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Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin, by Timothy Snyder.


1933 wasn’t only the year in which Hitler came to power in Germany. It was also the year in which millions of people starved to death in Ukraine, as a consequence of the politically motivated starvation campaign that was being orchestrated by Stalin and his inner circle. 1,390 more words


‘Adolf Hitler is ALIVE!’ Joseph Stalin’s warning to Harry Truman months AFTER WW2

Following the end of the war, the US government seriously investigated the possibility the Nazi leader made it out of Germany alive. Declassified FBI files show agents visited South America, after claims the Furher had made it to Argentina in a submarine. 10 more words

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Dari lukisan primitif pada dinding gua sampai presentasi PowerPoint, manusia terus dibentuk oleh cerita. Barangkali cerita merupakan kekuatan utama yang koheren dalam kehidupan manusia. Manusia terdiri dari orang-orang yang penuh kepecahan dengan kepribadian, tujuan, dan agenda yang berbeda. 513 more words

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This is an recap of the obedience Adolf Hitler preached to the citizens, especially the youth, of Germany.  144 more words


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Tem dias. Dias em que me apetece correr os estereótipos a pontapé. Outros dias em que beijaria o primeiro estereótipo que me saísse debaixo da pedra a que tivesse dado um pontapé. 133 more words