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Scaramucci Is “Trump's Brother from another Mother”

Insiders report that new White House Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci, will be receiving divorce papers from his wife, Deidre Ball. She told friends that she enjoys her ‘Wall Street’ lifestyle and does not want to move to Washington. 454 more words


Twist and turn

Snap of the neck

No trace of the crime

Not even a speck
A bubble of air

Injected bloodstream

Natural causes… 72 more words


Salvatore Salvatore'

A bright red Ducati 848 pulls into a parking spot near a theatre on the corner of 31 st & broadway new york city.

Riding the machine is Salvatore Salvatore’ a ruthless hit man who will kill anyone if the price is right. 915 more words



The man was of average height, of slight build, brown hair, there was absolutely nothing remarkable about him that would make anyone pay any special attention to him. 176 more words

Flash Fiction

Do think you have qualities of a hit man(assassins)

Hit men(assassins) are the people who kills people for money, they are although known as contract killers. They are not exactly serial killers though.We have seen hit men in movies and games and they look pretty cool but is being a hit man as cool and good to take as a career in real life.  409 more words


Mad Dogs

Mad Dogs/AMAZON STUDIOS/2015-2016 (Dwarfism)

The Cat (Mark Povinelli), a dwarf hitman/assassin who wears a cat head in the commission of his crimes.

Born August 9, 1971), Mark Povinelli stands 3’ 9½” and weighs 75 pounds. 196 more words

Height Impaired

Rumble Tumble

Rumble Tumble  by Joe R. Lansdale

Where has this author been hiding from me? And why? It’s rare that I accidentally encounter an established writer who is completely unknown to me yet is fantastic. 414 more words

Book Review