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A Year to Remember 1994. Relive it through the news stories of the day. https://ift.tt/2W7lBIg


Blog mile markers

I don’t have much substance to today’s post. It is just really a review of things that have taken place in the last couple weeks with my blogs, and a chance to stop and smell the roses. 319 more words


Aren't There Supposed to be Three Musketeers?

The Musketeer

A not-as-popular re-telling of the Three Musketeers story; it focuses primarily on D’Artagnan’s story, even more so than traditional versions. The iconic three musketeers are barely side characters in this tale. 1,688 more words


Looking back from 85 - the speed of change

How have times changed in the span of almost two centuries, from the birth of my paternal grandfather in 1824 (d.1899) to that of my father in 1889 (d.1976), and to myself from 1934 to the present day? 2,553 more words


The Golf: The Car that Built Modern VW

Originally Published December 3, 2018

VW’s most famous car, obviously, is the Beetle. But the VW that produced that car was very different from the one we know today. 1,531 more words


The Dim-Witted Federal Regulation That Made Cars Ugly for 40 Years

Originally Published December 2, 2018

Look at the 2 Mercedes SLs above. You see that they have different headlights. The one on the right is a Euro-spec model that uses attractive composite headlights with replaceable bulbs. 632 more words


The Crucifiction of German Women: The Testimony of Captain Hermann Sommer


A number of troop companies reported to the fortress commander (at Königsberg) the discovery of several mounds of corpses situated quite close to one another. 1,020 more words