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Bayer Aspirin and their ties to Hitler #history #48in48 #320

IG Farben, makers of Bayer Aspirin was the single largest contributor to Hitler’s campaign.

I came across an article that detailed the ties of IG Farben (original makers of Bayer aspirin) to Hitler and how they helped the rise of the Nazi leader.  364 more words

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Trump Should Continue to Confront the Liberal Biased Media

I have been so pleased to hear Donald Trump and his administration fight back against the liberal biased mainstream media.  While the mainstream media cannot find enough newspaper to print their assaults, or enough network news hours to invent and spin Trump attacks, they ignore real news, and most importantly, they ignore the Trump voters, whose numbers are growing. 217 more words


Lubeck Travel Guide - Missed by England

In medieval times Lubeck was the capital of a group of powerful Northern European states called The Hanseatic League. Back then the Hanseatic League controlled the trade in everything from Russian Prostitutes to Yorkshire Puddings, so Lubeck was a very important city in its day. 379 more words


Donald Trump and Milo Yiannopoulos: the new faces of child advocacy?

Milo Yiannopoulos, the Breitbart writer responsible for shaming trans people, lesbians, and people of common sense, resigned after comments surfaced where he stated there was no reason for age of consent laws and that sex between children and adults could be positive. 593 more words

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