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Eat. Sleep. Diss. Repeat.

If my first year party-animal self could have seen into the future and witnessed my final semester of student life, I think she would have been horrified. 602 more words

Study Abroad

Rushing to the gold fields in 1849

The word spread remarkably fast after gold was discovered in California near Sutter’s Mill in 1848. When the news finally made it back to the East Coast of the U.S., the nation’s first real gold rush was on, and miners by the thousands began heading west. 1,151 more words

Kendall County

The Mother of Hubble As a woman in her generation, astronomer...

The Mother of Hubble

As a woman in her generation, astronomer Nancy Roman could not get tenure at a research institution, so instead she was invited to work on Hubble’s design and development for more than 25 years.

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Baltimore and Urban Rebellions

Video of cops throwing bricks and tear gas at high school students, beating photographers, and shooting bystanders with rubber bullets, pepper balls: all this in Baltimore right now. 750 more words


TS: 3, 4, 8

Puppets – are a fun way to get the children physically involved in the lesson, providing the opportunity for active learning through role play. Using puppets encourage children to empathise with a person/character and imagine life as in the shoes of someone from another era, place or culture. 77 more words