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Dreaming of the Glamour Life

I thought I would grow up to be a secret agent.  Women with incredible bodies would want me inside of them.  I would kill bad spies often with a hail of enemy bullets coming right at me.   55 more words

Real Life

My Answers to Questions For Free Speech Absolutists

I’m going to give my answers to the (more than two) questions raised in “Now Two Questions For The Free Speech Absolutists“.

Can any book or video or anything which has been shown, beyond a reasonable doubt, to have motivated the violence it intended, be banned?

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One Sentence Book Review: "Hit Man" by Lawrence Block

Hit Man by Lawrence Block


Grand Master Mystery Writer Lawrence Block delivered a slow-to-start, wry, intensely introspective novel about murder-for-hire.


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Hit Man

No, It was not always my profession I became it because I wanted to be at it. This job had made me more alert about the surroundings how people move tells a lot about their character and physical capabilities. 1,075 more words

Back In Business

“That tracker in my shoe fucked up their operation, but that doesn’t mean they won’t come calling again,” Slocumb told Garland Battaway. “Get out of town, Harry, and don’t ever show your face around here again,” the lawyer replied. 315 more words

Review of 'Escape to Perdition' by James Silvester (published by Urbane Publications)

An exceptionally well-written political thriller, set in Prague. Escape to Perdition was a joy to read. The setting and atmosphere of Prague is beautifully realised. The characters are multi-dimensional, nuanced, and wholly believable. 232 more words


Hit Man

        Lawrence Block’s episodic novel Hit Man follows John Paul Keller during his exploits as a hit man. He lives in New York but fantasizes about having a life at every job he is given all across the United States. 487 more words

Criminal Protagonist