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468 and counting...

So… there is only 468 days left to vote. Are you registered or are you still open to “negotiations?”

Call To Action

Our Knowledge of Averages is Below Average!

In 1954 Darrell Huff published How to Lie with Statistics. It is still in print (W. W. Norton). No lie!

One reason this book has legs is that Huff made everyday statistical concepts come alive and understandable through clever examples and illustrations. 985 more words

Trait Theory

The Cost of Saints & Sinners: How Hitler & FDR Came To Us As Saviors, But Only Hitler Left a Scourge

Believe it or not, I actually see more parallels between FDR and Hitler than I do with Hitler and other superficially similar despots and tyrants. I think to understand the analogy, you must seem them as two sides of the same coin. 2,206 more words

Social Commentary

Je ne marche pas


Le Territoire, n° 22, septembre-octobre 1936, p. 13

Manifeste de René Naegelen contre l’engagement militaire dans la guerre espagnole :

 JE NE MARCHE PAS… 802 more words

Some of the Best Famous Public Speakers in History

Martin Luther King:

Deservingly, we all know about King very well as the leader of the civil rights movement. He comes first on my list for great public speaking because his powerful speeches had the ability to change history by touching hearts, firing up anger and motivating people to follow his cause. 98 more words