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Why Don’t I Write About the Chinese During the California Gold Rush?

The novel I’m currently writing alludes to race relations between whites and Native Americans, Hispanics, and African Americans during the California Gold Rush years. However, I do not touch on the Chinese influx into California. 895 more words


Il Duce Trump to the Rescue

Ever since the G.O.P. essentially became the Fox-Republican-TEA Party, its membership and voters have become almost exclusively reactionary, right-wing extremists.  Its goal is to turn back the clock to the good old days when the plutocracy – those with great wealth – ruled the country ostensibly for the white majority of citizens. 1,253 more words


Finally, a shattered political ceiling

I am a conservative. (You notice I didn’t say I’m a Trump fan.) I don’t like big government. Period.

I don’t like big government.

Period. 311 more words


Playing As a Stealth Aircraft

Now, there’s something about playing as an F-117 or B-2 in Command that is the exact opposite of pop culture stealth. The feeling isn’t a crazed “Ha! 96 more words


Tudor Recipes: Wafers

Wafers: A seemingly humble foodstuff, and the only dish which we can say with certainty was served at Prince Edward’s christening. I’ve had a hankering for these royally favoured biscuits since I started this section of the blog, so I’ve finally decided to dig out a recipe for Tudor wafers. 227 more words


Early American quilts: amazing color and patterns!

My eyes opened wide with amazement last weekend, when my docent friend provided another special tour at the San Diego Museum of Art. This time we had a good look at a surprising exhibition of early American quilts from the… 421 more words