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Travelling is only for rich people!?

Most of people who never travelled or didn’t travel a lot are thinking that travelling is only for rich people and it’s very expensive. Well, thousands of students and volunteers prove it’s not! 490 more words

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Bumbugur, Mongolia

Bumbugur was a rundown one-horse town with no trees but plenty of dust and goats and a well patronised pool table on the roadside in the centre of town. 156 more words

Hitch Hiking

Bayankhonhor to Bumbugur - repairs

Eight hours later we arrived in Bumbugur after only two flat tyres. Mongolian roads test even the toughest vehicles with their potholes and rocks that leave huge holes as if gnawed by giant rats. 154 more words

Hitch Hiking

Bayankhonhor to Bumbugur by furgon

After replenishing our food supplies (rice, pasta, tinned sprats, biscuits, vodka) in Bayankhongor, Jennie and I asked around at the market for furgons heading west towards Altai. 353 more words

Hitch Hiking

Meeting the locals

During the horseride from from Tsetserleg to Bayankhongor, most nights we camped near family gers and often friends of Shijray.

Once the tents were set up the children would often visit with milk jugs containing milk, yoghurt or dried cheeses, and sometimes delicious fried bread. 188 more words

Hitch Hiking

The vodka of yaks

One night while horseriding through the Khangai Nuruu National Park we camped near a ger with a family of willowly women, who invited us in and fed us boiled goat bones and a stew made of congealed fat. 164 more words

Hitch Hiking

Horseriding from Tsetserleg

After a couple of days looking over horses and negotiating a price, we hired four horses and engaged Dureen’s relative Shijray as our guide. He had helped Dom and I choose horses the previous year and we already had a certain level of understanding and trust. 186 more words

Hitch Hiking