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A murderer's philosophy: The Loeb and Leopold case.

Only the privileged few, the “supermen” above the law, may commit murder, or at least this was the claim of Loeb and Leopold who committed arguably one of the most controversial crimes of the 20th century. 1,909 more words


Week 51-52 16-29/01/2017 # Game Of Cards: Outlining The Story (And Its Revelations)

– 6 min –

What became clearer and clearer to me as I talked with my friend last week about the story, is that we kept talking about it in chunks. 1,563 more words


The Birds Revisited

How some of the ocean’s smallest creatures triggered a real-life invasion of crazed seabirds, and helped inspire Hitchcock’s famous thriller

In the wee hours of the morning on August 18, 1961, the residents of Capitola, California were awakened by a surreal phenomenon: Thousands of crazed sooty shearwaters were flying erratically through the streets, disgorging bits of fish, and crash landing, kamikaze-like into street lamps and roof tops. 784 more words

Marine Biology


A light and refreshing cozy mystery featuring Hitchcock, a black miscellaneous cat. He is an escape artist and managed to follow Sabrina Tate as she goes about her business. 170 more words


Suppressed Soundtracks: Tracking Camp Trajectory in American Queer Cinema’s Music, from Kubrick to Tarantino

“For now, it was lovely music that came to my aid.

There was a window open with the stereo on, and I viddied right at once what to do.”

4,765 more words

5 Years of Pom Pom

We have long been fans of Pom Pom Quarterly. From the very first issue I bought I was hooked. It was issue 5 and the photo theme was Boho camping, I couldn’t resist! 367 more words