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Inspiration for this shoot came from Hitchcock’s 1948 film “Rope,” which itself is inspired by the Leopold and Loeb murder trial carried out in 1920’s Chicago. 144 more words


Alfie birthday card from my best friend and guest blogger Kayla Postma. Now it lives on a shelf within my sanctuary, amongst Hitchcock postcards from Bodega Bay, the Eminem portrait that inspired my… 16 more words


Hitchcock Inspired Evening at Henry's Majestic Aug 13

Alfred Hitchcock was known as the Master of Suspense and over the course of his 50-year career fashioned for himself a distinctive and recognizable directorial style. 294 more words

Steven Doyle

Review: Hitchcock, hilarity and ice cream

By John Lyle Belden

The downside to classic old films is, well, that they’re old. There’s a good chance you’ve already seen them, maybe more than once, or at least have heard about them so much that you know their plots, including the “spoilers.” This is especially problematic for mystery thrillers, which rely on you getting surprised by that twist near the end. 496 more words


Rear window (Alfred Hitchcock, 1954)

Scrivere una recensione di Rear window (La finestra sul cortile) sarebbe un’impresa ambiziosa e probabilmente inutile, si tratta infatti di una pellicola di culto che ha tanti motivi per essere amata da un pubblico trasversale. 1,208 more words


Irrational Man

‘Irrational Man’: Woody rations delights through latest Hitchcockian hodgepodge

By Tom Meek
Thursday, July 30, 2015

“Irrational Man,” the new movie from Woody Allen, is a hodgepodge of parts held together by an enigmatic protagonist – a swaggering nihilist who teaches philosophy and, despite a flabby, alcoholic paunch, invites much favor from attached women, even though he can’t get it up – and a finely nuanced performance by Joaquin Phoenix taking on that role. 390 more words


Revisitando Los Clásicos: Los Mejores Momentos de "Psicosis".

Un thriller como ningún otro.

Psicosis sigue siendo un excelente thriller psicológico después de tantos años. No sólo muestra personajes complejos, sino está lleno de emoción, suspenso y adrenalina. 542 more words