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The Arthur Holt Library History : Part 3

Extract from prime minister Robert Menzies’s announcement of war speech, 1939

Photo: National Library of Australia,  ‘Unidentified Australian Army soldiers marching with full kits : scenes of Army life in Australia during World War II’. 1,271 more words


PBS, Facebook, & Harry Stilson

Here’s a sequel to my Richmond In Sight Facebook entry about being passed from person to person. Recently, Dan Bailey, my friend in Washington state, posted on Facebook about a PBS show & said I was mentioned in the credits. 1,143 more words

Museum Frenzy

I’m not exactly sure what inspired my recent interest in museums, but I must have visited five or six of them within a week’s time recently. 546 more words

How We Got Here The Misuse of American Military Power and The Middle East in Chaos, By Danny Sjursen

A devastating critique of the repeated failures of US foreign and military policy in the Middle East, from Army Major Danny Sjursen at tomdispatch.com:

The United States has already lost — its war for the Middle East, that is. 279 more words



Lifting its heart to the sky, the sea sighs. Light
collides with darkness. Gondoliers are serenading
tourists: O Sole Mio. Through a tiny window of… 381 more words



“I didn’t like Bali!” Now before you judge me, I was pregnant in Bali, and I spent a great deal of time throwing up, unable to eat and unable to stand the heat or do many activities. 472 more words