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With over-cast skies, this is Historic Huff’s Church

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Burgos excavation...

I often wonder if so many Americans are interested in archaeology because we live in such a young country by historical standards.   Yes,  our continent’s history is much older than our nation,  but large civilizations in North America  were rare. 24 more words

The Day The Men Sat Together For A Photograph.

The camera had just been invented! Society was all What?!. This meant they could leave a lasting impression without having to stand super still for 8 hours just to have to blame their fugly looks on the painter with the pretentious barrette. 1,247 more words

Davy Crockett

Common Misconceptions About South Korea

Recently I’ve been thinking about how people in their own countries have misconceptions about the ways and lifestyle of those in countries they actually know little about. 420 more words

Al-Yusayr Ibn Rizam - Another Warmonger

Al-Yusayr ibn Rizam was another warmonger who met his fate in the end.


It is reported about Yusayr b. Rizam, the Jew, that he was gathering Ghatafan in Khaybar to attack the Messenger of God…

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PHILOSOPHY - Montaigne Montaigne is a brilliant philosopher in...

PHILOSOPHY – Montaigne

Montaigne is a brilliant philosopher in part because he accepted how little philosophers understand. Here is a man wise in so far as he knew how rare wisdom really is.

By: The School of Life.