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A comparison of Life in the trenches of Passchendaele through archaeological evidence and newspaper articles at the time.


The Battle of Passchendaele, also known as the Third Battle of Ypres (Terrain 1977), fought between July 1917 and November 1917 (Prior and Wilson 2002), is known to be one of the most catastrophic battles in military history (Prior and Wilson 2002). 5,068 more words


2nd Photostory : The Forgotten Selayar

Being the southernmost regency and also separated from the “mainland” Sulawesi, Selayar Islands is absolutely one of the forgotten tourism destination in Sulawesi. I mean, some of us might have known about Takabonerate National Park, one of the biggest atolls in the world, but what I “labeled” forgotten is the Main Island of Selayar itself. 577 more words

TV and the first Televised Baseball Game

Today is the 77th Anniversary of the first televised baseball game (1939 -much earlier than I realized!!). This got me curious as to when TV was invented. 152 more words

Native American Tactics in War

The history between Native Americans and Settlers is a long and incredibly controversial one. However, as they say: rather learn from history than repeat it. 5,732 more words


The Process : From My Brain To The Paper

I spill my anger inside these words while the greatness lies within the verbs. Adversity keeps the pen moving along the margins. Visions of reality disease my brain all to often. 108 more words

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The Old Beauty Case

Writing ‘Schicksal,’ I often came to dead ends. My three children inadvertently helped. I’m sure their intentions whilst pure were never intended to be so far reaching. 448 more words