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Funny Pic of the Day

Israeli PM Netanyahu accidently gives German Chancellor Angela Merkel a Hitler mustache.


Awkward Photo: Israeli Leader Makes German Leader Look Like Hitler

So this is a bit awkward for German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She was meeting with Israel’s Prime Minister yesterday when a photographer with The Jerusalem Post snapped this picture: 98 more words


Netanyahu Unintentionally Casts Hitler Mustache Shadow on Angela Merkel

German Prime Minister Angela Merkel was cast in an uncomfortable light at a press conference in Jerusalem Tuesday, when her Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu pointed across the room, casting a shadow across her face. 55 more words


When a technical glitch gives you a Hitler mustache ...

I did laugh at this: A pixelation glitch at BBC Studios gave Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party, a Hitler mustache today, while he was on the channel talking about the need to limit immigration. 54 more words


Barack Obama Sees His True Face in Stockholm

5 Sept( Stockholm) During Obama’s stop in Stockholm enroute to the G20 summit in Russia, the Swedish kindergarten party for the U.S. President was greeted with the true face of Obama when several posters featuring Obama with the Hitler mustache made a prominent appearance at the thousand-plus protest rally earlier this week. 271 more words

Stopping WW III

South Africa Demonstrate Against Obama with Hitler Mustache Signs

30 June (LPAC) Obama went to Africa and was met by demonstrations against his policies .

Hundreds of demonstrators clashed with police before Obama’s town hall meeting in Soweto. 212 more words

Stopping WW III

Business as Usual

Mrs. N. has been safely back in the Homeland, the good old USA, for more than a full week now and everything is back to normal.   951 more words