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Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it. – Adolf Hitler

Calais: Let Them In

Evoking Churchill’s ‘We Shall Fight Them On the Beaches’ speech of June 4 1940, Prime Minister Cameron, while visiting Vietnam a few days ago emphasized the “ 574 more words

George Jonas: The insidious building blocks of neo-Nazism

It occurred to me the other day how fortunate Javad Zarif and his fellow representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran were that no journalist popped them any questions about the Holocaust during their stay in Vienna to negotiate Iran’s nuclear deal. 864 more words

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LMAO Hitler Reacts To Meek Mill Wanna Know [WATCH]

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This video is hilarious! Someone took a scene from ‘Downfall’ and added their own captions to it, as if Hitler was listening to… 41 more words

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This isn't Meek Mill's day. Now Hitler Reacts To Meek Mill

It’s not getting any better for Meek Mill. Thr internet is ablaze. Watch the absolutely hilarious video below


Look Who's Back

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover – is a saying which most defiantly does not apply to this book. One glimpse of it’s cover and I was hooked. 283 more words