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By Name.

It’s strange, but I’ve been thinking this week about

Judas, Hitler, and Genghis.

Those three guys are so notorious they only need one name.

Like Hannibal, Nero, or Saddam. 172 more words


Must the spawn of the devil always be evil?

Today I was faced with a great dilemma. An artist whose paintings I adore but until recently I knew little about biographically, I found out had (to put it lightly) a thing for little girls. 666 more words

March 31st - Anglo-Polish Agreement

On March 31st 1939, Britain and France agreed to defend Poland if it was invaded by Nazi Germany. The military alliance between Poland and Britain was formalised on April 6th. 303 more words


Why I Fight Against Political Correctness - A Very Personal View

Today, Classically Educated’s Editor-In-Chief answers exactly why he’s been so outspoken – sometimes controversially so – against organized expressions of political correctness.  These are his views, and clearly might not reflect that of all our contributors (see… 1,324 more words


The Death of the Adversary - Hans Keilson

An unnamed narrator gives us his thoughts on his adversary, B. It is safe to say that B is Hitler and the narrator Jewish.

This is a novel in that a story is told, there are characters and we have dialogue. 415 more words

Hans Keilson

Susie O'Brien, Super Nazi

I like to believe that I live in an age striving towards tolerance, acceptance and equality. And I believe I am seeing that happen – slowly, yes – but surely moving towards this ideal. 500 more words