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Tuesday Tales - September 1, 2015- Hardy

This week’s word for Tuesday Tales is Hardy. Since I’ve now got my Regency story out on submission, I’ve started a new paranormal story and….wait for it…I already have a title!  643 more words

Tuesday's Tales

Hitler Invades Poland- WWII Series

A series of posts shall emerge throughout September, following the events that unfolded after Germany invaded Poland on September 1st, 1939. It cannot be denied that World War Two has changed the world in so many ways and will have an everlasting effect on our society for as long as current generations may live. 952 more words



I want all of you to know that I’ve just developed this wonderful elixir that will alleviate or cure a host of various medical problems. Its known to reduce or eliminate the pain and suffering from arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica, gout, and many other maladies including diabetes and even cancer. 980 more words

Obama: A Black Version of Hitler

Remarkable similarities between the two leaders
Obama is following the same footsteps as Hitler did before he became führer.

Forms of Power

“When a pig with a rope round its middle is hoisted squealing into a ship, it is subject to direct physical power over its body. On the other hand, when the proverbial donkey follows the proverbial carrot, we induce him to act as we wish by persuading him that it is to his interest to do so. 191 more words

Donald Trump's White Nationalist and KKK Supporters

Time for Sean Hannity to call out the “Usual Suspects”, Uncle Jesse Lee Peterson, or his newest darling Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee to deny they have seen any white hooded robe types and to provide race protection for bigoted whites. 500 more words

Stupid Republican Tricks