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S10E19 - Roadkill

JB is at mission control this week Fletcherfans, where she’s researching her newest book about a space detective solving international crimes wait why isn’t that an actual thing? 1,666 more words

Season Ten

A Scary Silo Setpiece (And Cary Grant's Odd Connection to ‘A Quiet Place’)

The photo that’s been at the top of this blog all these years is a quintessential farm shot I took one morning outside of Decorah, Iowa where I was shooting a short film.  299 more words


Saboteur (1942)

An occasional series where I review a randomly selected movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock…

Spoiler warning: these reviews reveal plot twists.

A man goes on the run after being framed for a devastating fire at an aircraft factory… 1,158 more words


Midnight Lace -- Nostalgia in Blue

I’m a bit old-fashioned in some sense: I like old stuff. Among this stuff are old movies, I like the aesthetics, the dresses and the furniture, I like the music, I like the pace… Among my favorites are old James Bond movies, Hitchcock movies, Noir movies, some Hollywood classics like Casablanca (and recently musical movies like High Society), or also simple comedies like The Pink Panther, but also French Nouvelle Vague etc. 153 more words


Regisseurs in de spotlight

Als je naar een film kijkt heb je vaak niet door hoeveel werk er in zo’n film zit. Een filmscenario schrijven is namelijk niet gemakkelijk. Het proces is intens, het duurt lang en vergt vooral heel veel aandacht. 795 more words

Films En Series

What Caught My Eyes

I stepped out of an underground parking garage and saw neon-blue tree trunks and branches at Palo Alto’s Civic Center. They were clearly painted, but I don’t know why. 150 more words

Spellbound (1945)

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Spellbound is a Hitchcock thriller about psychoanalysis, the first mainstream Hollywood movie to tackle such a topic.  That being said the psychoanalysis angle is just the way into this thriller.   707 more words