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I wasn’t expecting to find something that completely defined me, especially not online, on a page I’d never visited or heard of.

A friend told me the story of a text they received from a number they didn’t recognise, saying “Stay warm hahahaha”. 213 more words

1/17/17 - Making 2017 An Adventure

Work seems to be getting the message that I am not comfortable with how I’m being treated. I’ve been talked to a couple of times, and have drinks on Thursday with the UTC Tax Partner that screwed me over on a potential client. 218 more words


1/16/17 - Burning Bridges

Funny to see that Heidi is new referring to me as Sawyer’s dad. Obviously, her subconscious is trying to put distance between us and her sin. 366 more words


1/15/17 - More Shit Stolen

I lost it a little bit this morning. Sent Heidi several texts about not giving me my stuff. As usual, no response. I’m sure she won’t because it’s her desire to get a response from me. 196 more words


1/14/17 - Today Sucked

This day sucked. I got the Christmas decorations put away, but getting the boxes from Heidi sucked. She wasn’t there. Her brother was waiting for me. 340 more words


1/10/17 - The Change I Need

Today has been different. I brought in a new client, but will need to see the engagement letter signed first. I’ve had a couple now blow off signing for one reason or another. 213 more words


1/9/17 - Try Not To Panic

Strange day today. It’s raining cats and dogs outside as the heavens try and refill the California mountains. We definitely need the rain.

Work has been strange lately. 289 more words