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Do think you have qualities of a hit man(assassins)

Hit men(assassins) are the people who kills people for money, they are although known as contract killers. They are not exactly serial killers though.We have seen hit men in movies and games and they look pretty cool but is being a hit man as cool and good to take as a career in real life.  409 more words


Mad Dogs

Mad Dogs/AMAZON STUDIOS/2015-2016 (Dwarfism)

The Cat (Mark Povinelli), a dwarf hitman/assassin who wears a cat head in the commission of his crimes.

Born August 9, 1971), Mark Povinelli stands 3’ 9½” and weighs 75 pounds. 196 more words

Height Impaired

Rumble Tumble

Rumble Tumble  by Joe R. Lansdale

Where has this author been hiding from me? And why? It’s rare that I accidentally encounter an established writer who is completely unknown to me yet is fantastic. 414 more words

Book Review

Psycho City 5



So I’m slightly closer to figuring things out. Out on my own, I’ve gone through the Ukrainian connection and don’t have to worry about fighting them unless I want to avenge Michelangelo. 3,407 more words

Psycho Gecko

Loose Ends

The woman donned in colorful scrubs behind the counter at the nurses station stiffens a bit when I approach her. She doesn’t know my face, but she recognizes the authority of my lab coat. 208 more words

Short Story

Episode 56: Check List, Hit List

Cort liked solving puzzles. He liked stacking, storing, and organizing. Finding ways to fit the crew’s equipment and supplies into the various stowage compartments in and around the habitorial section of the ship had been what got him the role of Cargo Bay Administrator. 1,756 more words

HBCU Money™ Business Book Feature – The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Featuring 15 explosive new chapters, this expanded edition of Perkins’s classic bestseller brings the story of economic hit men (EHMs) up to date and, chillingly, home to the US. 304 more words