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The Process : From My Brain To The Paper

I spill my anger inside these words while the greatness lies within the verbs. Adversity keeps the pen moving along the margins. Visions of reality disease my brain all to often. 108 more words

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The Old Beauty Case

Writing ‘Schicksal,’ I often came to dead ends. My three children inadvertently helped. I’m sure their intentions whilst pure were never intended to be so far reaching. 448 more words


My new books: Mia and Her Time Machine

I know I’ve been absent from this blog recently, but I have a good excuse – I was working on my new books. :) I was listening to a seminar one late night and got the idea for the books. 268 more words

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Boys Don't Cry: Analyzing The MJ Cry-Face Meme

Another post in my long line of school-papers turned blog posts. At this point in my academic career I pretty much go out of my way to troll serious topics, and write about stuff that actually interests me. 1,126 more words


Orlando, June 2016

I am sick about the news from Orlando this morning.

I am sick of living in a country that allows churches and mosques and temples to preach hate and remain subsidized by the state. 323 more words


Why I Stopped Caring About Gay Pride Events

Its June, which means its Gay Pride Month (or LGBT Pride, or LGBTQAAI Month, or whatever). Most cities, large and small, have some recognition of the month with a parade or festival of some kind. 1,206 more words


When we think of slavery in the New World we immediately think of the capture and sale of African slaves who were then transported to North America. 30 more words