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Film | Non-Stop – an exciting thriller

Some actors are remembered by a trademark line. Schwarzenegger’s is “I’ll be back.” Jack Nicholson’s is “You can’t handle the truth.” Liam Neeson’s is “We’re running out of time.” He seems to say it in every action movie these days, usually because he is in a rush. 289 more words

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The Girl on the Train: Book Review

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Title & Author: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
Genre: Murder mystery, suspense
Synopsis (from Goodreads… 852 more words


Candlestick (2014) Review

Influence can be a powerful thing. There are many films, and just as many film makers, who have been influenced by directors and genres, allowing for we critics to start tossing about the adjectives like cocky thesaurus wielding maniacs. 450 more words


The Girl On The Train - Paula Hawkins (Book Review)

The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins is so good that you have to occasionally remind yourself that this is her debut novel. A fact that should have all mystery readers excited for what is to come! 632 more words

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With a Friend Like Harry... [subtitled]

Almost every description, every review I saw of this French film before I watched it compared it in style to a Hitchcock movie. And absolutely that makes sense. 823 more words


Stuck in a Dungeon with You: The Claustrophobic Comeback of 'Scandal'

It’s been a couple months since I got down with some Scandal and last Thursday’s comeback episode had me utterly confused. In fact, I blurted out a “WTF” during the chaotic opening scene with Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) sprinting like Usain Bolt down some strange hallway. 314 more words

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Alfred Hitchcock: 4'0 clock

So this film made by Alfred Hitchcock was pretty good. I’m not telling you what happened again, because I want you to watch the film yourself and then say what you thought. 52 more words

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