words


Suing Scientists?

In this day and age when much of society cherry picks scientific findings only so much to support particular opinions, some scientists feel vulnerable and concerned about their own liability. 661 more words


Trump's Showdown documentary - full

Let us NEVER forget what DumbAss Doofus actually did – and THEN brags about it to the RUSSIANS in the FUCKIN’ OVAL  OFFICE — WHAT THE FUCK!! 45 more words