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The price of being famous #BookBytes 10

‘Difficult childhood…’ she thought. The past and the present slid apart. She remembered the long, weary journey from Berlin with Mama, how it had rained, and how she had read Gunther’s book and wished for a difficult childhood so that she might one day become famous.

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JOJO RABBIT - movie review

Fox Searchlight Pictures
Reviewed for Shockya.com & BigAppleReviews.net linked from Rotten Tomatoes by: Harvey Karten
Director: Taika Waititi
Screenwriter: Taika Waititi based on on the book “Caging Skies” by Chrstine Leunens… 724 more words

A night with Venus, a lifetime with Mercury.

Before antibiotics, syphilis was an incurable disease. Syphilitic patients were treated with mercury (calomel or mercury chloride), which conveyed toxic side effects.

The imposing threat of infection created a population of hypochondriacs called ‘syphilophobes’. 359 more words

Pluriplicante 15

Pluriplicante 15 (…sobre discursos movediços e discursos monolíticos)

Esboços pluriplicantes das razões e desrazões, dos retratos e desretratos dos cotidias.                                                          

»»»»» O discurso movediço enquanto farrapos inadvertidos, em contextos parademocráticos, do discurso do fascismo, todos os fascismos, ou seja, o fascismo histórico, sua derivante nazi, e os que guardam as suas características essenciais: o ódio persecutório ao outro, estrangeiro ou diferente; o subsequente objectivo de uniformidade social, com predomínio de um tipo caracterial humano e de um modo único de organização familiar. 821 more words

The Second Amendment—Underpant Elastic

Couldn’t see the wood,
For the cuntflaps.

Widdle, widdle, wee-wee;
Outer Hebrides.
Smirky McLurky,
Is wanking again.

Had enough broth,
To last us an epoch, 76 more words


The Rise of Nazi Germany and Why The Philippines is Doomed

The Rise of Nazi Germany and Why The Philippines is Doomed
By Ingleserong Carabao

Nazi Germany. The very image of an authoritarian state comes to mind whenever we hear that name. 758 more words

Jojo Rabbit review: Taika Waititi tackles Adolf Hitler in oddball comic style

Jojo Rabbit is a Second World War film like no other. Though hardships are frequent, a goofy, bizarre Hitler brings levity to an otherwise devastating situation. 33 more words