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Conclusive review and Epilogue of Gloriana

Conclusive review

What did I achieve in the making of Gloriana?

  • The lowest points I had ever faced in my life during the making of Gloriana, has made me a more stronger, creative and confident person.
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The Gloriana DVDs

Figure 1: Gloriana DVD front view

Why I had made them?

I wanted to create DVDs not only that it will promote Gloriana in another professional, and something to learn too, but because there are some people I intend to show to and/or who have collaborated on the project who might not have access to YouTube. 452 more words


Ideas after Gloriana for the Future

First thing that would be important to do is to get reviews of it done and to see what the general public think of it. 70 more words


Gloriana is finally created!

Here is the Youtube link to Gloriana (the full version)

DVDs will be shown soon in a later post.


Small Changes to History (story) and Dialogue of Gloriana to announce

Through Speaking with Gary Payne, he did his own research prior to speaking with me of the results of his improvements of my initial narration and dialogue for ‘Cousin under the Axe’ (Track 3). 282 more words

Audio Progression

Case Study of existing films: Elizabeth (1998) and Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007)

Through initial research, I came to learn of an ‘sequel’ film ┬áto the film Elizabeth (1998), which is about Elizabeth’s later years as Queen:

And the first film Elizabeth (1998): 1,144 more words