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Top 5 Alfred Hitchcock Films

1.  Rear Window (1951)

What happens when you stare out of your rear window and into the lives of others? This can only be a voyeuristic murder mystery. 224 more words

Draft Film Review

In this post, I will review a short film that was made by Ilya, Max, and Andrey which they named ‘To Catch A Copycat’. The video was supposed to be similar to Alfred Hitchcock’s movies by incorporating as many of his techniques as possible. 593 more words

Film Review


If you place
your ear to my ear
as to a shell
holding the roar of the sea
then you will hear the rain
the screeching violins… 10 more words


Week 17: Torn Curtain (1966), Realism, and Steven Spielberg

Disclaimer: This essay discusses spoilers for Torn Curtain. If you want to avoid spoilers, watch the movie first!

Remember how in Week 8 I talked about how weird it is for Hitchcock to be doing a spy picture? 2,988 more words


References [24 April 2016]

Today’s meeting covered/referenced the following:

Book: Sublime Object of Ideology, Slavoj Zizek

Read pages 204 – 215

Read sections “Subject as an ‘answer of the Real’” (read some of this last time), “S(barre A), a, phi”, ”The subject presumed to…” and “The presumed knowledge” … 53 more words


Week 11 11-17/04/2016 # Photography And Screenwriting

By now you know that I am a big fan of Alfred Hitchcock and his ‘pure cinema’, the picture itself playing the lead role over all the other elements available in filmmaking. 596 more words


Are 'Movies' and 'Films' Really Two Different Entities? (Why you're not as high-brow as you think).

On April 20th, the holiday of all holidays, me and some newly formed friends discussed a favorite topic of mine… Movies. About mid-way through the discussion of films we’ve seen, which ones we liked, which ones we disliked, one person said something interesting. 743 more words