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Dark little men in remote places

It is never a good idea to underestimate the power of little men with big ideas. There is a pattern in history of the emergence of despots that has repeated itself again and again. 670 more words

Prisoner of Night and Fog by Anne Blankman

I love historical fiction books! I actually had a phase in elementary school where all I read were historical books. This novel brings fond memories back to me and reminded me of why I love this genre so much. 263 more words


Beneath the Surface

Bill Rudge

The pages of history are laced with accounts of new movements generating such enthusiasm and momentum that a nation – and even the world – was swayed. 494 more words


27 Baby Names that have been BANNED around the world

I came across this  the other day and found it very interesting.  The article outlines a list of Baby Names that have been banned across the world.   171 more words

Unconfirmed News

I always wanted to meet an extraterrestrial creature and I am delighted, they finally showed up in the boonies in Ohio, who would have thought. Not just that, this creature is asking me for help to understand us humans here on planet Earth.

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Stop Smoking

West Lancs Ukip candidate Jack Sen joins the BNP and admits he agrees with parts of national socialism

 The controversial figure also says he does not mind if immigrants are “white, brown, yellow… as long as they are good for the country”

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