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Histrionic Personality Disorder Symptoms

Histrionic personality disorder is characterized by a long-standing pattern of attention seeking behavior and extreme emotionality. Someone with histrionic personality disorder wants to be the center of attention in any group of people, and feel uncomfortable when they are not. 949 more words


Denial vs Self Awareness

I was diagnosed with Histrionic personality disorder in December of 2015 and didn’t understand how the symptoms correlated with me.(commom amongst personality disorders)
Here’s a forum post from a while ago in which I ponder on which is worse. 442 more words

I wasn’t expecting to find something that completely defined me, especially not online, on a page I’d never visited or heard of.

A friend told me the story of a text they received from a number they didn’t recognise, saying “Stay warm hahahaha”. 213 more words




overly dramatic


melodramatic, overplayed, theatrical, thespian, temper tantrum, tirade



very loud and emotional behavior that is intended to get sympathy and attention- used to show disapproval.



Entropy is the degree of disorder or randomness in any system. The second law of thermodynamics says that entropy increases with time. It reflects the instability of a system over a period of time if there is nothing to stabilize it.

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Personality Disorder Notes

Prevalance 10-20% of population… 50% of all patients with axis I also have axis II, personality disorders are all ego syntonic…

Paranoid personality;

Histrionic Personality Disorder

It is a Cluster-B personality disorder characterised by an individual’s excessive superficial emotionality and a powerful need for attention. Women are more likely to suffer from HPD than men. 303 more words