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Seeking persmisison to give my brain synapses a rest....... Or Margaritaville..... Or 42?

Yes.. I have hit a wall.   My goal is to write something profound every month that will improve my writing.  So far, I have pictures and two introductions with lofty ideas.  751 more words

Doctoral Program

Formula: Estimated Molar Volume of Air


T (K): air temperature

R (J/(mol * K)): universal gas constant = 8.31447215

p (kPa): air pressure

Molar Volume of Air = T * R / p… 62 more words


Resistance Is!

Resistance happens.

Whether you want to take this change journey or not, if it is a big change, you will find yourself resisting.

Whether it was your idea or not, if it is a big change, you will find yourself resisting. 616 more words

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Resistance really is futile. You instinctively know the answer to all of your own questions but if you think that the pain of facilitating change is "too much" to bear or "not worth the risk", your thinking is faulty. Stop thinking and ACT. Resisting change will only prolong the inevitable.

Quote of the day and other things

LieLie while eating a giant, Florida avocado with a spoon “isn’t it amazing that I’m sitting here with a perfect avocado in the dead of winter?! 188 more words

First tentative steps back..........

No doctors appointment this morning, as a typical man, I put it off until another day as I don’t feel too bad today.

CBT counsellor rang up to arrange an appointment for Friday – this I need to do to get back on the horse again as I’ve got a sore bottom from falling off so many bloody times! 102 more words

Mental Health


The best way I can describe how I have felt my running has been lately is stagnant.  With the stress of moving from my hometown, losing my daily running partner, starting a new job, and getting used to a new city with hills and humidity, my running has truly taken a backseat. 563 more words


New Video Outline

New Video Outline


I was a 375 pound 70 year old disabled person with a pacemaker in a wheelchair. I lost 150 pounds, got out of the wheel chair, and I am no longer a diabetic. 499 more words