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Hitting the wall.

There was a movie I saw last year, which’s story line I don’t even remember that kind of stood with me for months because of this one expression :”Hitting the wall “. 211 more words


Hitting the International "Wall"

I’m gonna get serious for a minute because it’s time to talk about how I’ve been struggling lately. I hit a wall recently, and I had to sort through the whys and hows and decide what to do about it. 748 more words

Daily Life

Seeking persmisison to give my brain synapses a rest....... Or Margaritaville..... Or 42?

Yes.. I have hit a wall.   My goal is to write something profound every month that will improve my writing.  So far, I have pictures and two introductions with lofty ideas.  751 more words

Doctoral Program

Formula: Estimated Molar Volume of Air


T (K): air temperature

R (J/(mol * K)): universal gas constant = 8.31447215

p (kPa): air pressure

Molar Volume of Air = T * R / p… 62 more words


Quote of the day and other things

LieLie while eating a giant, Florida avocado with a spoon “isn’t it amazing that I’m sitting here with a perfect avocado in the dead of winter?! 188 more words

First tentative steps back..........

No doctors appointment this morning, as a typical man, I put it off until another day as I don’t feel too bad today.

CBT counsellor rang up to arrange an appointment for Friday – this I need to do to get back on the horse again as I’ve got a sore bottom from falling off so many bloody times! 102 more words

Mental Health


The best way I can describe how I have felt my running has been lately is stagnant.  With the stress of moving from my hometown, losing my daily running partner, starting a new job, and getting used to a new city with hills and humidity, my running has truly taken a backseat. 563 more words