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Hitch-hike adventures

I hitchhiked in Scotland before. And there it was pretty easy. I’d just never done it in the Netherlands. Or did I ever do such a long distance (230km). 508 more words


Hitch-hiking hobbledehoys, ice cream and James Hunt

HERE’S a thing you don’t see at the roadside any more – hitch-hikers. There was a time when you saw people hitching everywhere you went. Now you barely see them at all. 579 more words

Hitching in Argentina. Getting About the Local Way!

Truth be told, I’ve never hitch-hiked in my life. Until now in South America (sorry mum!). Like most children from a young age, my sisters and I were drilled with the ‘never get into cars with strangers’ spiel. 1,020 more words

Forty Years

The following poem was texted to me by my friend Paul Roberts, someone who knows my story, and celebrated God’s faithfulness on my spiritual birthday, January 15th. 575 more words

Travelling is only for rich people!?

Most of people who never travelled or didn’t travel a lot are thinking that travelling is only for rich people and it’s very expensive. Well, thousands of students and volunteers prove it’s not! 491 more words

Travelling Around The World

Bumbugur, Mongolia

Bumbugur was a rundown one-horse town with no trees but plenty of dust and goats and a well patronised pool table on the roadside in the centre of town. 157 more words

Hitch Hiking

Bayankhonhor to Bumbugur - repairs

Eight hours later we arrived in Bumbugur after only two flat tyres. Mongolian roads test even the toughest vehicles with their potholes and rocks that leave huge holes as if gnawed by giant rats. 153 more words

Hitch Hiking