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Being a victim at the hands of Violence, consumes our intelligence and surrender us at an arena of lunatics that don’t bother whom we fight, and leave us at the whim of fascist oppressor who intend to direct the play. 23 more words

Nascia Adolf Hitler

20 Abril 1889

Adolf Hitler, considerado por muitos como um dos maiores criminosos da história, nasceu a 20 de Abril de 1889. O seu pai chamava-se Alois Hitler e era um inspector de alfândega da cidade de Braunau, Áustria. 658 more words


What's wrong with this birthday list?

From the Born Today section on IMDb today – two comic actors and a dictator:

One of these guys is not like the others…


After 100 Years, Mussolini's Fascist Party Is a Reminder of the Fragility of Freedom

Richard Gunderman, Indiana University

One hundred years ago last month, Benito Mussolini created the fascist party in Italy.

For more than two decades, when he came to be known as “Il Duce,” or “the leader,” Mussolini wielded broad powers. 894 more words


a world without hitler

It would have been Hitler’s 130th birthday today.

What if the world never had a Hitler or Stalin or Nero or Attila the Hun or Mussolini or Ivan the terrible or Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein or Castro or Kim Jung-Un and Kim Jung II?* 584 more words

Criticizing William L Shirer's 'The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany'

My review of William L. Shirer’s ‘The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich’ was originally published on ‘Goodreads’[1] in march this year. I was inspired to write it after having my memory jogged while flipping through my 50th anniversary hardcover copy. 8,877 more words