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Nightrunners of Bengal by John Masters Review

Plot: The novel is set at the time of the Indian Rebellion of 1857. The central character, Captain Rodney Savage, is an officer in a Bengal Native Infantry regiment, stationed in the fictional city of Bhowani. 394 more words


Landmines and Pride

Everyone fucks up. It is the result of being human beings. Pride this year has presented one million more ways for us to screw up and make people mad. 587 more words


Learning of Elaine 1919

Read history well
Know the lessons of the past
To stay critical
What has been written “as was”
May not be the true story

Author’s Note: I’ve been researching for a new project… 26 more words



Spring semester of your freshman year; the time where everything begins picking up the pace. The first semester was definitely for learning and adapting to the new world that is college, but once you have that first few months under your belt, the stress level definitely increases as you move forward. 339 more words


Review: "Judging Dev" by Diarmaid Ferriter

From the early 1990’s, De Valera’s reputation began to take such a relentless battering, it seemed that a complete downgrading of his status in Irish history had taken place. 1,573 more words

Book Review


I have finally published MAYFLOWER VOYAGE, AN HISTORICAL TREATISE for family and friends who homeschool, however; it is also available for any and all who love history, enjoy genealogical studies and just to find more details of who was aboard, learn that there were originally two ships slated to share the trip and learn what they brought, why they came (more than just one reason), and find through references other books written about this famous ship.

From Alexander to Rome: Shaping the NT World

Every work, account, and story has a context. There are certain things that transpire which set the stage for what will occur in the future. When we better understand what caused a thing, the better we can understand that thing. 1,079 more words