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The days were hot as we rode through the Khangai Nuruu National Park, taking us up barren, dry river valleys strewn with fist sized rocks. Despite the boulders we kept a steady pace to stay in front of the evening’s oncoming rain, hoping to set up camp before it hit. 36 more words


Campsite visitors

At the end of each day while horsetrekking across the Khangai Nuruu National Park, we’d take stock, find a water source and then set up our campsite nearby. 167 more words


Awed…. Odd Thoughts

I became a professional fisherman, but discovered I couldn’t live on my net income. I went to work in a meat processing factory, but I couldn’t cut it. 324 more words


Reclaiming Sovereignty: Hitch-hiking to San Francisco

Every summer since I graduated high school, I knew I wanted to try hitch-hiking, at least once!  Needless to say, three summers came and went before I found the guts to actually do it. 645 more words


Hitch-hike adventures

I hitchhiked in Scotland before. And there it was pretty easy. I’d just never done it in the Netherlands. Or did I ever do such a long distance (230km). 518 more words