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Hitch Hiking is not Dangerous

I was not ready, I had bad sleep and half motivated but I still wanted to prove myself there will be someone who can stop on the high way and give me a ride to Brno. 228 more words


Pejë - Leqinat Hike

I am now in Peje, on the edges of the Rugova Canyon. The town itself was flattened during the 1999 conflict so is quite nondescript, but the real pull for Peje is the Canyon. 210 more words

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Prevalla - one crash course in hitch hiking and one mountain range

Today, I wanted to visit Prevalla, which is the easiest village in the Shar Mountains to reach (Kosovo side – the mountain range is shared with Macedonia). 375 more words

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Ardino - one Devil's Bridge

There are a number of Dyavolski Most (more commonly known as “Devil’s Bridges”) in the Balkans (I saw the Shkoder bridge last year and will see Mostar in July) but the one outside of Ardino is the largest and most impressive. 287 more words

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Kenyan Transport? Truck it.

Here in Kenya, I currently live about 25 kilometers (15 miles) from the nearest town (although there is a little village where I can buy fruit and such about three or four kilometers away). 799 more words


Tassie Kazzoo

It was raining when I awoke, and continued through breakfast as I harassed that family again for a pan to boil some water in. I still never could tell whether the young boy Fergus was their son or grandson. 381 more words

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52 David James "DJ" Roy


Vancouver/ Toronto comedian, David James “DJ” Roy and I sat down to talk about his life of homelessness, comedy, being on the periphery of “the scene”, the Vancouver housing crisis, his porn career, and a plethora of other things. 55 more words