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Dee's Story Part 2

Read this if you missed part 1.

And now on to part 2:

Dee started making changes to his diet a little at a time.  One of the things he tried was eating a healthier breakfast.  448 more words

Dee's Cereal

Dee's Story Part 1

“You’ve got 6 months”

Those are the words Dee Jardine’s doctor was forced to use during Dee’s 1998 check-up.

At  the age of 66 Dee was about 80 lbs overweight (and had been for some time), he had high cholesterol, and was losing feeling in his hands and feet.   250 more words

Dee's Cereal


As I sit in my therapist’s (yes, i see one) office, I fall back into my own personal hell again and again time after time. Old issues that may never have a resolution are hashed through. 1,229 more words


History of Chinese Zodiac

  This set of Pottery Zodiac Figurines which belonged to the Tang Dynasty, was excavated in 1955 from a tomb in the suburbs of Xian in Shanxi. 122 more words


Interesting Stories..

The Rat and the Cat

A long, long time ago, the Cat and the Rat were the best of friends. They accompanied each other everywhere they went and they shared their food. 691 more words


The story of the 12 Zodicial animals.

In China, people came up with a simple and amusing way to count the years. They use 12 kinds of animals : rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, dog and pig all represent years and make up the Chinese zodiac. 551 more words