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The Extraordinary Life Of Leni Riefenstahl: Still Inspiring Hollywood & Sports Photographers 70 Years Later

…“Nobody making films today alludes to Riefenstahl.” …That was true, of course, if you discounted everything from George Lucas’s Star Wars to the Disney company’s The Lion King to every sports photographer alive…

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Weekend Read

Pencil Strikes: The Evaluation of Ideas

by Desarée Rosskopf

“How is it an inadequate source?” I growled indignantly at my essays comments. There, marring my ‘painstakingly’ researched bibliography were two pencil strikes through a main source. 1,019 more words


Happy Birthday Herr Führer-May you rot in hell.

In psychology  there is a hypothetical question that regularly comes up “If you could go back in time, knowing what you know about Hitler, would you kill the baby Adolf?” 519 more words


A List of People Who Also Should Be Armed

Amid all the fury and debate over whether or not to arm high school teachers in order to prevent the next deadly shooting spree, several relevant employment categories are being overlooked. 139 more words


420 Blessings 2018

This 420 I’ll be lighting up a large spliff and raising a toast to conscious cultural movements and art in all it’s forms, and to the diverse lineage of cannabis and hemp activism across planet world, united in the pursuit of peace, fun and social awareness. 241 more words

Hitler's Bar Mitzvah

I’ve noticed that conspiracy theories are like a drug addiction. It starts with a little hit….a small injection on a Friday night. Perhaps an enthralling two hours of… 351 more words

Do NOT Call Donald Trump Stupid

Do NOT mistake or underestimate Donald Trump. He realizes damned well that informed Americans know this kind of tweet, and all the ones like it are bullshit. 405 more words