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Personality Disorder Notes

Prevalance 10-20% of population… 50% of all patients with axis I also have axis II, personality disorders are all ego syntonic…

Paranoid personality;

Histrionic Personality Disorder

It is a Cluster-B personality disorder characterised by an individual’s excessive superficial emotionality and a powerful need for attention. Women are more likely to suffer from HPD than men. 303 more words



Acute Pain.

Do I want to go there?  No, but I’m going anyway.  Call me sadomasochist.  How can I heal if I refuse to look at the pain?  700 more words


Tough Day - August 14, 2016

Another day without the kids and a lot of heat. Hard to play with the puppy in 90+ degree weather. Had coffee with Patrick this morning. 299 more words


Honest & Authentic - August 2, 2016

Tuesday morning and I’m still tired. What should I expect with all of the caffeine in my system. That shit is toxic. Need to slowly pull off of it and give my adrenals a break. 555 more words


Beach Baptism - July 31, 2016

Today was the day for my beach baptism. As great as it was to get it done, it was a little lonely. My parents didn’t come because I was already baptized when I was 5. 413 more words