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Notes On Hitch Hikers

I want to talk about hitch hikers. I would certainly advise against picking one up, especially after some of the terrible stories I’ve heard about. I would also advise against BEING a hitch hiker yourself. 60 more words


In the dark, the taxis, buses and vans continue to speed by, already full with passengers or unwilling to pick up the stranger standing in a strange place, invisible until the headlights fall upon him, revealing not just another tree but a hand-waving individual. 244 more words



Hitchhiking is highly overrated. With the odd exception, somewhere, when a legendary madman drove through a dark desert with a pair of danger-lusting Swedish backpackers in tow, the twin endings that the hitchhiking conjures for many people don’t really happen. 253 more words


Travel: youth vs age

I’m in the middle of reading Klaus Mann’s (son of Thomas Mann) autobiography; in his early twenties he travelled quite widely, fairly randomly, with an open mind and a free spirit. 693 more words

Travel Writing

The Americans: Avenue of the Heroes

In 1979 I hitch-hiked for seven weeks around the United States.

What did I learn about the US of 1979, and what does that tell us about America today?   1,299 more words


The Americans: leaving New York

In 1979 I hitch-hiked for seven weeks around the United States.  What became of the carefree, relaxed young 21 year-old of these pages?  Can I reconnect with those qualities, forty years later? 1,948 more words


Travelling With a Vagina - The Grim Truth (and Why You Shouldn't Let It Stop You)

We’ve been reading loads of travel blogs lately, and one of our favourites is the lovely Danie at likeridingabicycle – she’s hilarious, ballsy and shares our love for bright hair colours, hitchiking and random adventures (so, you know…this isn’t a slight on her at all, merely a counter-opinion) – but… 2,208 more words