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Around Malaysia First

a small rice cooker, vacuum flask, rice, Chinese tea, sauce, vinegar, oil, salt

glove, sock, long pant, long sleeve blouse, big and small towel,  underwear, short pant, dress, T shirt… 10 more words

Hitch Hiking

Hitch Hiking



Hitch A Ride

“Hello, we are traveling from Europe by hitchhiking only. We don’t use any paid transport (no buses or taxis). Would you please take us with you for a part of the way you’re going, even though we cannot pay you? 102 more words

Hitch Hiking

Coming Home From Alaska

The tugboat and barge would go along the Yukon River and then come back to Nenana to stock up for the next trip. If you were going to quit you had to do so while in port. 1,104 more words

Travel Stories

As She Hit The Mountains

One definition of genius is when a person decides to make a move that completely defies the logic of conventional wisdom, but yes, it turns out to work well. 397 more words


Vanity and Coronavirus

Here is something I never thought I would be saying  — thank you Ruth and Eamonn on the daytime television programme This Morning.  I can now see through my fringe.  800 more words

"all thumbs"

Written for:  The Twiglets #164 – “all thumbs”

On one hand
she was all thumbs,
on the other
all pinkies.
Hard to find gloves.

When it came to to clearing the table, 57 more words

Purple's Home



God once stopped while I was hitch-hiking,
barrelling south down the Ghost Road
through that endless stretch where
Yorkshire almost starts to resemble Texas. 174 more words