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Build Community, Not Walls

The recent election of the racist cheeto has many folks in the kink community reeling. We are hurt and horrified by the hate harbored in by so many Americans. 717 more words


My First Times

Since America is voting today and will either get the first female president or its first/last dictator supreme, I figured I would post about firsts. First times, first realizations, first loves. 283 more words


Spartan Culture

Sparta was an ancient Greek state located in the present day region of Laconia. The population of Sparta consisted of three main groups: The Spartans, who were citizens, the Helots who were slaves and the Perioeci, who were neither slaves nor citizens. 535 more words


Is BDSM Inescapably Racist?

I love the BDSM community. I love kink. It is integral to who I am and how I see the world. I love the aesthetic, the values, and the people who live BDSM. 1,300 more words


Black History Month 2016: Events Not To Be Missed — AZ Mag

Black History Month is finally here which means that we get to celebrate black people’s magic for an entire month! We thought that it would be great to share a list of events that the A.Z Mag team are looking forward to attending.

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Could we live Underground?

Surprisingly there are already millions of people living underground due to the lack of space above ground. An example of this is in Singapore, which is one of the most crowded countries on the planet. 266 more words


Falling for Virginia

A Virginian fall is about as beautiful as it gets. As the trees begin to showcase their red, golden yellow, and burnt orange leaves, we cannot help but be left breathless in their presence. 674 more words