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The unexpected guest (and I learned some things)

Note: names were changed to protect each identity and language barrier were noticeable.

It was one dull night, my family and I were having dinner when all of a sudden my dog outside was raging, barking ravenously that she choked. 735 more words


Module 4: Histrionic Personality Disorder

Histrionic personality disorder (HPD) is a mental health disorder where people act very dramatic and emotional to draw attention to themselves. It usually begins in the early 20’s or late teens and affects women more often than men. 328 more words


Drama Queen

I am an award-winning drama queen.  OK, so I haven’t won an Oscar, Emmy, or Tony.  I’m not sure what the name of the award was that I did win.   735 more words


Bennerly Viaduct - Dig Dig Duck!

Many of our follows will have guessed we not only have a lust for travel but also a love for our rich transport history as well and no project has got us so excited like the restoration and reopening as a cycle route of Erewash valleys most iconic landmark… 734 more words


Das Boot

MIL fell a few months ago and apparently injured her foot. We had been ignoring her complaints of foot pain because she is always complaining about something, but after a few weeks we agreed to take her to the doctor about it. 858 more words

A typical 30 minute chunk of my day....

Here I am watching the kiddo in the back room.  MIL is in her permanent spot in the front room.  I am repeatedly telling kiddo, “Let’s not climb on that…”  Meanwhile, MIL is saying, “I can’t get my Kindle to work.”  I ignore her, because I am WORKING and I don’t give a fuck about her Kindle.   141 more words