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Ignore History at Your Peril: Operation Barbarossa

1941 – Operation Barbarossa. The largest invasion in history, ordered by Adolph Hitler, kicks off as 3 million German soldiers, supported by 19 Panzer (tank) divisions, 2,500 aircraft and 7,000 artillery pieces use their now standard Blitzkrieg tactics against Russia. 161 more words

"An Extraordinary Warmth": Vasily Grossman's Life and Fate

I spent the first part of June reading Vasily Grossman’s extraordinary WWII epic Life and Fate and ever since I’ve been in a reading slump. It’s hard to match Grossman’s accomplishment, especially his way of combining big picture and small details. 2,483 more words

What Is The "Mark Of The Beast", Or "666" Of Revelation?

666, probably the most talked about and least understood number found in the Bible is only misunderstood because the vast majority of readers of scripture refuse to do what what we’re instructed to do and be a workman, not just a passive reader of the Bible, as Paul wrote to Timothy, here:  2 Tim. 2,466 more words

Small minded ignorance is not "Saying it as it is".

There is a rise in ignorance globally that is endangering the very fabric of civil society. This is being led by politicians, who their followers believe are “saying it as it is”. 664 more words

Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders & George Armstrong Custer

People need heroes. If a person does a simple act to help others in danger, we make that person into a hero. We do that even if the risk involved is low. 396 more words

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Many Historic Leaders Look Like Clowns

With the closing of Barnum & Bailey, we mourn the end of many centuries of colorful circus clowns. However, the equally long history of weird-looking world leaders continues, unfortunately with no indication it will ever stop. 101 more words

Greetings, Reader

George Carlin has a great book named Brain Droppings. That is where Drew Droppings came from. This space will be for my Drew Droppings. For those bits of information that drip from my head. 317 more words