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1/22/18 - Heidi Wants Me To Babysit for Her and Chris

I find her to be so funny. Heidi tells me the kids want to spend more time with me over the presidential holiday. I know the truth is that Heidi wants to go out of town with Chris. 186 more words


Borderline, Histrionic and Narcissistic personality disorders

Let me describe the first group of personality disorders in more details, each one presented in two contexts, subconscious and conscious:

  • Subconscious perspective: seen from the Integration brain structure level.
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Personality Disorders

When childhood went awry - personality disorders

I will not go through formal descriptions of Personality Disorders, presenting raw criteria is not a goal of this blog. Just an ultra short summary in case you are not familiar with this topic: one has a Personality Disorder if all this applies: a) he feels and behave differently than most other people, b) he or other people suffer because of it and c) it never leaves him. 465 more words

Personality Disorders

12/30/17 - Fears

I keep having this recurring nightmare. Heidi is on an anorexia kick, and I know she will get totally hammered on NYE. I keep having this nightmare that she will pick up the kids on January 1st and still be drunk. 190 more words


12/27/17 - It Must Be A Sick Day

My son threw up all over the place yesterday. I know he felt bad. Kids on the spectrum are not always able to process emotions completely. 215 more words


12/5/17 - Dark

I keep thinking I screwed up my life, and my children’s life by marrying Heidi. She lies, cheats, steals, and destroys everything she touches. She isn’t any different then Joy. 207 more words


11/14/17 - Walk Through On The Condo

Strange to walk through the condo and realize that it’s still not completely vacant. There is still a lot of things on the walls, and the kitchen and garage are not cleared. 219 more words